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Taking Stock: Celtics – Bucks

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 11, 2012 Taking Stock 17 Comments on Taking Stock: Celtics – Bucks

After every game, we’ll take stock of how each individual performance affects the player’s overall value.


 It’s really little shock that games flow as Rondo’s performance does.  And that’s not to say he alone is personally responsible for everything that goes right or wrong, but he does set the tone.  There was a general lack of aggression with the entire Celtics offense in the first half, and part of that falls on Rondo.  I’m not going to kill him too much, though… he was running an offense full of shooters.  With Bass and Terry in the lineup, it’s tough to be the guy tasked with distributing the ball to everyone, but still look for your own offense as well.  It’s hard to argue with 10 assists and, by the way, a 4 point-5 assist game out of Brandon Jennings.

 This is a professional scorer.  He’s still, after all these years, the guy you can turn to when you  need points.  He shot 5-11 on shots from 16 feet and beyond.

Once the Monta Ellis-Paul Pierce show subsided, it was time for Kevin Garnett to take over and hit clutch shots down the stretch.

He hit half the shots he took, he grabbed 7 rebounds, he was aggressive.  I know he only finished with 8 points, but considering the “now you’re starting, now you’re not” routine going on right now, he’s doing pretty well with whatever the team needs him to do.

15 points on 7 shots in 22 minutes?  We’re finally seeing JET’s scoring take off.


I’m being generous with this one, I know.  For much of the game, he was typically lost.  But he stepped up with a great 4th quarter to help propel the team to a win.  And make no mistake about it, the Celtics don’t win this game without Jeff Green’s contribution.  He aggressively rebounded, he played some D, and he scored 8 points in the 4th.  When you consider everything up until then, I have to give him the green arrow for how he finished.

Sullinger’s minutes are dwindling, especially with the emergence of Chris Wilcox.  There are only so many minutes to go around.  Still, 4 rebounds in 7 minutes is pretty nice.

 28 minutes, 0 points, 1 assist.  Ouch.

He’s just more comfortable on both ends of the floor than Sullinger is right now, which really isn’t much of a surprise.  Sullinger will be here long-term, and he’ll learn.  Wilcox, right now, give the C’s a better chance to win.

Six shots in 8 minutes?  You’re lucky I’m being nice today.


The starting rotation dance continues.  I’m sure he’d like to find a little more consistency, but that’s not going to happen until Avery Bradley is back and the bench rotations are more set.  Until then, the guys just have to stay ready to do their jobs.


I’ll play off what I said in the preview:  The Celtics have been struggling and they were playing a back-to-back game on the road.  If there was ever a set up for them to fail, this was it.  But they didn’t.  I’m not going to pretend any problems were solved, or that some of the things we saw (like Jeff Green’s 4th quarter) are sustainable yet, but this is actually the best win of the young season.

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  • Jlil89

    Very proud of Jeff last night. He showed up big time in the 4th. Like Garnett said, he needs to be an asshole more often. Don’t take crap from nobody and just control the game when you step on the floor. Gritty Green will be his new name if this continues throughout the season!

  • sev

    not disagreeing on you with courtney lee, just wanted to mention that I did see him playing nice aggressive D….prob why he got 28 min.

    • Jayfox

      I get you on him playing good D but still he’s a scorer and to go 28 mins and not score a point is bad. He had a bad game.

  • eddysamson

    Its funny that we’ve got JET with the scoring and sub-par D and CLee with the good D and sub-par (well…non-existent) scoring.

    I dont know how I feel about it yet because D is a big problem for us so its good thats a bright spot for him, but I thought we brought him in to be a balanced player who will score AND defend. When AB is back CLee doesn’t really have much of a use it would seem!

    • Drew

      You sure do love talking about d. Yaw uh queeeeehhhh.

      • eddysamson

        *Everyone does a lot of talking about D

  • paul

    We complain and complain and complain that Rondo doesn’t play D on his man. Finally he does and you rate him with a “meh”?

    • Chulinho

      Because it should be expected. Rondo should playing defense like he did last night in every game.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Steady improvement by Green would certainly help…in the sense that his trade value might rise once Ainge finally deals his ass at the trading deadline.

    • CelticsKid34

      SADLY…we cant trade him this year… Danny really F’d us in signing green to so much. as i have said before there were better options in free agency at the time but Danny has some sort of love affair with green. i really think green is going to be the difference between championship or bust and right now it looks like bust. i would pay him 4mil not 9. danny is just trying to justify the Perk trade and he is doing a bad job at it, actually making it worse. when we look back on Ainge’s stint as the Celtics GM that will be his brown spot on his apple of a career, the Perk/Green fiasco… smh…smh

    • Chulinho

      I’m just curious…

      Who do you realistically think the Celtics could get for Green in February?

      I’m not defending Green. I would just like to know who you would trade for if you were Danny.

      • Cal

        Nothing- we will have to pay someone to take his contract. I din’t hate him but he was a real bad signing.

        • Chulinho

          How much sense would that make?

          The Celtics are contenders. If Danny traded Green mid-season, both he and Doc would want someone that could immediately assume his role in return.

  • W2.

    Barbosa was terrible terrible terrible. Two arrows pointing downward please.

  • Zhitao

    most of barbosa shots were in late shotclock situations.

  • Jester00

    to all the vet’s out there thank you…….Jeff Green still sucks

    • Drew

      Suuuuuuuuuuuucccckkkkssss. Let’s trade him for Perk and get our defensive anchor back. We’d be really good defensively. Rondo would have his best friend back. Our chemistry would be remarkable.