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Your Morning Dump… Where Jeff Green looks like a broken and beaten man

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The 106-100 loss to the Sixers on Friday night was yet another game in which Green’s impact was for the most part, non-existent. In about 18 minutes, Green had four points on 1-for-5 shooting along with four rebounds and one blocked shot.

But the versatility that the Celtics (2-3) have been banking on him to provide, has not shined through just yet. There are occasional flashes of him being the player that the Celtics coveted, but those moments are too few and too far between.

A visibly disappointed Green has been through so many ups and downs the past year, it’s hard to imagine that a string of not-so-stellar games will dampen his spirits too much.

That said, it’s pretty obvious that his own personal struggles on the floor coupled with the Celtics underwhelming performances is starting to get to him.

“I’m not frustrated,” he said after the loss. “It’s only five games in. I’m not frustrated.”


I’m not sure what’s more depressing; watching this team play or watching Jeff Green in that interview.

Green can say he’s not frustrated and say it’s only five games into the season, but he clearly looks like a broken and beaten man.

It’s not all about Green. The Celtics, as a team, are a mess when Kevin Garnett leaves the court:

“Nothing’s happening right [without Garnett],” guard Rajon Rondo said. “Just chaos. Just got to do a better job when Kevin’s off the floor . . . When Kevin’s going out, things change, and the past couple games it’s carrying over. We’ve got to take the challenge as a team and find a way to stop those type of runs.”

We all know giving up 106 points to the 76ers is unacceptable. The big problem with the defense comes in transition:

“When I look at this game, if I had to point out one thing that’s a major concern for us and has been these last five games, it’s probably our transition defense,” saidPaul Pierce [stats]. “That’s the No. 1 thing right now. We look up and, you know, we’re playing well I think half court-wise. But when you give teams that many layups in transition, it’s really disturbing, so that’s one thing we’ve got to look at the film and address that. If we can do a better job of getting back on defense and limit those easy opportunities, then we give ourselves a better chance.”

I don’t know what the hell is going in with this team. It’s the perfect storm of new players, new rotations, lack of urgency, offensive and defensive execution. Everything that could go wrong, is going wrong.

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  • Jester00

    When AB comes back that will help. It is early I see some good things going on with this team. If I am Doc I just DNP jeff green and try the Rook at the 3 spot at least he will hustle. It is good to see the jet get his rhythm . Jeff Green Sucks should have spent the money Ray period

  • Corny as it may sound, I like this. It shows that he actually gives a sh*t that he’s playing so poorly. It’s good that he’s at this point mentally-maybe it will push him to snap out of this “funk”.

  • Yogi

    Nothing is “going wrong.” There are a lot of good teams out there. 2 of our heavy rotation players didn’t play in the NBA last year. We’re getting better slowly but surely.

    • Joseph

      Seriously, our rotations are getting better each and every day. 100 points in one game is not too shabby, we just have to click and I think that comes with time together. Like KG said, you can’t rush chemistry. This team needs roles, which are coming together, and chemistry, which is also coming together but slowly.

    • +1,000,000

  • Brick James

    I DVR’d the game last night and stayed up to 2am watching it. So I’m a bit bitter over it.

    The Celtics suck right now. I guess the positive hopeful spin is cute. They need to play well before I get excited.

  • @Bostonsportz

    doc should try collins or darko’s big body in paint when kg comes out—he hasn’t yet

    • Brick James

      I don’t remember seeing Collins out there yet, probably because he’s still learning the rotations and not quick enough to execute on them.

      I do remember seeing Darko once when he airballed that 3 footer.

      Doc’s not playing them for a reason, but I agree, give them some burn. Can’t get much worse than they already are.

    • eddysamson

      I’ve noticed they’re both listed as inactive, does anyone know why? I assume its Darko’s hand injury but I haven’t heard anything about Collins.

  • OlSkool

    Doc has to have either KG or Wilcox on the floor at all times. Wilcox is the only other frontcourt player bringing any energy defensively. Doc is also running Rondo into the ground which is shortening up minutes for Lee, Terry, and Barbosa. Lee is the only perimeter player I trust defensively right now. Rondo looked like crap as he got tired. Pierce playing 36 minutes is also ridiculous. Get Jeff more time and let him get in a flow.

  • eddysamson

    Yeah I bet Kris Joseph would be doing more out there at this point. He was playing really aggressive before attacking for offensive rebounds and had those back to back 3 point plays. I mean JG was good in preseason too so KJ might not transfer over either, but it may be worth playing KJ to test him out and to give JG a wake up call. Kinda like Tebow and Sanchez haha

  • Larry Legend

    It comes down to this. The celts best player is 36 in his 18th season (KG), and best scorer is 35 (pierce). Yes they are younger around them but the fact is their stars are old. Now I still think Pierce and KG are really good but when supporting cast plays like they are the Celts stink. They have no athleticism. Young athletic teams run all over them. Layup after layup off the dribble drive. You ever see the celts do that? Hardly ever. Jeff Green isn’t tough enough mentally to play here. Courtney Lee is just ok. Terry gonna be fine but gues what? He’s 34…rondo been good but still kills ya with careless turnovers and suspect defense. Celts go as far as KG and Pierce take them and that’s a lot to ask guys at that age. The rest of this team needs to get their shit straight. Tired of watching it. Green is especially difficult to watch. Sick of his “worried” look on his face. Get some balls and just play. That goes for everyone.

    • Mark

      Couldn’t agree more with this post. Also, put JET in starting lineup.

  • LA Flake

    BUTBUTBUT I thought Rondo is the best PG in the NBA??? Isn’t it HIS job to set the table and run the team so there would be no chaos???

    • Grandad434

      Rondo is a beast, and just look at the numbers he’s putting up. But that’s it. A 3 man team will get beaten every game. Before you act lame and trash out on Rondo think about the fact that there are several more players on the team trying to learn a pretty difficult playbook as well as Rondo trying to learn where the new guys are most comfortable getting the ball.
      All-Star break this team will be unstoppable.

    • LA Flake

      The C’s are really bad right now.

      Doc can’t leave the same 5 guys on the floor for 5 minute stretches at any point in the game.

      Paul looks like he’s bored and just wants the playoffs to start.

      Rondo puts up gaudy numbers but he has no clue how to play with the new guys who are supposed to thrive playing with him. And then Rondo thinks he’s Ray Allen 3-4 times each game and takes horrible shots instead of setting up his teammates.

      Bass, Terry, Barbosa, Green…that’s just simply too many damn guys who can’t play without the ball. LESS IS MORE. We need rid of some of these guys. Why is Wilcox effective? Because he doesn’t need any plays called for him. But Bass, Terry, Green, Barbosa and all those guys need to shoot or they disappear. It’s becoming quite evident to me that the c’s need to get rid of Bass and either Terry or Barbosa. I’d trade Terry and Bass for a shot blocker/rebounder if possible.

      And please, Doc…try a lineup with a real center!

      • Rondo sets up his teammates just fine, are you serious? The defense and rebounding are larger issues, for nearly everyone.

        • LAF

          Yeah I agree. Speaking of which, have you seen Rondo playing D this year? Me neither. But he’s too important for our non-existent O to spend energy on D. Viva Rondooooooo!!!

          • eddysamson

            On one particular series of plays in the 3rd I believe I did see him pretty much chase his man and stay on him very well for an entire shot clock plus most of another one on their next possession…that was just one point I noticed it cant speak for the whole night.

      • Rip strawberry

        +1,000,000 on what LA flake said. We have too many scorers who need the ball and not enough shooters/garbage men. I’d gladly trade bass, lee, green, barbosa for a rebounding garbage man big like chandler, varejao, noah, etc. Hell, I’d trade quantity (some combination of those 4 + filler + picks) for a quality big man that rebounds and defends like josh smith, bogut (if he ever gets healthy), javale, etc. I also wouldn’t mind an inside scorer over these jump shooters that we have. I’d trade some combo of those 4 + filler + picks for somebody like amare, millsap or cousins. It’s just plain to see our parts don’t complement each other and Doc’s gotta stop playing small ball. Not everybody’s miami and we don’t do well with small ball in big doses. Damn, we won’t even get to miami with the way we’re playing.

    • wil333

      he meant it defensively. if youre a point guard on D, how are you gonna call defensive rotations like KG.

      you have your back on your team mates. Its not like on offense that he can see every one.

      Thats why big men are the defensive anchors. Have you ever seen a guard been called a defensive anchor?

      i mean seriously, doesnt anybody think anymore?

  • RedsLoveChild

    Same old story…Celts get pounded on the boards, lose game!

    This time to a Philly team…playing WITHOUT Bynum.

    Best way to improve “transition defense”? That is done by dramatically reducing the number of times you find yourself in transition defense…which is accomplished by controlling the boards!

    Five games into the season…Collins, Darko, Melo have played a combined total of 5 minutes.

    • LA Flake

      Well, you know, it’s all about the small ball in Doc’s world. Loved the Rondo/Terry/Barboa combo he threw out there last night. /sarc

      • RedsLoveChild

        If you`re over 6`8″…Doc hates you!

        Rivers` dream is to someday coach a team of Pygmies!

    • eddysamson

      Melo is listed as disabled (D-league), the other 2 inactive.

  • Grandad434

    Uncle Jeff is going to be just fine. He seems really disappointed in the FACT that he’s not living up to his and everyone else’s expectations right off the bat. It’s 5 fuggin games and 2 of the starters didn’t play a game last season in the NBA so give the C’s a break. This isn’t the Lakeshow where there was no excuse to be sucking that bad and goofball Brown took the fall, just like he took the fall for Lebron leaving Cleveland. This isn’t football, one game doesn’t determine an entire season and 5 sure doesn’t, especially in the beginning of the season. By the All Star break, just like last season, this team will be on fire. Green and Bass will be more comfortable with their roles, remember Bass started like 40 games last season and suddenly he’s on the bench behind a rookie. That has to be weighing on him mentally. This team will be great, always have been, and the one trick pony of Jesus Shuttlesworth not being here has nothing to do with the slow start. This team is super deep now and have several new KEY players and AB is still out. Show some faith and cheer on the green team!

    • Grandad434

      Sorry didn’t mean 2 of the starters didn’t play, but meant he and Sully hadn’t played. My bad…. wocka wocka

  • JG

    I’ll preface this by saying it’s pretty embarrassing that you waste your Friday night/saturday morning talking trash on a celtics blog website.

    However, this idiot has accidentally stumbled upon some truth. I don’t care how Rondo’s stats look. I think it’s pretty clear that he can’t consistently try hard enough or play well enough (whatever the reason is) for the “torch” to fully be passed onto him. I think there is a possibility that we are seeing a team where they are more dependent on Rondo than ever before, but he simply doesn’t have the skill set to be able to turn on the scoring CONSISTENTLY which is what they need at times. I know he CAN do it, but consistency is what makes someone a star.

    On another note, his defense continues to be embarrassing and I think that might be one of the reasons the team D is so bad. His man (be it Jennings, or holiday last night–there was even a play where rondo ended up on nick young and gambled) almost always blows by him with ease, and he doesn’t even get back into the play which is the worst part.

    Finally, I wish the celtics had another back up 3 so that they could limit greens minutes. I know its only been 5 games, but we saw the same thing last year. It also seems like he’s getting worse every night. I’m just not sure he fits in here. He’s not a 1 on 1 player like the celtics are using him. He’s a fast break finisher which is why he excelled in okc. His defense is sub-par.

    I have no doubt this team (and the Lakers) will figure things out and be there at the end. But it’s going to take a shortened rotation to do it. There are VERY few teams that play well and get into a rhythm with such a big rotation. It’s so tough to identify roles that way. Unfortunately Jeff Green is the only back-up 3 they have, so hopefully they can trade him for at least a spot up shooter who can defend the 3 or maybe just go small.

    • eddysamson

      How are you any different typing a wall of text on a Saturday at 12:14?

      • JG

        You missed the point of my criticism smart ass. I wasn’t insulting him for blogging. I was insulting him for going on a celtics blog trying to be an asshole in his free time.

  • JButler

    Redsarmy your earlier comment its about Green’s mental state not physical is exemplified in this interview. Green looking overwhelmed with the expectations and pressure to perform. Green is no longer a rookie but this clip shows how far he is from being a vet player still. Doc has a huge problem and its not all about chemistry when one player KG has to be on the floor for things to go right. Time to worry .

  • RA_PapaIrish

    Whats weird to me is I think Pierce is playing much worse than Green, it’s just that Green’s under the biggest spotlight of anyone on the team. Pierce’s D has been awful with the exception of a couple spots here and there, his shot selection has been terrible, and he just keeps forcing shots. He’s had much better stats than green but that’s been primarily because hes playing more minutes and forcing up more shots. Is that what anyone wants Jeff to do? I don’t think so, he’s trying to get his offense within the flow of anyone else and the ball just isn’t finding him in the right spots. I would run dallas’ pick and pop play they used to run with dirk and terry. Have Jeff handle the ball and come off terry’s screen looking to make something happen.

    I’m a huge Jeff believer, he’ll get it right, but let’s not kid ourselves guys like pierce rondo and kg aren’t getting it done either, the whole team looks awful right now

  • RA_PapaIrish

    The other thing is, someone has to protect the rim. Easy buckets at the basket are killing us, someone needs to put some fear into teams that want to drive to the bucket all night long against us. The only thing I liked about shaq when he was here was his mantra of no f*cking layups, this team needs to get back to that.

    if it takes putting darko in to commit some hard fouls, that’s what must be done then

  • Mike

    I think we can all agree that Boston will live and die with Kevin Garnett. He is there defense. Ever since perk left our interior defense has been horriblle and our rebounding also. This is why we see sullinger getting the start and minutes because he is a big body who knows how to box out for rebounds. He still needs to learn the defensive rotations to be reliable though.

    Of all the celtics needs, a power forward who can play defense and defend the paint along side KG has been the biggest need since the perk trade. Someone who loves getting physical and blocks shots on occasion. I see the celtics adding a player like this before or at the trade deadline.

    Not that I necessarily love these possibilities, but they are 2 players still available who are know for interior defense, but Kenyon Martin and Birdman are still available. I think they both are physical and defensive minded power forward/centers. I’d gladly add them and drop Darko and Collins.

    What do you guys’ think?

    • JG

      Love the idea, but I’m not sure they’d sign for that little money.

      • Rip strawberry

        Kenyon said he’d sign for the minimum. Teams are shying away from him due to locker room/personality issues. Even if we get him who do we drop if we don’t do a lopsided trade 1st? Collins? KJ? Besides, would doc go big again and actually play those guys at center with KG? It’s useless to pay them to just sit on the bench. Only way Doc’s gonna play another big (anybody below 6’10” that doesn’t really focus on rebounds/shotblocking doesn’t count in my book) is if we get a budding star/star like varejao, josh smith, etc.

  • Drew

    Jeff Green=bust

    Also, I’m a little bummed you guys can’t do a post game recap for every game. Not a good look Redsarmy. Step it up.

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      My bad. I agree with you.

  • JFK

    I’m saying it now, eventually we should/will make a trade. But forget josh smith, he’s a low iq player who isn’t a winner and is not willing to bang inside. We have to get Anderson Varejao!!!!

  • Chulinho

    Of course the offense is terrible without Rondo on the floor; and the defense is downright appalling without KG.

    But what’s really happening is…

    Doc is doing exactly what he said the C’s don’t want to do. He’s tailoring match-ups to keep up with the opponents’ pace instead of playing a group (or groups) that can establish their own rhythm.

    Part of it is the lack of familiarity. But, I feel like he’s pushing random small-ball lineups out on the court just to play keep up.

  • Drew

    I’m starting to want to criticize doc for all of this. I’ll wait another couple of months before I pull that card.

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