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Keyon Dooling shares his powerful story with Katie Couric

Keyon Dooling was on Katie Couric’s show today to talk about his horrible past of sexual abuse.

I’m not going to write anything to accompany this because, quite frankly…. what am I going to add?

The only thing I can say is I applaud Keyon’s strength for sharing this story.  It’s amazingly difficult, and his effort to save kids from the same fate is admirable.

Fair warning, this is very powerful, very adult content.

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  • Shane

    Such a guy. Love his attitude and demeanor.

  • Nick

    God bless.
    Really proud to have a man like this working with the Celtics organization. Any word on the role he accepted with the Celtics ?

    • Wayne

      I believe he is the new player development coordinator. I’m so happy for him and the Celtics being back together. He demonstrates great pride and respect for this organization. It’s always hard to listen to such a sad story that he went threw. All my prayers go out to him and his family.

      • eddysamson

        You are correct and it was a damn good hire! Although I do wish he was still actually on the roster!

  • Joseph

    This is great that Keyon can talk about it.

  • Ralph

    This guy is a great role model for the kids, overcame all the adversity to build a decade long NBA career. Im kind of broke now, but i realize my financial problems are nothing i can’t overcome.I am lucky, growing up having 2 loving parents to this day, I am truly blessed.

  • Carolyn

    Keyon has taken another bold step in his life’s journey and commitment to make a difference as a man, a black man, a father, and a husband. The common denominator in all of these stories is the adult or older person taking advantage of a child or children. We must also look at how we allow sex to permeate the lives of our children in their music, film, television, advertising, etc. It creates confusion as to what is age appropriate and inappropriate. Let’s join hands with people like the Doolings and fight to stop the use of sex as a weapon for the harassment and abuse of boys, girls, women and men. Let’s stop protecting and defending the perpertrators no matter what their status in our communities.

    • Yes, Carolyn – I have posted to this situation. I find it ludicrist to be told by a school district (where I was sexually assaulted as a boy) to completely deny any culpability.

      After intense counseling following my divorce; I realized I had repressed the incidents by a male teacher. I informed the school & asked if they would pay for counseling.

      They forced the teacher to resign (no criminal charges?) & informed me “the Statute of Limitations (PA) has tolled; legally we owe you NOTHING…”.

      The Catholic Church was not legally bound to pay victums for sexual abuse; they chose to as it was MORALLY the right thing to do. When are states such as PA going to rewrite the laws; as these issues may take years to surface.

      If possible, a national law would help speed up the process; the majority of my life has been ruined – I am hoping others can be spared the PAIN, I have been forced to endure… Thanks

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  • Keashia

    It’s easy for people who have never experienced the day to day struggle of the oppressed and poor to shake their heads when they hear stories like this. There is no excuse to harm children and it’s truly a terrible thing. It’s also avterrible thing that most people have no understanding of what and why things happen outside of their worlds. Instead of just condemning, people should step outside of their worlds and help improve the lives of others.

  • Gregory

    Hey Keyon- I heard what you said in the videos excerpts with Katie Curic and your wife..

    You know “dudes” we as males are always running to get a good job when we see opportunities in a market coming up- Some get the right schooling for these jobs and some don’t but everybody be knowing some jobs are opening up..

    Werner Erhard, myself and Oprah Winfrey have been working with these issues long enough to be knowing whose qualified and who isn’t regarding sexual issues.

    Theres nothing wrong with coming forward to express your feelings if you’ve bee hurt sexually or if you want to get it right by saying Im sorry and telling about such times you hurt someone else sexually, thats healthy but when whats going on with us is we see interest in the subject and we way to get on into by making up stories that didn’t happen or change what did happen to be told wrongly making ourselves out to be victims when we were the ones that did the caused the hurt by saying something stupid like she was to pretty it was her fault thats just plain making it hard for the people really getting these tasks done correctly have a harder time with the real healthy work about it all. Im not going to argue with you did it or didn’t it happen you being told to give oral sex when you were five,I wasn’t there but I do know its very much been the pattern of men to try and blame others for what they themselves did wrong. Ive done wrong and Ive been done wrong to myself and I know how to talk about it now- You need a whole lot more practice getting right within yourself about what you did wrong and what wrongs were done to you before you start trying to get into this much and Ill tell you confronting yourself for real and admitting what you did wrong or talking with people you did wrong to saying what you did and hearing from them how it hurt them isn’t any fun thing to do mostly its of the most important “thing” to do cause it can heal those damages to those hurt and it can bring forgiveness to those that caused the hurt- But don’t be getting on the stage because it draws a lot of attention and you way to get into it- Be for real its hard but thats where were working and thats where the non monetary rewards come from. Gregory Warren Galloway.

    • Gregory, I have posted to this issue herein; can you please direct me to help???

      I suffer from OCD & severe ANXIETY & DEPRESSION; my counselor after my divorce told me this was “natural” after my sexual abuse as a school boy… Thanks

  • I was a victum of sexual abuse by a teacher in high school; when I realized I had repressed this NIGHTMARE for my entire marriage (& subsequent divorce); I contacted the school.

    They had at least one other complaint & the teacher was forced to resign. I asked if they would pay for counseling; their reply was “the statute of limitations (PA) has tolled; legally we owe you NOTHING…”.

    Can anyone HELP??? I want to live my remaining years as emotionally heathy as possible… Thanks