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Recap: Celtics continue to win ugly, beat Wizards in OT

Ugly photo for an ugly game.

Welp, the Celtics are still working in the new guys in and while it was ugly, they get their second straight win over the Wizards, 100-94 in overtime.

It felt like a repeat of Saturday’s game as the Celtics come out strong to an 11-2 run and everyone getting a bunch of assists. Paul Pierce was playing like a man on a mission, knocking down a three and getting to the line early. But once KG came out, the Wizards crept back into it despite shooting 29% from the field to make it 21-16 at the end of the first. KG had 9 boards in the quarter and Rondo had 6 points & 2 assists.

The second was just an ugly quarter to watch. The offense just couldn’t hit any open looks and the Wizards continued to jack up three pointers and ugly shots. The problem is that eventually some of them began to fall for the Wizards. Martell Webster got 8 of his 16 points in the quarter. The Wizards bench dropped 27 in the first half compared to the Celtics 10, which gave the Wizards a five-point lead at halftime.

Kevin’s night continued to get better as he scored the Celtics first seven points to tie the game at 42. The poor shooting continued for both teams but finally midway through the quarter, bench came to life. Jason Terry got 7 points on 3-5 shooting  and Chris Wilcox got 6 points in 3 minutes to help give the Celtics a 68-58 lead.

The game continued to feel like deja vu as the Wizards stayed in this game as Bradley Beal hit some jumpers and AJ Price hit some moonshots to eventually tie the game at 80 with 3 minutes to go. After Rondo hit a pair of free throws, Beal hit a wide open 3 to give the Wizards a 83-82 lead.  After a Brandon Bass missed jumper, KG managed to tips a Kevin Seraphin pass and gets control of the ball and gets fouled but he also gets called for a tech for throwing a phantom elbow. Seraphin hit the technical free throw and then KG hit both free throws to tie the game at 84.

KG’s defense on Seraphin would also work in the next possession as he has him trapped near the half court line and Paul Pierce comes in for the steal & the foul. Truth hits 1 of 2 from the line. The Wizards respond with a Martell Webster brainfart which leads to Pierce getting a steal & passing to Rondo who gets fouled. Rondo hits 1 of 2 from the line to make it a two point lead. The Wizards catch a break in the next possession as Pierce gets caught literally running through a screen and Webster redeems himself by making both free throws to tie the game. Rondo responds with a step back mid range jumper that hits nothing but the bottom of the net to give the Celtics the lead. Chris Singleton wasn’t having any of it though as he got an open look at the rim and he decides to take out all of his anger on it & ties it once again. The Celtics get one last chance and Rondo pulls up for a three and bricks it. Overtime!

Usually people like free basketball but not tonight. Overtime started with some wild shots but eventually the Wizards & Celtics trade some baskets to get it to 92-92 with about 2:30 left. Brandon Bass would then score five straight points in overtime by attacking the basket and running the court which basically sealed the victory for the Celtics.

Garnett had himself a hell of a night as he finished with 20 points, 13 rebounds & 2 blocks. Rondo got his 29th straight double-double, good for third best all-time, as he had 18 points & 14 assists on 7 of 11 shooting. Jason Terry finished with 16 (yay!) on 15 shots (boo!).   Still….PROGRESS!

Box Score

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  • Tyler

    Watching this game I had to start drinking early and keep going. What an atrocious display of basketball. Yes we got the win, but there are serious issues and I dunno if Doc can handle them.

  • Ugly as it was, it woulda been worse to lose. At least Terry showed what he’s capable of, and the whole team played well in the last 3 minutes of OT. Did anyone else laugh when Tommy said the Wiz will ‘be a team to contend with’? I think he meant they’ll contend for the #1 lottery pick…

  • Ben

    Just a brutal game tonight. There is hope as the bench actually put together a good game. Bass, Terry, even Wilcox had themselves a good game. I’m just patiently waiting for Green to get involved more.

  • Tyler

    For shits and giggles I switched over on LP to the Lakers game after the C’s game was over. Those guys have NO bench. At least we got a bench. It’s just one big Goat Fuck right now. Doc better have this thing sorted out by February. Win now, get good later.

  • classless

    Jeff Green knows the season started, right?

    • Mitch

      No, He has spent the last month talking about how much he is gratefull and how he knows he needs to play harder all while he counts the money he isn’t earning. Thanks DA.

      • Mitch

        Celtics should have used the money wasted on Jeff Green and upped the offer to Ray Allen. At least he would not be knocking down 3’s for the Miami Heat.

        • Jester00


  • eddysamson

    Wilcox needs to be out there more! Hes looking close to 100%

    • Gil305

      I agree, I loved what he did with the minutes he had last night. Just think of a defensive line up with a healthy Wilcox and Bradley with KG. You could chose whatever 2 to fill in and they’ll still hold it down.

  • JimmyG

    The team didn’t look great (obviously), but I’m very hopeful. They have a lot of parts that have their moments. Once the chemistry works itself out, all of these parts will come together and form something special I think. Rondo said it best in the postgame to ask him how he feels about the team halfway through the year. It’s just way too early to gauge what this team will be. At this point, I think we are getting a fairly disjointed looking team but that’s not surprising. The key is for Rondo to learn where players like Green, Terry, Lee, etc. like to get the ball. Once that kind of chemistry develops I think they’ll play some pretty good offensive basketball and defensively they just need to learn to communicate with one another. What will be interesting to see is whether the team will have gelled by the time Avery Bradley gets back and if so, if his return could potentially disrupt any kind of progress the team makes up to that point. If that’s the case, I’m thinking the C’s will have a stretch (maybe around January or March) where they again look disjointed, but after that I’m expecting a really intelligent basketball team with good ball movement.

  • Drew

    As a whole, looking at our entire team, there is hope. Looking at this team and their performance so far, we are a 500 team 40 games in. I beg of fans to not kid themselves. We ARE NOT a good team. 500 40 games in. Mark my words. Just accept what this product is.

    ALSO, if we can’t get a MOTHER @$@&@!$ spell check on the god damned site in the next week I’ll go crazy. I’m absolutely sick of having to google the correct spelling of words I should have learned in 3rd grade for this site. You guys are @&$@&@? Ass holes for making your fans spell check their shit. Get it together, you fncdfhbn idiots.

    • We’ll get spell check when you get some Prozac. How’s that?

      What’s the issue?

      • Drew

        I was really drunk when I wrote that. Sorry man. What I said in no way reflects what I think about this team, just how hammered I was.

    • wayne

      Lol you got some serious issues how can anyone take you serious when you sound like a spaz…

  • eddysamson

    Sorry to nitpick but I noticed you werent happy with how many shots JET took…just some perspective JET was 7-15 and KG was 7-16 🙂

    Yes I’d love to see him stop hitting that damn rim but you can say hes looking more comfortable now, for sure.

    • Ben

      Touche! I’m a fan of KG taking more shots so his 16 doesn’t bother me even though he did worse shooting wise than JET.

      I was just sad it took Terry 15 shots to score 16 hence my BOO but it’s still a good night for him. Especially the way the game was in general. Everyone was off.

  • Did Jeff Green really refuse to shoot a free throw!?!I want to like him but he seems to lack the mental aspect of the game to ever allow him to utilize his physical skills

  • 17rings

    I liked what Jet and Wilcox brought off the bench.. Bass played well down the stretch too and appears to be focused on rebounding.

    I think the major problem is these new players aren’t used to the system.. they’re thinking about what they should be doing instead of playing how they usually would. Once they get used to the system, we can start GINOing the scrub teams like the Wiz. We need some more games right now to get some rhythm going.

  • Joseph

    Progress is progress. We looked better last night than we have in all previous nights, and we are gonna keep getting better.

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  • Reggie35RIP

    I just hope we don’t see the lineup where Sully plays the 5 again. That was difficult to watch. Same goes for Bass. We need either Wilcox or Darko to spell KG.

    Also thought it was a shame when Doc took Wilcox out of the game at the 11 minute mark in the 4th. He probably didn’t want KG to cool off too much, but I thought Wilcox was playing at a high enough level to warrant a few more minutes.

    Green and Lee still look too tentative on offense. Green passed up a couple of opportunities where he probably could have driven in and created a shot. They’ve got to be more aggressive.

    Still think Doc needs to lay of the schizophrenic lineup changes a bit. I know we have a deep bench, but at times it feels like he makes changes too frequently. At one point I think he subbed out KG, then another 2 players a few minutes later, then another 1 after that in quick succession. It feels like it disrupts the flow a bit when people are coming in and out so often.