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Enemy Chatter: Veteran play of Rondo led to Wizards demise

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics. Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from Washington.

With 2:02 left in the overtime period, and the Wizards down, 93-92, Bradley Beal had the ball in his hands looking to make a play. He dribbled up the right side of the floor, got caught under the basket, left his feet, and passed the ball out of bounds, behind A.J. Price, who was cutting in the opposite direction. Ten seconds later, Rajon Rondo had the ball in his own hands to make a play. He dribbled down the center of the court, his teammates spread out behind the 3-point line; he drove, and then kicked the ball out to Brandon Bass. Bass caught the ball, took two dribbles, and scored on a layup, which gave the Celtics a 95-92 lead. The Wizards scored one more meaningless basket as the buzzer sounded, but they were basically held scoreless after Beal’s turnover and lost, 100-94. There had been other dicey ballhandling moments for Washington toward the end of regulation, but Chris Singleton’s free throws and his monsterous dunk bailed them out. In overtime, the lack of a point guard, Beal’s lack of experience, and the veteran point guard play of Rondo led to the Wizards’ demise.

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I was a bit critical of Rajon this morning, but he definitely had a good all around game. It’s hard to heap praise on any of the Celtics when their opponents are inexperienced and playing without their top players (John Wall, Nene).

This also shows how spoiled we are in Boston. It’s been 5 years since we’ve had anything but “Championship or bust” expectations. Imagine life as a Wizards fans.

Chris Singleton deserves props for this dunk late in the game. The Celtics defense parted like the Red Sea and Singleton never hesitated.

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  • Roy B

    Looking at that Gif.picture Rondo as usual cheated on defense which allowed Singleton to blow pass him for an easy dunk.

    • Brick James


      • Roy B

        It is Rondo’s fault, but the team as well. They just seem lost on defense as of late. These past 4 gms the C’s defensive rotations haven’t been sharp as it usually is.

        • Brick James

          I was joking/making fun of you.

          Rondo leaves the ground to challenge the passing lane of a player a foot taller than him. That’s because of a defensive breakdown where no one is covering the shooter in the corner. Watch Bass run across the court while KG is in no man’s land trying to protect the basket from…no one.

          Yes, totally Rondo’s fault, that matador gambler.

          • kg215

            That one was Rondo’s fault, why would you leave your feet against Singleton. Let Singleton shoot over you, if he makes it hats off to him but chances are he won’t. KG was guarding his man and then rotated over too late, maybe he should have read the breakdown earlier or maybe he wasn’t expecting Rondo to gamble and get burned so quickly. Either way he was not in no man’s land.

  • we were lucky Singleton didnt jump in rondo and got 3 fts.. or a 3+1..

  • CelticsKid34

    You can tell by this play that garnett is unwilling on defense to contest that dunk… at least he is being careful… dont want him injured now.. i see him contesting that dunk in the playoffs

    • Rhys

      He had 5 fouls i think, and even still Singleton was going that strong it could have been a 3 pt play with the foul.