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Your Morning Dump… Where Jared Sullinger is getting the rookie treatment

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

He has picked up fouls when officials didn’t want to whistle Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce, he’s gotten them for merely raising his hands and standing in the same spot, he’s drawn them simply for being a 20-year-old rookie.

Sullinger started his first NBA game Saturday night against the Wizards at the Verizon Center, scoring 4 points with seven rebounds in 30 minutes and picking up four of the Celtics’ 12 personal fouls in an 89-86 win. He has eight fouls in the past two games and he lived in foul trouble during the preseason.

[…] Yet he has been humbled by the treatment from the officials. So he smiles. He sometimes puts his arms over his head, trying to avoid saying anything, and calmly walks to the side of the key to wait on the free throws.

“I don’t know, that’s a good question,” he said when asked how he can avoid foul issues. “I have no answer for that one. Mentally it is [tough], but at the same time you have to keep playing basketball.”

Boston Globe:  In learning pro game, good moves from Sullinger

Let me start by saying… I hate the “rookie treatment” stuff.  If a guy gets into position to, say, take a charge… and he’s there in time… the determining factor of whether it’s a block or charge shouldn’t be how many years the guy has spent in the league.

But Sullinger is dealing with it.  He hasn’t yapped at any refs yet… no matter how much he might want to.  It wouldn’t matter anyway.  Complaining to the refs would just make it worse.  It’s like telling the bully at school to quit… Chuck… errr.. I mean the bully would still just keep taking your lunch money.

I’m impressed with Sullinger so far.  There is no doubt he is going to do very well in this league.  But there is also no doubt he needs work.

“This is the NBA, this is not college, and that’s the focus that I think [he needs]. It’s not the play, they all know how to play. They have to learn how to have NBA focus, and I think he still has some ways to go, but it helps when Kevin’s next to him.”

Rivers wasn’t lying. Sullinger allowed 10 points on 11 total plays on Saturday, according to Synergy Sports data. Only four of those points came when Garnett was on the floor — one fourth-quarter bucket when Sullinger was slow to step out and defend a Jan Vesely jumper and the other when Sullinger and Courtney Lee got crossed defending a pick-and-roll and Jannero Pargo hit a final-frame jumper.

Nobody’s a finished product when they walk in the door as a rookie.  And the C’s are far from a finished product as a team.  Does that mean they’ll go into the playoffs with Sullinger as a starter?  Maybe.  Regardless, they’ll ask him to be a contributor in the playoffs.  And he’ll be one… if he can stay out of foul trouble.

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  • Chuck C

    Glad SOMEBODY said something about this. The charge call Joey Crawford gave Sully in the last game was so wrong. Just like Avery Bradley when he was a rookie. It’s so wrong.

    • JR99

      And Joey was so EMPHATIC with the call. Like hey, “it was OBVIOUSLY a foul.” Sadly, it was as clear a charge as we’ll ever see. On multiple replays, Sully did NOTHING wrong, nothing to warrant even thinking about calling it a foul.

      That seemed to me to be a result of both Sully’s rook-hood and the old “it’s-a-lopsided-score-in-the-4th-so-let’s-make-it-a-more-interesting-game” motive that the WORST refs still apply. And Joey C. is certainly one of the worst refs in the game.

  • RedsLoveChild

    The most important Sully related “take-away” from the Washington game was—-Rivers had enough confidence to let him play 10 1/2 minutes of the 4th quarter, of a tight game on the road.

    • CroGreen

      If Doc’s gonna let him have that much PT every 3rd or 4th game, Sully will be a beast by the ASG! Hopefully… 🙂

  • eddysamson

    Why do we as fans along with players and coaches accept the fact that the refs dont ref the game exactly as the rulebook states?

    The rulebook uses “A PLAYER” like the ball will be considered a turn over if A PLAYER carries the ball.

    It doesn’t say A PLAYER *unless he is a superstar

    Or mention rookies getting a harsher treatment.

    Why at the top echelon of basketball is it okay to accept the refs being as they are? Shouldnt they be upheld to follow the rulebook as closely as possible uniformly across all players and teams?

  • Ian

    I really dont see the defensive mishaps that people are imagining. I think hes actually been really good on defense except for a few plays here and there.