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Your Morning Dump..Where C’s are Starting to Find Their Way

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“It’s a couple of days in a row now, starting the second half of the Milwaukee game [Saturday], our team is starting to find their way,” Rivers said. “We thought coming in with this group that we could score. That it just takes time. I thought by far this was our best rhythm offensively.”

Globe: Celtics Hang On

That quote comes from Doc Rivers after last night’s big win in Chicago, 101-95. Doc, KG and The Truth were all obviously pleased with last night’s win. Words like “heart”, “defensive intensity” and “fight” were used by Ticket and Brandon Bass.

CSNNE has the video:

So what do the readers think.  Are you convinced after 2 road wins that the C’s are going to be just fine?

Here are the rest of the links:

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  • Larry Legend

    I have my concerns…they haven’t changed. It’s been good to see them get two quality road wins, but rebounding still a concern. It’s better, not good enough tho. My biggest concerns revolve around the fact that our two best players are old. Pierce/KG looked great early, then totally faded the rest of game. KG had a 4-5 minute span in 4th qtr that was U-G-L-Y!! On both ends…need more from Lee/Green and cannot wait to Bradley back. Hopefully they can keep collecting wins while they figure themselves out.

  • DJ Kahn

    Agreed, mostly.

    Doc is using Pierce and KG too much but part of me thinks that he wants this team to just get some wins under its belt and gain some confidence, possibly also take a bit of pressure off the new guys. I’m sure that when everyone starts feeling more comfortable/confident, Doc will lean on Lee, Green, Wilcox and Sully and maybe even Darko a bit more.
    I still think that when this team finds its rhythm we are going to menace the rest of the NBA.

  • DJ Kahn

    BTW going to game in Brooklyn Thursday; anyone else going to be there?

  • KG

    Our old superstars need to have some backups that can give them a rest…its a long season and they are carrying our team at this early stage…hopefully fatigue and injuries wont catch up on them..time for Green to step up more..let darko play…5 to 10 mins so KG can get a rest…

    I like what Wilcox is doing tho…keep it up!

  • Dan White

    I still need to see more consistency in Doc’s rotations. I think we are starting to see some players emerge and others haven’t shown much yet. Consistent rotations really help some of these players develop continuity and rythym. Barbosa looked decent last night as the backup pg. Although he wasnt setting much up, he single handedly created a great shot for himself on consecutive possesions. Gotta keep Bass starting hes a beast. And Terry has helped me forget about Judas Shuttlesworth a little bit these past 2 games.

  • JBcelticsFan

    I’m not worried about KG and Pierce. Doc has done a good job of cutting dow their minutes. The reason they were tired down the stretch is because They played too much in the middle 2 quarters. That being said, Wilcox is still out of shape and not capable of playing more minutes. Once he’s in shape he’ll be able to give 5-7 more minutes and KG can get more rest. Also, Jeff Green needs to score atleast 12ppg. 7ppg is not gonna cut it. Right jnow Pierce doesnt really have a backup because Green isnt contributing much.

  • Curt

    Jumpers won’t be falling like that every night. We have no paint game. The rotations are scaring me. The Bulls played their worst game of the season and without a PG, and the Celtics happened to have a great scoring night. We still just barely won the game. If we have no paint game, how will we get easy, consistent buckets and potential rebounds?

    Best answer right now…more Wilcox.

  • 17rings

    I’ve always been convinced that the C’s will eventually be just fine. People want to bring up their rebounding problems, and rotation problems, etc.. those are all legitimate concerns. But no team is perfect.

    Think of our squad last year… Not much has changed on the rebounding front, but think about our offense. We’ve made upgrades at almost every position off the bench, and our offense is noticeably better than last year already. No more dry spells while we wait for Ray to run around 4 picks in 16 seconds to get open. We’re in the top 10 in offense people!! And we haven’t fully gelled yet.

    Avery will come back and make our Defense #1 again.. at which point we will be scary as F*CK. Doc’s relying on the starters a lot right now, but I think we’ll transition more to relying on the bench as the season progresses.

    Bottom line is Celts just got two impressive wins against winning ball clubs on the road (one was even a back to back). It seems to be coming together a little more every night. Jets in every game now, as is Wilcox. JG and Lee still have work to do. I expect us to put together a double digit win streak around february/march.

  • CelticsKid34

    i really think we need another talented big. we should drop collins or darko and pick up Kmart… im still not yet sold on Sully.. i know he can hold his own on defense and rebounding but i dont think he is a threat on offense. i really hope danny can pull something off before the deadline…

  • NP

    We just have to remind ourselves Green spent a lot of time away from the game and before that didn’t really have time to gel with the Celtics to begin with its about him building his confidence which will help him become more aggressive playing at this level it takes time coming back to get in the groove. Bass is looking better then last year and hopefully keeps getting better I think he looks more aggressive, Terry is coming around you can see him game to game getting a bit more overall flow with this team, Sully is doing a great job for a rookie, his attitude, hustle and attentiveness will bring big improvements for him as the season progresses. Look how Bradley broke out last year things just came together for him I see that still happening with Jeff Green potentially. If you look at the Celtics last year before the all star break and how terrible they were (Simmons was calling for a Rondo trade etc) and even now look around the league and see how a lot of teams are struggling that should be much better then they are, the C’s are in good shape. Its just about patience working the new pieces in getting them integrated into the system and confident and managing the minutes of the veterans so they can stay healthy. I think Doc is experimenting just to see what works and I think not starting Bass for example at times maybe gives a player a bit of a chip to play with in the sense of seeing who wants the spot the most, who is going to step up to the situation either starting or coming off the bench. I think Doc should even drop some games if needed to try and get some of the bench guys more integrated, make them player longer stretches even if it means dropping a few games. It is important to get some wins so the atmosphere is good going forward and I think that’s what he is doing right now playing KG and Paul a bit more then I think they should be playing right now to establish the right kind of attitude and out look and then hopefully he can slowly sit them a bit more going forward as the team as a whole gets its feet under it.

  • I agree with DJ 100%. Doc is playing them extended minutes until the others catch up. Ours is not a complicated defense, but it takes people understanding where to be or else holes are blown into the scheme. They’re coming around. Nine of our fifteen players did not play a game for the C’s last year and one other only played 28 games before going under the knife for heart surgery. We’re gonna be fine. And I’m not at all interested in dropping Darko or Collins – two legit 7-footers – for yet another power forward, and and old and broken one at that. They’ll make their mark here. Maybe even vs. Utah’s Big Al and Brooklyn’s Lopez. Just 7 games in, people…there’s no need to panic.

  • Drew

    I think it’ll be the same old story with this team. Limp to the finish line, get hot in the play offs. Not to mention torture the fans for an entire season. Go on a couple of 4 game losing streaks here and there.