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Recap: C’s hold on to win ugly one in D.C.

Celtics came-out of the gate on fire tonight. KG was hitting shots early & often, the defense was focused & guys had a spring in their step. Rajon was distributing the ball well from the jump- he had 5 assists in the first quarter alone to help get the C’s out to an early 26-12 lead after 1.

The Wizards bench then got Washington right back into it behind Kevin Seraphin’s 10 pts on 5 for 5 shooting in the 2nd quarter. 20 of the Wizards’ 30 2nd quarter points came from their reserves. Despite losing some of the defensive intensity we saw in the 1st quarter, Boston went into the half with a 49-42 lead.

Celtics continued to play well in the 3rd. Until about the 3:10 mark. The Wizards bench players took over again, namely Kevin Seraphin & Jordan Crawford, and ended the 3rd on a 13-4 run. Washington was hanging around, and the C’s clung to a 71-67 lead entering the final quarter.

The 4th was ugly. Both teams mustered up 2 points a piece through the 9:51 mark. Then, Jeff Green & Truth hit back-to-back 3’s to get the Celtics up by 11, 81-70. But the Wiz would not go away. Washington eventually took the lead late in the game, but The Captain buried a three with 2:34 left and the C’s would hold-on, barely, to get the 89-86 win. KG’s defense in the final 2 minutes and Pierce’s 8 4th quarter points were the difference. A win is a win they say, but this was not pretty folks.

Rajon had a double-double of 12 pts. & 12 asts. Pierce led all scorers with 27 and Courtney Lee struggled-he was 0 of 4 from downtown & finished w/4 pts in 29 minutes. Jeff Green looked a bit better, dropping in 11 pts in 16 minutes. C’s now have 3 days off before facing the Wiz again at the Garden on Wednesday.


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  • GreenCro

    “A win is a win…”
    Well put
    Hope this starts something beautiful…

  • Chulinho

    I’m tired of seeing the C’s hoist jump shots when they have several players that can play down on the block and that can cut to the basket.

    • WReyes

      Yeah, in this game Rondo was calling too many plays. He’s back in mode where he is thinking too much rather than playing.

      Their priorty should be to attack the basket, sure they can free up guys with plays, but those plays always end up being a jump shot. Theres too much effort in getting the free man.

      This team is good at passing. They should just attack the rim and let it flow from there. Keep it simple.

      • Chulinho

        Well they still had 24 assists. But I agree that they should just keep it simple until the new players find their rhythm.

      • Curt

        I don’t disagree entirely, but on the bright side…all this early season play running equals practice for guys who haven’t played together in most cases. When it counts (i.e. later this season/playoffs), I fully expect the Cs to be more adaptable.

  • jay

    Very ugly

  • DJ Kahn

    1. No floor spacing
    2. No offensive fluidity; each player catches, takes a dribble or two, picks up dribble, searches for open teammate.
    3. Terry has looked completely out of sync; can’t hit anything.
    4. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Rondo is not attacking or taking the open shot. Teams are sagging way off of him and he is still not taking the shot. A team leader needs to take the open shot with confidence. When Rajon attacks, everything else opens up.

    All that said, it’s still WAY too early to worry. It would be nice to win a game decisively though.

    • Bob

      Agreed 100%

    • WReyes

      Its obvious that most of their guys aint comfortable yet. They should fall into their places, instead Rondo takes so much time placing them in their spots, then they do a pick and roll, often cant get a shot up, picks up dribble pass, then repeats. Then they have to hoist up a jump shot.

      They still lack that contender intensity. Rondo looks like he’s lost in thought. Late in 4th wizards caught up and he doesnt have a game face on.

      I wish we still had keyon reminding him.

      • myself

        yea I miss Keyon man, he brought some great bench energy. I swear I used to be ignorant about that but it is truly important.

        • WReyes

          Yeah, he keeps the players bench focused. We have quick rotations. And players often lose their focus. Keyon was good at pep talk for sure.

      • Curt

        Isn’t Keyon supposed to go to a few games with Boston this season? Maybe he’ll show up SOON.

    • eddysamson

      Man you people nit pick to no god damned end. Rondo had 2 3s and what 2 jumpers? I can only think of like 2 instances where he should have shot and didnt. Thats not enough for you? Hes not deron or westbrook…that was good for him. Focus on someone else like jet or lee who are makin rondo take these shots because they arent hitting them.

      • w reyes

        nope thats not enough, if you know rajon, you should know that was a bad game for him.

        He better rajon plays the better the team does. Its a fact. Rondo can shoot 4-5 threes, as long as he doesnt drive to the basket the rest wont get started.

        • eddysamson

          But the last time rondo did serious scoring he did it because no one else was and he had to…it didnt really make the team better because they still had to keep relying on him!

          • WReyes

            Man, you gotta understand. True C’s got plenty of scorers. Rondo doesnt need to put up 20. But he needs to slice the defense up.

            He shot two 3pointers and one circus kinda shot. thats 8 points of his 12 points.

            Are you saying that 4 points is enough from him inside? And he is the best celtic at driving inside. He should have atleast 10 free throw attempts because those are the easiest points youre gonna get.

            They all look stiff out there, they run pick and roll on who evers holding the ball while the other 3 players are just standing there. No one even cuts to the basket.

  • Failticslol

    Lets Go Failtics!!!!

    The Failtics look slow and old. They won’t be back in the ECF Lmao!!!

    • Joseph

      Obviously you didn’t watch the game either because we looked neither slow nor old but rather looked out of sync. Get a life.

  • CelticsKid34

    didnt really feel like a win…Nene and wall didnt even play so if that was wizards at 100% we would have just got blown out again… i am SEVERELY unimpressed with terry and lee. Doc is messing up not giving wilcox many minutes. he was big for us last year when we had him and he wont be able to recover fast if hes never on the floor…

  • Lakers4Life

    At least you guys have won a game lol

    • mrchumpy

      It’s a strange season, thus far.

    • Drew

      A lakers fan coming to a Celtics blog to say something that can be perceived as nice, oh the irony.

      • Alex

        How is that ironic…

        • Lakers4Life

          Don’t get me wrong Im not much for celtics at all, I can’t stand em but as sick as it make me to say it, I’d rather see you guys win than the Heat :/

  • Joseph

    Ugly game, but felt nice to get a win. Solid performance from most players actually, except for Lee and Terry.

    A lot of positives to take away, including a defense that seemed tighter.

    Not there yet, but a lot of good signs, I don’t get why everybody is so down on this team.

    • JR99

      Agree. Lots of positives. Best one: KG reached ~last season’s level on defense for the first time this season. That is huge… it was the one serious question mark I had.

      PP was great is spurts, v good overall. Rondo played EXCELLENT one-on-one defense for the first time this season, and that’s big. Green did NOT stink up the place, and I like that too.

      They’re a work in progress. They’ll start blowing teams out when they’re, oh, say…. 65% done jelling? Or somewhere around there. Not overnight. But they’ll get there. Tonight was an excellent step forward.

  • JG

    Hey Redslovechild,

    Did pierce look old to you tonight?

    Point proven. Don’t just say stupid cliche things like that after 1 or 2 games of playing badly. That’s such a bail-out thing to say. Sorry, it just frustrates me.

    • Drew

      I’m biased because Paul Pierce is my favorite athlete ever. That being said, I never question whether he will be productive year in year out. Also, Ray Allen hit a game winning three assisted by LeBron tonight. I hate that it has to be like this, but that pretty much ruined my night.

      • Eddie Allen Powe

        Yeah i too finished that DEN-MIA game on league pass. Felt really weird cheering for Iguodala’s clutch jumper, but it was in Wade’s face lol. I predicted the Ray Allen coffin 3 before he in bounded the ball. I still love Ray’s release but Miami winning ruined my night.

    • RedsLoveChild

      JG :

      1} Had you read correctly, you would have known that I wrote—“I HOPE we are not witnessing the beginning of the end of PP”.

      2} Tonight, PP did play better. However, if you feel that PP`s performance tonight was truly worth getting excited over….you have set the bar very, very low for him.

  • stephanie

    I think that things will come together nicely, BUT I really want Lee and Terry to start making those open 3’s. Especially after seeing Ray hit the winning 3 for the Heat (a hard sight to see).

  • WReyes

    Rondo cant afford to have 10 point games anymore, even if he has 10+ assists.

    His driving inside compensates for the fact they dont have post players.

    Drive inside/Post game to kick the ball out.

    Kick outs = Open 3s

    So far they’ve only done is try to pick and roll while the other 3 guys stand waiting.

    Oh how i hate regular season rondo :/ no urgency in his play. He should be the one leading the team when they are having a hard time scoring.

  • Abwon

    This doesn’t feel like a win at all because we were winning 21-8 at one point. KG underestimated Seraphin in the beginning of the game and let him gain confidence. He wasn’t even putting a hand up when Seraphin shot the ball, hand down man down. Terry looks awful out there but at least he’s getting to the line, Lee simply must play better. Rondo knocked down back to back 3s, and drained a transition pull up jumper, what more do you expect him to do with the jumper, become Westbrook??? However, he’s not attacking enough and that’s why Sullinger & KG can’t establish anything in the post. Even though this is an ugly win it showed we can still trust our defense to close out games, it’s a shame we had to have our bench out scored 61-27 and blow a 13 point lead against a lottery team for that to happen. Wednesday we should blow them out at home to help our newcomer’s confidence.

  • Stepf

    Can someone explain why is Sullinger getting the start and not Bass and Why is Sullinger in front of Willcox? Doc does not learn anything from the past? He will piss off the veterans again and this time for a rouckie who is not even that good!
    And it is so painful seeing Ray winning games for the Heat! I still believe that Ray left because he was not a starter. I do not like the way Doc is handling these situations.

    • FFrank

      You’re not a big basketball guy are you? This team isn’t going to act up because a rookie is starting….. Wilcox is nowhere near basketball shape yet. 3 games doesn’t mean shit, the heat haven’t held anyone under 100 points, does that mean their defense sucks all of a sudden? No, it means it’s game 3 of a long grueling season. Did anyone mention the Celtics 0-3 start last season during the Eastern conference finals? I think Doc knows what he can do, and no one is going to complain about minutes when KG is happy with 29 minutes, and thats one minute less then Sully

    • Jester00

      Um Wilcox is not Kevin Willis, James Worthy, or even Terry cumming and he ain’t better then Sully so put the crack pipe down Sully played solid last night hope they keep him in the starting line. You talk like Wilcox career 8 and 5 will be the game changer looking forward AB coming more

  • Frank

    Jason Terry looks like he’s trying to just blend in rather than trying to take over and dominant the game.

  • Failticslol

    The Failtics are fundamentaly flawed. They have no chance at making it to the Ecf again. The Pacers will sweep them if they see them. If you can’t blowout a team like the Wizards, you have no chance against the real teams. Welcome to another 20yrs of nothing Boston!

    • Drew

      Failticslol? Is that supposed to be funny?

  • jrleftfoot

    Failticslol is a 12-year-old troll who thinks he`s clever.Anybody who thinks he can predict an NBA team`s chances of having a successful season after 3 games is an idiot.

    • Curt

      Can we just start a campaign on this site to completely ignore trolls? I realize it helps John and Chuck generate more web traffic (which I support), but if we would all just ignore these clowns who are so bored we can probably all lower our blood pressure. It bothers me more to read the responses to the trolls than what the trolls troll with…

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