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Enemy Chatter: Bucks fans have a mild dislike for NBA officiating

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics. Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from Milwaukee.

I’m so tired of the NBA! Last night’s game was officiated like always! One of the leagues GEM teams comes in and gets all the calls in the 4th. Paul Pierce can go to the line w/out being touched but Illyasova got fouled in the end and they made sure to put the nail in the coffin on that bull$#it free throw violation! This is how it’s always been! At least since the late 80’s. This league caters to Super stars and large markets and it’s on display every night we play a good team!

Professional NBA basketball is a crooked sham that I can’t seem to give up on. The Bucks shot poorly but could have won if they also didn’t have to also fight the automatic edge given to a “league sanctioned moneymaker”. I’m still nauseous thinking about the evil it must take….

“Ersan Ilyasova lost the ball near the basket”

Should read “Ersan Ilyasova was fouled near the basket, which was not called. Should also read that Monta Ellis was called for a lane violation he did not commit.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

I pulled those remarks from the comments section of the Journal Sentinel’s story on last night’s game. Good to know Celtics fans aren’t the only ones who love to tear apart NBA officials.

They are right about the star treatment. It’s more prevalent in the NBA than any other professional sport. Maybe now that Czar Stern is retiring, the league will finally admit there’s a big problem with officiating.

As for non foul call on Jeff Green’s strip of Ilyasova, I didn’t see a definitive replay indicating it was a foul. To my eyes, Ilysasova turned into Green and the ball popped loose.

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  • Drew

    Thank you, I watched the replay SEVERAL TIMES on the JG no call and it looked clean. At worst, it was a 50/50 call. The lane violation was an obvious call. On a side note, these fans sound just like us. I can’t even be mad at them for complaining. We do it more than most.

  • eddysamson

    LOL of all the so called “GEM” teams the C’s have to have it the worst with the refs. They HATE Rondo. How many times do you see him go to the floor and no foul is called? Wasn’t it just last night when he was tripped on the screen and looked like he may have been injured but there was no call…did they forget about that!?!

  • SS42

    are these felger’s relatives?

    • Chulinho


  • Frank CA

    Celtics are the ones that usually get screwed by refs…Nobody is talking much about how ell the Celtics are getting to the line this year. With all the Celtics struggles so far this season everyone is over looking how well we are getting to the line

  • greenman

    if you watch enough games, you know that the NBA isn’t officiated fairly and impacts the outcomes of gamesin favor of the bigger money maker (ehh heem, Heat). I know this and I still watch. Kinda sad.

  • Boogie

    worst officiated pro sport, without a doubt. it wins that honor everytime i see a poll being taken. the bad thing is….. it’s doctored that way. I’m a HUGE C’s fan (having lived in beantown for about 10 years) but I live in NC, so i don’t get to see many games at all. only 1 i’ve watched this year was the Heat game. College Ball is HUGE down here, with Duke, UNC (tarheels), Wake Forest, and UNC State (wolfpack). so I get to watch a lot of college ball. the officiating isn’t all that bad, not perfect, but way above the pro level. Now….. why the HUGE difference between college and pro officiating? answer: because it’s doctored that way, for the exact same reason stated by those Bucks fans/reporters. I’ld like to think that a changing of the guard is going to change that (sterns retirement)….. but i SERIOUSLY doubt it. this is a HUGE money maker….. so they need their stars to shine. I like the C’s and will always be a fan of the oganization. but screw the NBA…. it’s a tainted league. I love it when articles like this come out. i only wish more people gave a sh*t. this problem needs to be corrected.

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