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Your Morning Dump… Where KG says we can’t fast-forward through the chemistry issues

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

 “You can’t speed chemistry up,” said KG. “I think the more practice, the more you get familiar with each other. There’s no hit the fast forward button here. You’ve got Comcast. Some shows you can’t fast forward through. You’ve just got to let it go through and watch the silly ass commercials and be pissed, right? This is what this is.

“Did I just take a shot at Comcast? [Expletive] it, I did it. So what? I’m a DirecTV guy anyway. This is what this is. I’m not helping myself, am I? [Expletive] it. [Expletive] it. [Expletive] it. Who cares? Anyway, that’s what this is. We totally messed that up, right? Goddamned, we just totally messed that up. But this is one of those things where it just takes its course and you can’t speed anything up.”

“I think we can improve,” added Garnett, who totaled 20 points and 13 boards in the 100-94 win over the Wizards. “Obviously, we have parts of the game that you look at and you see that we can improve. I thought we started the game off strong and kind of declined a little bit. We tried to get it back there in the second half at times.

“Again, I know y’all getting tired of me saying this — you’re probably joking on me — but it’s consistency. If we’re going to be a great team — not a good team — it’s going to be on how consistent we are. There are always some of those boundary things that make us a good team — or a great team, excuse me — so we’ve got to be disciplined. Until we are, then we’re going to look like we are. But, you know, we’re still working.”


The interview is funny and the analogy is perfect. There are some experiences/moments in life you must suffer through. Whether that be silly-ass commercials, TPS reports at the office, your marriage, or the Celtics chemistry issues.

I know (I read your comments) that you’re all sick of reading about chemistry and adjustments, so let’s get to some X’s and O’s. Rajon Rondo took some questionable shots in the final moments of regulation. Here’s Doc’s explanation:

“The one that I called was the [isolation with 26 seconds], I wanted a 2-for-1,” said Rivers. “I told him — that was a bad execution too because he got forced to the sideline and that way he couldn’t go as quick as we wanted him to go. But I think it was 34 seconds, or whatever, so we felt like ‘Let’s go 2-for-1 here’ and it was a quick iso for him. And I told him to shoot it quick, the first one.

“The second one, it was bad execution again, honestly. It was a pin-down for Paul, [or] it was supposed to be. Paul, we wanted at the elbow and he was there, I thought Rondo could’ve thrown it to him, then JET [Terry] was coming off the weak side. I thought Rondo made up his mind to go for it. I’m fine with that, but I didn’t like the execution.”

Hated the 2-for-1 decision. I’d rather the Celtics get one good shot, than two questionable ones. On the final play before OT, I believe Rondo wanted the shot all along. I’m fine with that, provided the shot isn’t a 23-footer. I’ll take the drive and floater 100 out of 100 times.

There were some bright spots in last night’s game; Jason Terry, Brandon Bass’ play in OT, and Chris Wilcox play late in the 3rd quarter.

Memo to the Celtics staff – whatever Bass and Wilcox are eating, drinking, smoking and using for shower soap, get all of it to Jeff Green.

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  • Joseph

    Happy to see JET come alive! Each game since Miami we have been improving steadily and this was no different. We’ll get it.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Try to imagine the outcry on this board today….IF Washington had the 34-7 edge in FTA`s last night.

  • Nathan

    am i the only person who finds this absolutely hilarious

  • eddysamson

    Wilcox! When he is 100% and starts slamming it in things are going to be much better when KG isn’t on the floor. He even got half a block off for a turnover!

  • LebronWearsARedThong

    Courtney Lee need to improve too

    • eddysamson

      I agree, he looks about as lost as Jeff Green out there.

      • LebronWearsARedThong

        Yea… I know it’s early yet but the way he’s been playing is making me miss Ray Allen

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