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Must-listen for Celtics fans: “A.G.E. Open Season”

We don’t often post music here at RedsArmy, but when someone reps Boston and the Celtics as well as the Showoff Records crew does, it must be acknowledged. Last year, Statik Selektah dropped the “A.G.E.” (All Green Everything) mixtape. It featured JFK Showoff, Reks, Termanology & many other artists. What got my attention was the Boston Celtics theme and then when I listened to the tracks.. I loved it-AGE is hip-hop with no filler. Just dope beats & real rhymes.

Statik and the Showoff Records crew are back with “AGE: Open Season”. The new mixtape opens with the track “Let’s Go Celtics”, featuring JFK, Slaine & legendary Boston emcee Jaysaun. Statik samples the Garden crowd chanting “let’s go Celtics” and drapes it over a nice beat to get this mixtape started with a bang.

JFK on “Let’s Go Celtics“: “That 18th banner we seekin’, number one all-star weekend, I’m like Jeff Green’s heart beatin..”

Other tracks include “2013” and “Lawtown”- a street anthem for Lawrence, Ma. & tribute to the late, great Scientifik.

The most poignant track though is definitely “Ray Allen“. JFK, Wally Gramz & Myster DL let their true feelings out when talking about “that guy”

Call me sacrilegious, but I’m out to dis Jesus, watch me run game like I’m in Paul Pierce’s sneakers, on that bald-headed skeezer, decided he gonna leave us, rather go to South Beach and play with 3 divas.”

So go and check out “AGE: Open Season” on You can download the entire mixtape there for free. It’s definitely worth your while if you’re a fan of real hip-hop and the Boston Celtics.

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  • Anonymous

    oh come one now, how can you diss a HOF? that’s just downright ig’nant KAJ deserves way more respect thaan that

  • CelticsKid34

    Hey everyone do not go to the link the video tells you to because they tell you in order to download you gotta get this dumb bullshit virus filled program then you can get the file and then the all the songs on that download have the stupid dj saying “blah blah blah” at the beggining and end of each song. IF YOU WANT THE ALBUM DOWNLOAD THE ZIP HERE. NO VIRUS

    • CelticsKid34

      oh and i forgot to tell you the zippyshare download doesnt have the stupid dj ruining the song either

    • Thanks for that link and sorry if you were susceptible to a virus. But I put the correct link in the post. It’s over at DatPiff. The video is in the post simply because it’s easier for folks to listen to the song that way. Thx.

  • sev

    “cat sweeter than buttersworth, dealing wit bi*ches, chasin rings like shuttlesworth……” song 5 if you couldn’t guess by the title

  • zippittyay

    Looking at the album cover, I thought it was a spoof from Miami poking fun at how old we are….