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Jeff Green: Doc’s biggest challenge yet?

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 7, 2012 Celtics News, Jeff Green 14 Comments on Jeff Green: Doc’s biggest challenge yet?

There is no Celtics player under a bigger spotlight than Jeff Green this year.  Or maybe it’s more accurate to say no Celtics player is under more spotlights this season than Jeff Green.  There are people watching to see how he returns from his heart surgery.  Others are looking to see if he lives up to his contract.  And a lot of us just want to see if he’s going to be anything more than the lost guy we got in exchange for Kendrick Perkins.

We were tantalized in the preseason by flashes of athleticism.  But, for a variety of reasons, Green’s play can, at best, be characterized as spotty so far in the regular season.  The hope is, with time, Green and the rest of the Green-Teamers will figure it out, and things will slowly fall into place.

That doesn’t mean the journey will be easy.  At yesterday’s open practice, the media got a rare glimpse at the entirety of a Celtics practice (there’s usually a curtain obscuring things for most of it).  There, everyone saw Doc getting on Jeff Green after a miscue.  Doc wasn’t shy about it.  And he didn’t let up.

Afterwards, he said,

“Jeff is important to us, not [just] for this year but for long term. I’m hard on Jeff,” Rivers said, clearly referring to the $36 million investment through the 2015-16 season.

Then Rivers thought pattern changed on the fly, almost as if he was catching himself lowering expectations of the swingman who was just given a four-year commitment from the team after proving himself healthy after heart surgery last January.

“I don’t actually think I’m hard on him. I think I’m fair on him,” Rivers said. “I think he’s hard on me. So, we’re going to demand out of him this year to be great because I think he has the ability to be great.”

My favorite thing to say about Green is that he has the ability to be the biggest matchup problem on the Celtics.  He can be the tall, athletic, new generation type of player that today’s propensity for small-ball should demand.  He hasn’t been, though, and drawing that type of NBA monster out of the mild-mannered Green seems to be the biggest challenge on Doc’s plate this side of grooming his current point guard for greatness.

What Green will be is up for debate.  There is no debate, however, that he has all the requisite physical tools.  He can run, and jump, and cut well enough to perform at a higher level than many NBA players.  That means the problem for Green lies deep within his cerebral cortex, and the job of fixing the wiring falls on Doc.

In that sense, Doc’s the bomb-squad guy in the movies that can figure out if it’s the red or green wire that needs to be cut before the whole place gets blown to smithereens.  He’s been quite good at it for quite some time.  But Green’s wiring is especially challenging.  Doc’s got some time to figure it out, but the more time the ticks off that clock, the more pressing the job gets.

Is Doc up to the task?

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  • 17rings

    I’d like to see him get a spike in minutes… He’s probably averaging low 20s in mpg, I’d like to see that number climb to 25+. It will keep pierce healthier as well as allow JG to gain confidence.. But he needs to get in some sort of rhythm out there, which was possible in the preseason with him playing close to 30 min every night.

    Id also like to see a Rondo, Pierce, JG, Sully/Bass, Kg lineup more often.. Pierce could body many of the smaller 2s and he’s capable of guarding most 2s in the league. If Jeff Green is allowed to play PF, Pierce should be allowed to play SG.

  • Right now Doc’s biggest challenge is the Washington Wizards..

  • JB Butler

    Does Jeff have the necessary basketball IQ to be an elite player or just a role player. After 5 yrs in the league ,one less than Rondo, it’s a concern I’d say.

  • Steve

    Jeff Green needs to grow some hair on his balls and start playing like a man! This is a man’s game!

    • Reggie35RIP

      Pretty much.

  • CelticsKid34

    is this kinda wierd?…. that i knew that giving an UNPROVEN player 9MILLION DOLLARS A FREAKIN YEAR WAS A REALLY BAD IDEA!!! i swear just off of this JeffG shit danny got us in a hole in 2010-11 due to this green shit because we all know that Perk is better than 5 kristics and 3 greens combined!!!then he is shooting the team in its foot and expecting it to run by signing jeff to such a huge ass contract!!! he needs to stop having this little love affair with jeff and cut ties… we could have at least worked out something for grant hill instead of jeff and have lee and barbosa back up 3rd stream sf when needed… at least you have experience and a shooter. i know jeff is for the future but get hill for a one year vet min deal and wait until there is a better FA market to settle on a future thats what i WOULD HAVE done… or something… just cant stand to see these EXPERTS just make stupid decision after stupid decisions. i will be suprised if Green meets half of his expectations.

    • CelticsKid34

      and dont get the notion that im hating jeff green for it but i think we should have given him something smaller so we can spread the talent on the bench a little and maybe pick up a good reserve or maybe even a good center… havent seen one of those on the C’s in a long time (not referring to KG… i love KG and i like him at PF)

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  • 17rings

    Jeff Green needs KG to slap him across the face while yelling “BE AGGRESSIVE MOTHERF*CKER!”. Dude looks nervous out there.

  • Ralph

    Sorry to say but Jeff is a dud, he’s been around the team for a whole year and he can’t fit in! He is not even a celtics type defender. He is a non rebounding Josh Smith. 10mil for a guy who can’t even score 10 off the bench?

  • cmoney

    Jeff Green just isn’t very good. Anyone who has been paying attention should have known this when the initial trade that brought him here occurred. The contract he received was one of Danny’s worst moves.

  • Jim

    Don’t write him off yet. I think John nailed the problem in describing him as mild mannered. He has all the skills needed, but his self belief seems lacking. He looks almost embarrassed to be on the court,as if he has no right to be there. How he can be made to believe in himself and express all his skills I don’t know.There must be sports people out there with experience of how to help him.

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