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GreenLights: Celtics vs Bucks Including Jeff Green’s Big Fourth Quarter

Before the Celtics face off against the Bulls in Chicago tonight, let’s take one last look at some of the highlights from Saturday’s win over the Bucks.  From Rondo’s slick reverse, left-handed lay-up to Paul Pierce and Monta Ellis’ mini-duel in the fourth quarter, to Jeff Green’s encouraging game, it’s all below.

Jeff Green vs MIL:

Paul Pierce vs Monta Ellis mini-duel


Rondo’s Left-Handed Reverse Lay-Up

Rondo Bangs Knees with Dalembert, Dodges Bullet (watch what happens to assistant coach Mike Longabardi at the end of the clip):

Pierce’s baseline dunk

Pierce’s Falling Down Behind the Back Flip Pass to KG

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  • terlo

    rondo moment was very worrying. thank god he was ok

  • Boogie

    Thank you guys for the “GreenLights” highlights. From those of us that don’t get to watch the games and see very little as far as highlights.