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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics reserves are in an adjustment period

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“We thought it would be a lot smoother, but it’s not always as easy as you think it will be. It’s good that we’re going through it. We’ll look back on this journey and say it’s something we had to go through. I’ve got higher expectations for my performance, too.”

Terry is averaging 8.7 points on 38 percent shooting through his first three games as a Celtic. The system is admittedly different from his time in Dallas, where Dirk Nowitzki was the focus of the Mavericks offense.

“It’s a lot different here,” Terry said. “Screens are set. I come from a situation where the majority of the time the ballhandler had to get the guy setting the pick the ball. Here we’re trying to get the ballhandler open and get him opportunities. Then he frees up the other guys. It takes a bit of an adjustment, but hopefully by the end of the week we’ll make progress in it.

“It’s a work in progress. I’m a scorer and I’m going to figure it out. Believe me when I tell you, I’ll continue to shoot the ball and take advantage of every opportunity.”

Herald – Terry plans to back up talk with play

I’m confident Jason Terry will get comfortable in the Celtics offense. He’s not going to morph in the Celtics version of Chad Ochocinco.

But I am concerned that there may be a correlation between Terry’s struggles and Rajon Rondo’s heavy minutes.  When JET arrived in Boston, the Celtics touted his ability to run an offense. He could handle the ball with Rondo on the bench and with Avery Bradley or Ray Allen Courtney Lee in the back court.

It didn’t take long for that idea to fade. In early October, Doc Rivers said he was uncomfortable with Terry consistently handling the ball. So what did the Celtics do? They signed Leandro Barbosa, another guard known for his scoring more than his passing.

If Jason Terry isn’t the answer at back-up point, even for 10 minutes a game, the Celtics have a problem. They’ll have a logjam at shooting guard when Avery Bradley returns and Rondo will be worn out by February.

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  • paul

    This emphasis on Rondo’s minutes seems crazy to me. We need him near or at forty. Even Doc himself has made it sound like any diminution of Rondo’s minutes would only be by a minute or two.

    The issue is substitution pattern. I think this should be obvious. Rondo is an energy player. Ok, I know you could say that about any player, but for some players, it is especially true. When he is fired up, he dominates games like no other player other than Lebron. But it takes an awful lot of energy. Of course, he can’t play that way all game every game, but we need him closer to that level. I think every Celtics fan knows that, especially now that Rondo is the leader who sets the tone for the team, this deal where he loafs on defense, or plays passively on offense, doesn’t work. The whole team follows Rondo’s lead now.
    We need him playing aggressively on both ends more consistently. But we still need him for most of most games. He is our best player, by far.

    What Doc typically does is leave Rondo on the floor until he is exhausted and is ineffective. Then he sits Rondo for so long that Rondo gets cold. For most players, this probably works pretty well. It’s the standard substitution pattern. What we need for Rondo is for him to rest earlier, but for a shorter time. We need him playing with maximum energy when he’s out there, especially at the start of games.

    When and how long we rest Rondo is the key. It’s not how many total minutes he plays.

    • Larry Legend

      Your morning dump…where I hope the schedule starts to pick up soon because I can’t stomach another article about “adjustments”, “defensive systems”, “chemistry”, and “minutes”…just start playing bball and win some games. Enough talk already, we know they can do that. Let’s go!!!! See ya tomorrow nite boys. I expect to see Gino

      • Mike

        I agree with your point about the schedule. It’s kind of been a funky start to the year. 1 game, 2 days off, 2 games in a row, 3 days off. It’s hard for a team to find a rhythm that way. Certainly not making excuses for their slow start, but I think once the schedule gets a little more consistent and they start playing 3 times a week on an every other day basis their consistency will improve.

    • CelticsKid34

      well what we need to do is either sign or pick up in a trade, a backup POINT GUARD TO PLAY THE POINT GAURD POSITION!! Doc needs to abandon these dreams of Terry and Barbosa being able to run the point behind rondo. its just not gonna happen. maybe Delonte West… i know he has his problems but we all know he can ball and he is a threat offensively. the best thing we could do right now is this. pick up west… hes desperate for a spot on an nba team so he will sign for next to nothing (but i think boston will pay him generously) then we can either ditch barbosa, darko, or collins and pick up kenyon martin. so our linup will look something like this seeing i think they would dump barbosa. PG: Rondo, West SG: Bradley, Lee, Terry SF: Pierce, Green PF: Kenyon Martin, Bass, Sully C: KG, Wilcox.. with Collins, Barbosa, and a 3rd stream caliber pg on reserve.. that would be badass im not gonna lie.

  • Ry

    I don’t like Terry and Rondo playing along-side each other. They don’t seem to mesh well at least not yet. During the preseason Doc Rivers would put out a back-court line-up with Terry and Lee and I notice that duo put up a lot of points on the board.

    • eddysamson

      I agree…seems like Rondo + Barbosa would be more productive and would be about the same defensively since Terry hasnt been doing so hot there either. Hell maybe it would be better since Barbosa is faster.

  • thetitleisours

    The guys that left are doing better than the ones that came so far.

  • DJ Kahn

    So does anyone think we have set ourselves up for a trade?

    • Curt

      Josh Smith…

      • If they pull it off soon, there would be fewer chemistry risks/issues. I still think this team can win as presently constructed, but I JSmoove is a no-brainer IF you can keep Bradley and Sully (especially Bradley.)