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Brandon Bass trying to remain positive about yo-yo rotation

Via Mike Petraglia of

Brandon Bass was asked after Monday’s practice how much of a challenge it will be for him to go from starting role to the bench and back.

“That’s life, man,” said Bass. “You wake up, you don’t know what to expect. Sometimes it’ll be like that. You’ve just got to make the best of it.”

I believe Brandon Bass wants to do what’s best for the team. I also believe the transition to the 2nd unit would probably be easier, if it were a permanent one.

I think Doc is asking a lot of Bass if he’s going to move him around all season long.

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  • 17rings

    doc needs to get his rotation down ASAP. We don’t have time for him to spend a month dicking around with different lineups. It doesn’t seem that hard… Leandro goes in for Rondo, Jet goes in for Lee, Green for Pierce (please stop pretending green is a PF), sully for bass or vice versa, and wilcox for kg. Doesn’t seem that hard

    • Collinz

      Agree. Depth is great, but there’s no reason for Doc to be playing around with different rotations. It prolongs chemistry that is much needed especially with a new bench. Leave Bass with the starters. Have Sully play with the second unit to get acclimated. Have Terry and Lee play together with the second unit or Rondo and Barbosa play for 12 mins.
      I think Doc is trying too hard to please everyone, but u can’t please everyone. Also, I think Doc needs to limit the small ball, because that strategy isn’t gonna work against certain teams. Play Darko, Wilcox or Collins next to KG against certain teams.

      • eddysamson

        I agree I was just going to make a reply saying it should be Terry for Rondo and Barbosa for Lee. Then again with AB we get a lot more possibilities. Lee for Rondo?