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Avery Bradley made JET beg for room on the court

The Celtics defense right now sucks.  I mean… it flat-out sucks.  It will get better, but watching plays like this just make me want to vomit.

I know it will get better, because the Celtics’ best defender will be back next month.  And there’s no way guys on the court can play lazy, terrible defense when Avery Bradley is out there hounding guys full court.

Just ask Jason Terry… who was one of the guys last season that begged Bradley for some breathing room on the court.

“If it wasn’t me, it was (Mavericks teammate) Jason Kidd, and (Bradley) would literally pick us up full court,” Terry said. “One time I asked him in the middle of the game, ‘Come on, young fella, you’ve got to back up a little bit,’ and he said, ‘Man, this is the only way I can stay on the court.’”

Bradley had figured out how to stay on the floor for coach Doc Rivers. He wasn’t going to change. And as he later discovered, Bradley had disrupted Dallas’ scheme.

“I didn’t know this because I was so into the game, but (Terry and Kidd) didn’t want to bring the ball up the court,” he said. “They had Dirk (Nowitzki) bringing the ball up the court.”

I love that Bradley response… “this is the only way I can stay on the court”. 

Once again, we turn to video guru Jay (a.k.a. MrTrpleDouble10) who read that same Herald piece and compiled a little video of what real defense looks like, from that Celtics-Mavs game in question.

Ahhhhh…. isn’t that nice to see?  Active feet, hustle, great instincts.  So great… even though he got called for b.s. foul when he clearly drew a charge at the :49 mark.

We know the drill by now.  The C’s need time to get their defensive act together.  But part of that time is the time it will take for Bradley to return.  His effort is infectious out there.  The Celtics need him.

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  • DJisintheHall

    How bad ass is that a JASON KIDD doesnt want to bring the ball up the court against you?

    Cant wait for Avery to be back on the court.

  • JBcelticsFan

    Gotta love that response from Bradley. This is why he’s my favorite player on the team. When he comes back, expect the Celtics defense to improve dramtically, especially around the perimeter. Force teams to make plays with 14 seconds instead of 24 and you force bad shots. Lets go AB!!!!

  • 17rings

    I agree their defense is AWFUL right now.. but make no mistake, celts will have the number 1 D in the league once this guy returns to the starting 5. AB<3

  • nhcelts

    Interesting how we caused missed shots there yet they got offensive rebounds every single time…..

  • tomrod10

    2 things:

    First, Bradley won’t be playing that defense when he comes back. Te only reason he did that was cause he spent all his energy doing that. Now he’s more of a complete player. He will play great D, but he won’t harrass point guards like he did last year.

    Second, here we see one of Terry’s weaknesses, he isn’t a pg and he is kinda slow bringing the ball up, even though it was greatly exagerated by playing against houndog Bradley.

  • CelticsKid34

    as unnoticed as Keyon Dooling was he could put half the defense on a guard that bradley could and thats saying alot. i am so excited to play the heat with AB and lee. we saw ray getting good looks when terry was on the floor, but when lee was there in front of him he couldnt get a shot. my friend told me that the heat’s gaurd rotation wasnt as bad as i thought and i told him he was flat out wrong and this is why. when Bradley comes back he will gaurd wade. we know he can do it and do it well, if i had to pick one player in the league to guard kobe or wade it would be Bradley. then… who is coming off the bench to either continue guarding wade or guard ray?.. courtney lee. it will be a non-stop defensive barrage at the guard position.

  • Drew

    Behind Pierce, Bradley is my favorite Celtic. When I very first heard about point guards politely asking him ease off them in the back court, I knew we had something special. He plays like a defensive back that can play all 4 spots. He can read the pass and pick it off and blanket his receivers just as well. Can not wait to get this kid back.

  • eddysamson

    Cant wait for AB to come back. I want to buy my first jersey this year and its between AB and PP…PP’s days are numbered so its hard to go for him but you cant deny his legacy so its a worthy jersey to always have around but damn man I love AB he is the key to this team!

    • Drew

      I’d go with Pierce. We have a lunatic GM that could trade AB away in a flash here soon(1-2 years) if his trade value increases enough.

      • eddysamson

        I know thats what I’m worried about! I thought about going for Rondo too but same with him you never know!

  • RedsLoveChild

    AB = Lockdown Defender + Solid Perimeter Shooter

  • dk

    loved watching all that great “d” be negated by everyone failing to box-out and get offensive rebounds

    • shak

      Very true but look at it from this year’s perspective, great D by AB again but wait, who is that, look at that huge rear-end boxing out like a monster… none other than Sully! If Sully is a starter (hopefully AB will regain that spot), AB will cause a bunch of havoc and Sully can clean the glass!! I can’t wait!!

  • dyu

    “this is the only way I can stay on the court”
    says a lot for this kid, great character