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The most hilarious flop ever draws league warning

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 5, 2012 Around the NBA 9 Comments on The most hilarious flop ever draws league warning

Congratulations Donald Sloan… that’s the funniest flop I’ve ever seen.  Too bad the league didn’t find it very funny.  Donny got a little warning for the theatrics.  His next ballet routine will cost him $5,000.

JJ Barea got a warning too.  His flop was pretty bad, but it lacked Sloan’s flair.  I’m afraid we’re going to have to vote you off Flopping With The Stars.

Let’s see how this goes if these guys start getting popped for five grand for falling down.

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  • zippittyay

    Oh, I can’t wait for Mario Effin Chalmers to get nailed.

  • Red’s Cigar

    I’ll light up when a star gets warned, not these no name guys. Until then this rule is useless.

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  • Brick James

    I’m not trolling, but I’ve seen much more egregious flops than this.

    Watch the Youtube clip in slowmo. Sloan steps on the foot of the guy setting a moving pick. It’s a blocking foul. Yes, he jumps and flails his arms a bit, but anyone who’s even been running at full speed at full speed can understand this.

    Did Sloan exaggerate this? Probably. At the same time I’ve witnessed Sullinger flop worse than this two times already this season… and I’m a big Sully fan, but he’s fallen real easily trying to take a charge more than once.

    I wouldn’t call this the ‘most hilarious flop ever’ – I legitimately had to watch it several times to figure out whether it was the defender or the ballhander who was accused of flopping.

    • kg215

      Lol you really thought it was the offensive player that might be the flopper and Sloan legitimately fell? His falling was more of a hilarious dance move than falling from impact. I’m sure Sullinger has flopped in a game, but nothing like that.

      • Brick James

        I did. In fact it looks the guy setting the pick takes out the ballhandler. Watch at .25x speed. Defender beats the (moving) pick, steps on the picker’s foot and twists his ankle, picker shoulder blocks the ballhandler who takes a dive.

        To each his own I guess.

        • kg215

          Yeah I see what you mean now I wasn’t watching Hinrich at the very beginning where he was hit by Boozer. Should have been a double flop call, though Hinrich didn’t put his arms in the air like the world was ending.

  • Brick James

    That should say “at full speed and has twisted an ankle”. Sorry for the sloppiness.

    I also agree with the poster saying this rule is pointless until a star gets a fine levied on them.