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With Brown out of town, its time for Phil to swoop in again

With the biggest news of the week in the NBA coming out of Los Angeles in the firing of Mike Brown as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, one has to wonder who will inherit the “Super Team” of Nash, Kobe, Pau, and Dwight. I bet we can hardly count the free agent coaches out there with our fingers and toes that would chomp at the bit to coach a starting unit like that; but lets be honest there is only one egotistical, self appreciative, and overrated coach out there that is fit for the job…Phil Jackson.

Without question Phil Jackson has one of the most inflated “legacies” of any Head Coach in the last twenty years. When the going gets tough, Jackson usually gets going; but when all is well and the pieces are all there for him Jackson is typically likes to cut the line to get his pick of teams.

Consider every Head Coaching position he has held since the 90s. Joining Chicago, Jackson joined a squad that had already had Michael Jordan and would steal Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman in later years. As Jordan’s career started to wind down, Jackson stepped away, only to join the Lakers the next season. A team that already had Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant by the way.

Riding on the coattails of two of the games greatest, Jackson landed a few championship with his duo, but the monster egos of both O’Neal and Bryant created a circus like atmosphere, and as the going got tough, Jackson hit the road. Jackson left the Lakers knowing that the duo of Shaq/Kobe would inevitably be split up, and felt it was below him to coach the Lakers back into a contender with whatever was left behind.

Jackson would return to a Lakers team that had Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum. Jackson failed at building up that roster and when things started getting ugly without a title, Jackson openly pondered retirement (again). Once the Lakers acquired stole Pau Gasol from the Grizzlies, and landed a handful of other workable talent, Jackson must have felt the team was up to his standards and came riding back out of the sunset after threatening to retire, savior to mankind and all that is holy, leading the Lakers to another set of titles.

Notice a trend? Phil Jackson is the biggest front runner that the NBA has ever seen. He is a ring chaser by all definitions of the term, and hardly deserves the recognition he has gotten over the years. So though he hasn’t officially been reported as a candidate to replace Mike Brown in Los Angeles by the Lakers, is it that unreasonable to essentially guarantee that Phil Jackson will be the Head Coach of the Lakers?

Jackson is egotistical enough to pull this again (this is the same guy that had a special hat made just to celebrate his 10th title as a Head Coach as he surpassed Red. He is also the guy that makes sure that his chair on the bench is always just a bit taller than everyone elses, he claims its for medical reasons but lets be honest we all know its a power trip). Only he would come out of retirement three times just to inherit super teams and lets be honest would the Lakers have pulled the plug on Mike Brown this soon if Phil Jackson hadn’t already been in their ear letting them know he would coach again?

That said, should Jackson return to take over the Lakers it will unquestionably solidify (if it hasn’t already) the argument that Jackson doesn’t even belong in the discussion with Red Auerbach as greatest coach in NBA history.  Red built teams, Jackson inherited them not once, not twice, not three times but this would be the FOURTH time for Jackson. The discussion ends right there. Ignore all accolades, ignore the championships, wins and losses, best cupcake design whatever. Red built every team he won with, Jackson did not.

When news of the firing of Mike Brown came across my phone this afternoon, I had to wait until my mid afternoon bathroom break to break into the headlines across the NBA, but in those four hours in between I was willing to bet my motorcycle and significant other that the inevitable “Phil Jackson open to return” headline would surely be awaiting me as I took my place on the golden throne. Its just too bad that I couldn’t flush Phil Jackson down afterwards, right where he belongs, a complete afterthought never to be heard from again.

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    Real talk

    • ThisIsLosAngeles

      Worst biased uneducated reporting I have ever read. Apply for a position at Fox News already. Phil Jackson’s teams were all underachievers before he got there. He stepped in and won a Championship in his first year in LA. He wins because of the triangle offense and all its complexities that are virtually unstoppable when ran perfectly. His kids made him the hats to celebrate his 10th Championship. His chair is higher to support his bad back, replaced hips, and replaced knee. Why do you think he rarely stands up on the sidelines? Educate yourself hater. The only reason he stopped coaching was to due to health issues. Now that his knee and hip replacements have fully recovered hes ready to leave on a good Championship.

  • RedsLoveChild

    The job is Jackson`s if he wants it…and I`d be shocked if he turns it down.

    I hate Phil Jackass as much as anyone, and for all the resasons you listed.

    However, your criticism of his coaching legacy is over-the-top. Nobody was accusing him of inheriting a dynasty when he took the Bulls` job in 1990.

    He has proven that he can deliver banners when he has the best talent. Sounds simple, but not every coach can.

    He`s been able to gain the respect of, and contain the enormous egos of MJ, Shaq, Kobe to fully “buy-in” to whatever zen nonsense he preaches. Again, that alone is a talent you can`t overlook.

  • Dutchgreen

    “there is only one egotistical, self appreciative, and overrated coach out there that is fit for the job”…and that’s how it is

  • 17rings

    Isn’t it horrible to hear how he’s the best coach of all time?

    When you consider the Celtics history and what Red did beyond coaching the team, in the era that he did it, there is no comparison. Red set precedents in Boston that affect our culture to this very day.. even though he is no longer with us. He is to the Celtics what George Washington is to the USA.

    Anyone who says Phil is a better coach is just uneducated.. and clearly all they know how to do is count championships.

    • ThisIsLosAngeles

      Red won all his Championships when there 8 teams in the NBA with the unmatched Bill Russell. Phil won in a bigger more competitive NBA. Please, the Celtics are the most overrated franchise in the NBA. They went over 20 years without a Championship. The Lakers have missed the playoffs 4 times in their entire 52 year history.

      • 17rings

        You didn’t read a word I wrote, did you.

  • Nick Sannicandro

    17rings, you hit the nail right on the head. Red will ALWAYS be better and thats not coming from just some Boston homer, I am as critical of Boston as you can be. I am a straight shooter, anyone that follows me on twitter will see I dont B.S. anyone, I say it how it is, I don’t take Red over Phil because I’m a Celtics fan, I do it because its pretty obvious

  • Ryan

    I’m just not ready for the constant complaining about the officiating from him each time the lakers lose a playoff game and the ensuing calls that go the lakers way in the the next game. That being said, the team while good has it’s flaws. I hope he falls flat on his face.

  • This is the worst article ever. First off, not all coaches can win w/ a super team. Mike Brown obviously couldn’t do good with this team, basically going 1-12. Also, regardless the man has 11 rings, and that is not just because of talent. He is clearly the best coach in league. And your wrong about the hat- his sons made it for him- he didnt do it himself. So your mad. Sorry Lakers going to win it all again. Best team . Sorry dont be jealous.

    Your probably still hurting from that Game 7 loss back in ’10. Ouch.

  • Celtics are living in a bubble! Yes hurt by the 2010 loss! HAHAHA

    Kobe and Shaq couldn’t win with 3 different coaches prior tp Phil coming in. Don’t tell me its easy because its not. If it was easy Jerry Sloan should have won a title with Stockton and Malone. Pat Riley should have won a title with the Knicks. Tom Thibideaou should have won a title with Chicago.

    ITS NOT EASY! MOST PLAYERS MAKE MORE MONEY THAN THEIR COACH. How do you keep their attention. Easier said than done.

    Doc Rivers is a very good coach. But even he couldn’t get Ray Allen to stay in Boston.

    Coaching aint easy. Red A. coached in a less competitive era, with less players and less teams. Less social-media distractions and politics. Simple as that. It is a harder field to work in now.

    In regards to Phils hat after his championship, 100% of the proceeds went to Native American Charities. I see how you forgot to mention that small part!

    LAKERS 4 LIFE!! Greatest coach in NBA History, PHIL JACKSON!!

    • 17rings

      Red = Vince Lombardi Status
      Phil = Joe Torrey Status
      ’nuff said

  • Nick Sannicandro

    Sorry but you Lakers hacks are living in a bubble….Sloan didnt win because Malone quite frankly is overrated, Rileys NY teams didnt win because guess what…they werent good enough! To say that Mike Brown “obviously” couldnt win with this roster is a joke…they were what FIVE games into the season? Oh and not to mention one of their “big” three went down with a leg injury and didnt really even have a chance to play with the new team yet….that is a JOKE this is a case of Phil putting a bug in the Lakers ear that he wanted to give it a whirl

  • Astarot

    D’Antoni is a new Lakers coach, it’s gettin’ better and better in LA. He couldn’t handle Carmelo and Stoudemire what do you think Kobe, Clown & Gasol gonna do with him?