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Ray Allen’s clutch three pointer beats Nuggets

The Nuggets did exactly what you shouldn’t do in this situation.

I’d let LeBron drive to the hoop with a man on his hip before I doubled off Ray Allen.

Or play a zone on the final play. Would you rather have Ray shoot an open three or LeBron take a semi-contested jumper?

(Courtesy: ProBasketball Talk)

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  • terlo

    bad breakups are really tough to get past. that’s the life we live now i guess.

    • LAF

      Chuck must be rolling in his grave!

  • Amanda

    They don’t call him the Three Point King for no reason. People should already know he’s the sharpshooter from Boston and he’s clutch when it comes to having the winning shot… So why leave him open?

    • Cam

      Because it’s the Nuggets and they don’t play defense.

  • Mencius

    “The Nuggets did exactly what you shouldn’t do in this situation.
    I’d let LeBron drive to the hoop with a man on his hip before I doubled off Ray Allen.”

    Spot on. I’m still ticked that he went to the enemy, but in truth, he’ll be phenomenal for them (so many open looks for such a pure shooter). As great as Lebron and Wade are, I’d never double off of Ray Allen.

    • Curt

      Agreed. I was frustrated we didn’t use Ray more the last two years.

  • Larry Legend

    Who cares?! Move on. This is a Celtics fans site, that guy plays for the Heat…who gives a shit…enough already about that guy.

  • zippittyay

    if it wasn’t ray allen, it would have been Mike Miller or James Johnson, Rashard Lewis or Shane Battier. Most of those can play better defense than Ray.

    • Gil305

      James Johnson, nice one. Lol

  • Michael

    Nice shooting Ray… 19 off bench to easily beat Celtics, 23 off bench and game winner last night… We are only three games in and it certainly seems the rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated. How is Jason Terry working out?

  • JG


    I agree that people were talking way too much shit about Ray Allen before and that his ankles were hurt already or whatever and that the Heat don’t know how to use him and that it was a terrible signing after he had 2 bad preseason games (you can find my comments telling people to relax and shut up about that). However, for the same reason you also sound like an idiot saying that about Jason Terry. Of course he is going to figure it out. These guys are both proven big time players.

  • paul

    It was always obvious that if Miller and Battier could feast off Lebron and Wade, Ray could. I didn’t expect it to work this well this soon, but I get the impression that Ray had his eyes on Miami long before the season ended…

    • Failticslol

      OOfcourse he had his eye on Miami a long time ago. Didn’t the Failtics trade him then failed at completing it? Why would you children thibk that he would put that and the fact that he was forced to the bench in the dirt when it came time for him to stab you back? Ray is done blah blah blah, blah. Bet you guys wish you still had him lolololol

      • JG

        I don’t even understand your name on this thing. Is that even a pun? Play on words? Fail-tics? Cel-tics? Bit of a stretch my man. Nursery schools not top notch where you’re from?

        • Drew

          It’s way worse that he puts an lol after it. I CAN NOT WAIT until Ray Allen comes back to the garden. As sick as it sounds, I’d love for his mom and wife to show up and get heckled, taken to a breaking point by the same people that used to love them.

          • Failticslol

            Such ungreatful douches on this blog tonight. So you douches want to heckle his wife and mother just because he turned the table on you scrubs once you idiots tried to trade him? Wow I can see why Boston is the Nba’s butthole, just like Ny. Stay classy Failtics fans. Lets see if your low IQ fanbase throws a drink at him when he’s stepping off the court, just like you classless low lifes did in the playoffs a few months ago.

            Lets Go Failtics!

          • Drew

            You’re one of those trolls that is actually kind of fun to have on this blog. Everything you say is pretty amusing.

      • WinstonSalems

        the C’s are struggling mightily with defense. With the exception of the Bucks game, the C’s offense is fine.

        Yeah, having Ray on the team would help but his inability to play defense, would hurt this team even more. Sure, Ray will score 20 a night on the Heat. He’s playing with LeBron and D Wade.

        Bottom line, the C’s are still 1-2, with or without Ray Ray.

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