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Rajon Rondo: Math Teacher

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 6, 2012 Celtics News, Rajon Rondo 12 Comments on Rajon Rondo: Math Teacher

Yep, that’s Rajon… teaching math.  Today he tweeted:

Which of course, inspired a series of “Good Will Hunting” jokes.  Of  course, they apply, since I can totally see Rondo doing this (some NSFW language)

I honestly have no idea if the math on the board is correct.  I’d rather write 2,000 words on someone solving that math problem than actually try solving it.  Math and I get along about as well as Rondo and Dwyane Wade.

But seriously… it’s nice to see Rondo take some time and spend it with the kids.

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  • Borna

    The answers are 0 and 4…. Teach them some multivariable calculus next.

    • quantumtheory

      might want to go back to high school algebra before u start with calculus, yikes…

    • GeeZeeCeltics

      If commenting on this piece is a way to show that you’re able in algebra, this is the textbook way how not to do it

    • shasha

      how did x get two values? 😛

  • Peachyness

    Thr answer is 14. X is 14. Go Rondo! Its amazing having both high IQ in academics & basketball!

    • eddysamson

      I thought so! Borna had me second guessing but hes obviously not at the calc level

  • John (not the real one)

    Borna… nice

  • Red’s Cigar

    Ha yeah answer is definitley 14. Even i know that.

  • Drew


    X=6(if that’s a 30 hiding under rondos arm)

  • BillRussellTheGreatestOfThemAll

    Wait, I seriously suck at math. 3(x-7) +5 = 21 … (3x – 21) + 5 = 21 …. 3x – 21 + 5 = 21 … 3x – 16 = 21 …. 3x = 21 + 16 … 3x = 37 … x = 37/3 … 12.333333 … Dammit, what I am doing wrong here? Love Rondo as Good Will Hunting

    • GeeZeeCeltics

      3(x-7)+5=26 … 3x-21+5=26 … 3x-16=26 … 3x=42 … x=14

      You messed up the equation in the first place. It’s not equal to 21, it’s equal to 26. Even then you did it absolutely correct, just with the wrong values.

      • BillRussellTheGreatestOfThemAll

        Whew! Insecurity defeated! Thanks!