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Lakers fire Mike Brown

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 9, 2012 News 16 Comments on Lakers fire Mike Brown

Turns out that really was a death stare.

The 1-4 Los Angeles Lakers, with a re-tooled starting line-up and virtually no bench help, have fired Mike Brown.  Brown was just starting year two of a four-year, $18 million deal… which means he’s getting about $13 million or so to do nothing.

Let’s be honest here… Mike Brown was never the right guy for that job.  But this is what happens when you don’t let your basketball guy, GM Mitch Kupchack, do the hiring and firing.  Mike Brown was Jim Buss’ guy.

The irony is that Jerry Buss’ son who runs the day-to-day operations of the franchise, Jim – and not Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak – was the primary advocate in the hiring of Brown and the firing of him. Kupchak was partial to Rick Adelman as a replacement, sources said. Nevertheless, the Buss family lost patience with the team’s sluggish start to the Princeton offense, and didn’t accept the excuses of a weak bench with such a star-studded starting five of Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash.

New team, new offense, Steve Nash is out with a broken foot, and Brown got five games to get it all straight.  Not that the Princeton offense was the right call for the Lakers.  It’s a terrible offense for a team with an isolation guy like Kobe.  The entire thing is based on moving, passing, and backdoor cuts.  Kobe’s not going to change his game for that kind of system.

Jimmy Buss couldn’t wait to Febreeze every scent of Jackson out of the Lakers, which is why they hired Brown in the first place.  Now there are calls to bring him back.  I think Jackson will be happy to sit back and smugly watch the rich little punk that fired him flounder in his absence.

This seems like a good time to bring this piece back up too:

The Lakers’ front office is an uncommunicative, rudderless fiasco, and the unrest and paranoia that have been festering for years threaten to derail the team’s plans to ride Bryant to his sixth NBA title while they still can. And much of it can be traced to the growing influence of executive vice president Jim Buss, the owner’s bon vivant son, who has helped transform a great franchise into a steaming pool of nepotism and nincompoops

So yes, the Celtics are struggling, but Boston fans can lean on a little Schadenfreude to life our spirits.  We’re going through a rough patch, but we’re not the Lakers.  Jim Buss is ruining them, and he’s doing it in spectacular fashion.

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  • jim

    Hope they get DAntoni so they defiltnley never win another championship.

    • Coudn’t agree more, I can imagine Kobe revolting pretty quickly. The only guy that I think can handle that job other than Phil would Jeff VanGundy.

  • screaming jay

    Trouble in Tinseltown! First today I read that D Howard is quoted as saying Kobe needs to chill…and now Brown gets canned 5 games in.

    Get out the popcorn, this is going to be a disaster movie of epic proportions.

  • Gil305

    That gif almost had me ROTF……at work!

    • eddysamson


  • OlSkool

    Wonder what all the media clowns who said they were a lock to win the Western Conference are thinking?

  • Chuck – Red’s Army

    Dwight Howard has reportedly stated his desire for Phil Jackson..

    • Chulinho

      Too bad it’s Kobe’s call…

      Although I’m sure he wouldn’t mind either.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Jackson is the obvious choice…it`s his job if he wants it.

        Jerry Buss` days are numbered…he wants to live to see the Lakers tie/pass the Celtics…he knows Jackson usually wins titles when he has the best team…Jackson would again have a team that can compete for a ring…Kobe, Gasol, Howard all want him…Jackson still lives in LA.

        I see Jackson being named the coach this weekend.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Jackson gone in 2011…Brown gone in 2012…Lakers appear to be “running on empty” due to age/injuries

    Lakers should just hire Jackson Browne and be done with it!

    • Chulinho

      Yes, these days the Lakers management seems to be running on empty. They should take it easy and make the right choice if they want to be considered contenders instead of pretenders.

  • Drew

    I don’t see Phil coming back. If they don’t hire Brian Shaw soon I’d be shocked, like I said in another post.

  • GreenCro

    This makes me almost feel sorry for Kobe.
    Blasphemy? Here’s another…
    If things continue to go south in the Lala-land (oh, hell yeah!), we give a shout to Kobe to buy-out his contract, use amnesty or make a trade (you fill the blank who could this be), and help Kobe get that ring (if it’s all possible under league’s rules). It would be so funny, his 6th would be our 18th!
    I know, I’m trippin… But so funny 🙂
    Well, gold&purple a side, ok and his f… character as well, that dude still got some skillz, and swag… Buahahaha

  • zippittyay


    • zippittyay

      zippittyay October 28, 2012 at 11:15 am
      “The Lakers are going nowhere this season. They have no chemistry and no bench and outside of DH, no defense. The Clippers will win more games and go deeper in the playoffs than the Lakers. Write it down.”

  • Classless

    Normally, I would make fun of this situation, but we can all agree Mike Brown was a square peg in a round hole out in LA. At least LA recognized a failing situation and is moving to fix it.

    That being said, it’s kind of pathetic Phil Jackson is being chased a 3rd time. Is there not another coach anywhere in the US that can handle LA? Eventually, Jackson will be too old. Then what?