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Recap: Rondo leads Celtics to best win of the season

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 12, 2012 Recaps 25 Comments on Recap: Rondo leads Celtics to best win of the season

Yeah, I know I’ve only got 4 wins to choose from, but I really liked the headline.

Rajon Rondo casually ripped the Bulls to shreds tonight, coming just one rebound shy of a triple-double in a 101-95 win.  His stat line is just amazing:  20 points on 10-16 shooting, 10 assists, 9 rebounds and 5 steals.

The Celtics really won this one in the first half, when they hung 58 points on the Bulls.  They built up a lead as big as 14 before the Bulls made their run in the 4th quarter.  Rondo’s scoring came primarily in the lane on a variety of lay ups.  That scoring set up his passing later as the Bulls overreacted to his drives late in the 4th, clearing the way for a pair of clutch alley-oops to Kevin Garnett at a time where the Celtics couldn’t buy a basket.

The Celtics went 5 full minutes in the 4th quarter without scoring, letting the Bulls hang around and build a run that got the game as close as 3 points.  But if the Celtics could hit a 3 (3-16, and one of them came from Jared Sullinger to beat the 3rd quarter buzzer) this game would have been over much earlier.  Credit the Bulls for not giving up, especially being so undermanned.

The Celtics starters scored 74 of the team’s 101 points.  That’s not to say that the bench was bad… they were actually better, overall, than they had been for most of the season so far.  They shot 11-21 as a group, which is pretty good considering how much they’ve struggled.

Jeff Green looked as if he was starting to build on that 4th quarter in Milwaukee, but he left the game after spraining his right ankle by stepping on Kevin Garnett’s foot.  He returned, but still only played 15 minutes, scoring 7 points and grabbing 5 rebounds.  Leandro Barbosa had a solid 15 minutes as well, scoring 6 points and dishing 3 dimes.  Hell, Courtney Lee even hit 2 of the 3 shots he took.

But the Celtics offense, which finally started to look crisp in the first half, went stagnant without Rondo in the game.  That’s just something that’s going to happen, especially right now.

Other notes:

  • Gotta give some love to Brandon Bass for dominating a stretch in the 2nd quarter.  He had 16 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists (no, really), a steal, and 2 blocks.  That’s a damn fine game from #30.
  • Paul Pierce was hot to start, but got cold late to finish with just 10 points on 4-13 shooting.  He did have 5 assists and 6 rebounds, though, which again shows he’ll do other things to help when he’s struggling.
  • Jason Terry appears to have found his jumper.  He shot 5-10 tonight… though he did only shoot 1-5 from 3.
  • The Celtics were only out-rebounded by 6 (40-34).  If you offered me that exact number before the game, I’d have taken it in a heartbeat.
  • The Celtics only had 8 turnovers in this game.
  • Kevin Garnett passed Allen Iverson to move into 17th place on the All-Time scoring list.  It took him 315 fewer shots to pass AI.
  • And finally…. Jared Sullinger and Brandon Bass combined for 7 assists tonight.  Did not see that coming.

Great win.  The C’s showed a lot better continuity out there.  The rotation thing is still getting settled, but this game showed huge strides for this team as they try to mesh into a cohesive unit.

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  • Another good road win, nice to get over 100 against Thibs, nobody’s done that yet this year…..didn’t hurt having Nate instead of Hinrich. Looked much more cohesive tonite but still a ways to go.

    Nice hire L.A….Go C’s!

  • Drew


    Joakim Noah, what a douche bag. Seeing the look on his face after a loss is so sweet.

    • LA Flake

      i thought rondo played a horrible game. he had too many careless/costly turnovers. and he kept setting up his teammates for a jumper after jumper after jumper after jumper…even when everyone went cold in the fourth, it was rondo kicking the ball out for endless jumpers that missed while chicago attacked the basket. it wasn’t until doc drew up those alley oop plays rondo didn’t settle for a jumper. how is this guy considered an elite PG? OTOH i thought bass played well but he’s not a starter. if he is, we’re in trouble.

      • Drew

        It takes balls to pick apart a 20/9/10 performance in a win.

        • Drew

          And to call it “horrible” is very stupid to say. He was involved in every aspect of the game. The Bulls went on that run and almost tied the game. When Rondo came back the bleeding pretty much stopped. He made that great read on the pass that was going down court for an open dunk and picked it off. He connected with KG twice in crunch time. Didn’t just clean the glass, wiped it clean. When a player coughs the ball up here and there, 9 boards and 5 steals is a good way of saying “my bad”.

      • wil reyes

        For three quarters Rondo set the pace of the game. And he did a very very good job.

        And youre saying he set the guys up for jumpshots over and over again? Seriously, what should they do? run a post up from kg? plays for pierce who is also cold? They dont have plays for terry too. He tried to drive inside but no opening so he kicked it out.

        Great point guards give it to the open man. He did a good job at it. You blame Rondo for the other guys miss, or for the coach’s not calling the right play, and even passing to the open man.

        If you dont like Rajon Rondo, go find another team because he is a huge part of the Celtics.

        You sir, are an idiot.

      • Larry Legend

        I wouldn’t say it takes balls…I thinks it’s more or less worthless…obviously trying to ruffle feathers…grow up flake

      • Eric

        You do realize he plays POINT Guard right? He’s the one running the show, so obviously he’s gonna get a few turnovers. and I agree with Drew, Calling his performance “horrible” is just dumb.

        • LAF

          listen up, morons. all rondo had to do was attack the rim and get to the line to stop the bleeding… oh, right. rondo doesn’t do free throws. nevermind!

          • wil reyes

            Bulls were on their defensive line up. If you watched the game you’d see he had no opening. id rather have him kick it out than to try shoot it with noah on his face

      • quantumtheory

        you sir, are an idiot

  • Walk

    I was at the game tonight, great W for the Celtics. One thing I learned…Sully has the biggest ass I’ve seen on a Celtic since Dino Raja.

    • GreenCro

      Since someone brought up a name of my favorite Croatian player…
      Not that I’m a men-ass-looker, one can easily argue that we had an even bigger one in C’s history. Even recently with the Big Shamrock
      Nice win, still we need much more from this bench!

  • stephanie

    Beside Rondo, Bass really played well tonight. He was so aggressive and he does it quietly.

  • Chulinho

    Bass is Mr. Consistency so far for the C’s.His defense and hustle tonight was great.

    • Jlil89

      Bad Ass Bass is his name!

      • Chulinho


  • W2.

    A+. Nice to watch the Celts play quality O + D. Nice play, energy, and organization from Barbosa.

  • RedsLoveChild

    This was easily Boston`s best win….and that`s kinda scary.

    Despite shooting over 50% as a team…despite playing a Chicago team that is starting Nate Robinson in place of Derrick Rose….despite showing great energy the vast majority of the game….despite a very strong Rondo performance….this was still a 2 point game with under a minute to play!!!

    Not a very good sign.

    Once again, Boston gets out-rebounded.

    • Jeremy Etom

      Can’t agree more. But all I can say is, this team is still a work in progress. Everyone on the bench is new, and chemistry takes time to build. Green/Wilcox have been out for a season, so you can’t factor them in. The positive to take away is that they’re better than they were last game, and that’s all we can look forward to for now. I’m a little concerned about the under performing Green/Lee, but I hope they’ll pull their socks after a couple more games.

      • RedsLoveChild

        I gave up on Green long ago…he`ll continue to give us one “decent” game for every five lazy/lackluster ones.

        Not concerned about Lee…he plays with energy, plus he`s just filling in until Bradley returns.

        Very concerned about Pierce`s “slippage”…still shooting just 38% from the floor.

        Finally, the team`s inability to compete on the boards is fatal to any serious hopes for success.

  • JR99

    GREAT game. Bass played defense like I’ve never seen him do ever before, Stopped Noah after he took KG to the cleaners several times in a row. Cs’ D in general was much, much better than it has ever been this season. Offense went smoothly too, most of the time (in the 4th, PP and KG just couldn’t hit their bread and butter jumpers…. oh well).

    Watershed game.

    Only one fly in this ointment and its name is Jeff Green. This guy is SO SNAKEBIT that when he went down, he almost took our most indispensable player, KG, with him!!! Holy mackerels, JG! You are scary, man…. Unlucky?…. Bad?…. I don’t know, but somebody please make it stop.

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