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Recap: Milwaukee embarrasses Celtics in home opener

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 2, 2012 Recaps 55 Comments on Recap: Milwaukee embarrasses Celtics in home opener

The Boston Celtics have some very big problems right now.  I stress right now because it’s way too early in the season to get TOO worked up.  but I stress “very” because the Celtics problems are really, really, really quite bad.   Don’t let the 11 point final spread fool you, the Celtics got blown out all game long.  A couple of Jason Terry threes in garbage time helped cut a big gap down to the 99-88 final.

The Celtics two biggest problems tonight: defense and turnovers.

Defensively, the Celtics are terrible.  They’ll probably be very good at some point later in the season, but right now, they are as bad as it gets.  Part of the problem tonight was the effort.  Some guys, especially Rajon Rondo, seemed to have very little interest in playing defense.  Rondo got torched out of sheer laziness multiple times.  And while I know Doc said Rondo needs to spend a lot of his energy on offense, he needs to expend some on D.

The rest was just terrible execution.  The Celtics pick and roll defense is cringe-worthy.  You can pick any two people at any level of adult basketball right now and I’m pretty they could at least get a decent look on the C’s pick-and-roll defense.  Milwaukee literally scored half their points in the paint.

It didn’t get much better on offense.  There were so many sloppy turnovers (18 total).  Guys were just falling down sometimes and coughing the ball up.  Guys weren’t catching the ball cleanly, which often meant they couldn’t move the ball.  It was just ugly.


  • Paul Pierce had a very rough night.  He somehow scored 11 points when his first basket of the game didn’t come until nearly the end of the third quarter.
  • Kevin Garnett had a stretch where he carried the load, but he didn’t have it going through the whole game.
  • Rajon Rondo was OK on offense.  He didn’t attack enough.  He finished with 14 and 11 assists, but his game wasn’t that great.
  • Bass was decent.. 10 points, 6 rebounds and… 3 assists?  it was good for second on the team.
  • Courtney Lee had a couple of moments, but he’s still finding himself.
  • Jeff Green was better.  He had 11 points and a couple of spectacular plays.  It’s a step in the right direction, but not where he needs to be.
  • Jared Sullinger was really the best player on the floor for a while.  He played 18 minutes and had 6 points and 7 rebounds… 3 of them offensive.
  • Jason Terry wasn’t great.  His stats came at the end of the game.  But at least he got stats.  That’s a step.
  • Darko was terrible in 5 minutes.  Horrible.  He airballed a jump hook in the lane and had 2 turnovers in 5 minutes.
  • Leandro Barbosa only played 7 minutes.

In the end, I expended more energy sitting on my ass typing this recap.  Brandon Jenning (23 points, 13 assists, 6 steals) and Monta Ellis (14 points) had their way with the Celtics.  Then Tobias Harris got into the fun and scored 18.  That’s just embarrassing.

This team isn’t close to where it will be at the end of the season.  These guys need to figure out a lot of things.

Box Score

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  • PakkAttackk

    Sasha Pavlovic ain’t walkin’ thru that door.

    • Sashalives

      Sad I would perfer Sasha over jeff green cause he can hit an open three and puts forth effort

  • Mitch

    What is wrong with this team? What a waste of time going overseas to go sightseeing. Maybe the team should have spent the month working on defense. I think Danny Ainge really screwed this one up. Did Doc Rivers forget how to coach? He needs to motivate these guys. These players don’t even deserve to wear Celtics uniforms. They should be playing with only jockstraps. That’s how bad they look. This F’n Sucks!

    • CelticsKid34

      Hey calm down a little. look at LA, Heat, Nuggets having loosing records and the Heat losing to New York!??. they are all great teams with really good rosters. it will take time to for all the new players they picked up to come together and get to know eachother and the system their teams are running. give it time its been two games. i do admit doc is bein kinda stupid and not playing wilcox.. thats just retarded.. he should use cox to back up the center position so we arent so thin at the forward spots

      • LAF

        I’d start Barbosa in place of Lee.

        Free Chris Wilcox!!!

        Rondo needs to run the fucking team. Whatever happened to the best PG in the NBA?

        Right now no one knows his role on the team.

        Bring Bass off the bench.

        Why don’t we have any cutters on the team?

        Is it just me or does Doc seem to do better with less?

        Ten games. Then we hit the panic button. But not yet.

        • Alex

          Kinda ironic to say to not panic yet, but you are the one panicking.

          • LA Flake

            STFU moron. No one’s panicking. Just pissed. Dumbass.

  • Jesse

    On the good side, the C’s kept the Bucks under a 100 points.

  • Scott

    I know the depth of this team will be a strength, but I really think in order for chemistry to occur doc might have to shorten the rotation and create some standard minutes for certain players like green and terry. The team just seems lost as a whole, and part of it is prob due to inconsistent minutes and rotations.

  • Biu

    Blow it up Danny, blow it up.

  • I knew since Jennings didnt get extended that he’d come out and play hard, I just didn’t expect to see an effing layup drill for that whole team. This is a stretch of games during which the C’s should be able to rack up some W’s, but there’s clearly some serious work to be done here. The thing I’m not seeing is alot of extra effort, at least consistantly, and this troubles me. What the hell is with not running guys off the 3-point line? Not sure we could even beat the Lakers right now. I’m glad they play tomorrow night, just get out there and work through it against another lottery team. Nowhere to go but up…

  • Tyler

    Goddamn son of a bitch! This team sucks! I had to sit there and watch that! Thanks a lot Danny Ainge! They can’t play a lick of defense. Garnett looks like he’s thinking about his retirement already. Rondo being the basket case that he is seems to still be fuming over the Wade foul. Hey Rondo, GET OVER IT! Jason Terry look three years older already and he can’t play defense. Jeff Green looks like the fourth character in the Wizard of Oz next to the Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Man except he needs all three (Courage, Brain, Heart). As for Doc Rivers, Isn’t the job of a head coach to make in-game and half time adjustments? Just a thought you know. Danny Ainge seriously miscalculated how old KG & Pierce would be. His man crush on Jeff Green just coast us valuable cap space and every time I see him on the bench or screwing up on the court I saw Celtics dollars going down the toilet that could have been used on legitimate NBA players. Thanks a lot DA. Way to screw this organization for the next three years.

    • Steve

      This is so true. No heart or passion. This team is horrible. Time to start making some moves.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    It was a little bit of a trap game, we just lost to the champs and figured we had an easy home opener against the Bucs and didn’t get up for it. This stuff happens, especially early. Chemistry and rotations will develop throughout the season, so I’m not worried (weren’t we sub .500 around the all-star break last season, and then had a 3-2 lead in the ECF?).

    Doc will do what he does, build the Ubuntu, and get these guys up for most games the rest of the way. I feel sorry for the Wizards tomorrow night.

  • Jeremy Etom

    This small ball lineup needs a shit load of work on the defensive end. I felt like I was watching a Sunday pickup game.

    Whenever Jennings/Ellis goes around a screen, the paint is so wide you can drive a truck through. Tobias Harris played like an All-Star because Pierce/Green forgot how to defend.

    Sloppiest turnovers I have seen since I started watching the Celtics. Fumbling passes, fumbling dribbles, fumbling loose balls.

    ZERO offense, except for KG.

  • stephanie

    I hate losing, but some you need to get a grip. You praise a team and as soon as things get a little rough you want to “blow it up”. But once we get back to winning (since it it’s only the 2nd game) You’ll be saying we have the deepest team. Stop being fair weathered, we are not Heat fans. Geesh!


      100% agreed…its only 2 games we only have 4 players that played last year it takes time to build the chemistry. i hate losing but realistically i know we’re in for a learning curve

      • stephanie

        Exactly! We’re fortunate as fans to be able to have high standards because every fan doesn’t have that option with their teams. But we almost look as bad as Heat or Lakers fans because as SOON as something looks rough we want to trade a player or break it up. It’s VERY EARLY right now.

        • screaming jay

          Amen to both of ya!

  • RedsLoveChild

    Let`s hope we`re not witnessing the beginning-of-the-end for Paul Pierce.

    It looks like PP has aged 5 years since last May.

    • JG

      Did you watch the preseason? Or the game on Tuesday night? He has been playing very, very well….looked like mid-season form before tonight…so unless you’re saying he aged 5 years in 3 nights I don’t really see your point.

      • RedsLoveChild

        I don`t miss a game.

        PP`s quickness is gone…he has noticeably slowed down…he`s shooting 34% after 2 games…his misses are coming up short…he`s 35 years old.

        Hopefully, this is just a bad start to the season, and not something permanent.

        • Drew

          Pierce is going to be fine. Calm down fan boy.

          • RedsLoveChild

            “Fan Boys” lack all objectivity in supporting their obsessions.

            Sounds like something you might be “guilty” of doing here.

          • Drew

            Learn how to read into sarcasm Laker boy.

        • JG

          I bet I could look up 467534663 times over the past 3 years that someone has said that about him after 2 games. I don’t doubt that you watch every game nor do I really care, I just think it was a huge over-reaction considering how he has been playing before this and that we have seen this before.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Not at age 35 have we seen it before!

            Pierce is one of my all-time favorite athletes, let alone Celtics.

            However, I don`t like what I`m seeing. He looks thick, slow, etc.

            It wasn`t just last night…let`s stop pretending he looked good against Miami {6 for 15}. Drawing fouls and hitting FT`s is all that`s saving him.

          • eddysamson

            i still dont know what you’re talking about. Over the last few years I am used to see PP play slow. He takes sure, slow, powerful steps when hes dribbling to the basket and it usually works.

            Where were you saying he was old when he drained that 3 over Lebron’s head? Hell like half of the 3s hes made this season and preseason have been deep and contested.


    The blow it up comments (the non-sarcastic ones) are comical. AnyHOO…it was awful to sit in the Garden tonight and watch this. To watch a team which prides itself on having a great home crowd/atomsphere get booed mercilessly at home for their opener. Can’t add much to what’s already been said, but defense is the main issue. Sure, the offense looks stalled at points, but this squad is truly struggling on the defensive end. Where is all the communication we saw in camp and preseason? That, and the Achilles heel of every Celtic team over the last 5 years: TURNOVERS. Boils down to mental-toughness. KG seems a bit “too hyped” if that’s possible, and I think Rajon, as brilliant as he can be, is just trying too hard right now. I have total faith that these guys will settle in though. Not sure how much faith I have in how this team will gel though-we’ll see. Let’s hope a Wizards team without John Wall and Nene is the slump-buster this team needs.

  • classless

    I see the C’s are in midseason form already. We already got to see a classic Rondo big game performance followed by a classic Rondo mail-it-in stinkbomb.

    • JG

      hahahaha that’s actually a good point

  • KY Celts fan

    Not happy about the lost, but even less happy with the reaction on this site. Gee wiz, nut up you bunch of pussies. Do you forget we lost our first three games last year? And then nearly made it to the finals? If you’re gonna react this way after every loss, do yourself a favor and check-in in June and see how the season went.

    • stephanie

      I said the same thing. We talk about other teams being fair weathered, but as SOON as we lose a game we want to trade everyone. Don’t share in the glory of the team if you can’t share the pain.

      • Mannie

        I agree with y’all. I’m not worried AT ALL. We have all stars and a great coach on this team. They’ll figure it out. Just sad to see fans talking so bad about the team on the 2nd game!! Not even a week in the season and I’m already seeing ” blow it up” comments.

    • screaming jay

      BOO0-YAHHHHHHH! Amen Brother!

  • Larry Legend

    Ky I couldn’t agree more! For all those who chimed in with panic responses to tonights game please excuse yourself from ever posting on this site again. What an embarrassment…. Losing to Milwaukee at home is inexcusable, but the overreaction on this site is an abomination. Grow up. Bunch of pussies coming on here saying “blow it up”…get a fucking life. Real Celtic fans are mad and upset about the start, but only fake ass bandwagoners/trolls post the shit I’ve read on this blog. Get a fucking grip or dont post here. Goddamn people a joke.

    • Drew

      Haha, text book definition of displacement. Be mad at the celtics, not the fans.

  • RA_PapaIrish

    ABANDON SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boots

    To all you Darko haters that were commenting how bad he sucks when we signed him. You were all spot on, he is horrible.

  • eddysamson

    Im hoping itll be like last year and they figure their shit out and turn it up halfway through the season. That was tough to watch though!

  • Cwin

    Trade Rondo for Big Baby and Etwaun Moore! LoL totally joking…but I watched the Clippers-Lakers game and man I wish we had a pg with a consistent jumpshot like Chris Paul

    • stephanie

      Yeah, that consistent jump shot would be nice, but Rondo’s and CP3’s points weren’t that far off. Rondo had 14 pt 11 ast, CP3 had 18 pts 15 ast.

  • Tyler

    You know what I’m tired of. A lot of fans that are simply happy to go to a game and enjoy the music. This is the Boston Celtics with a record 17 NBA world titles. I’m not a Hornets fan or any other fan that just hopes for a good game to enjoy on my night out on the town and get a t-shirt in the stands. This is Boston where the fans push the press to hold the sports teams accountable for their actions. This is not pigs knuckle Arkansas where nobody gives a rip and teams can stink simply because fans are stupid. The Lakers & the Celtics are the two cornerstone & most important franchises in the NBA. I demand winning and smart decisions from management just like the Lakers fans do. That may seem bad to YOU!!! I demand winning!!! I demand titles. I want Banner 18! So do you!!! Get on board Celtic Pride or go root for the Nets or some other franchise that does not matter.

    • Mitch


    • stephanie

      Well suit up and play then. It’s a difference in holding a team accountable and being a spazz. People talk about the Heat being bandwagon because they only jump on when they’re winning. Well guess what so are some Boston fans. I’ll get concerned when it’s mid season and no changes have been made. We’re not playing the game, but I do know you can’t make knee jerk reactions. There’s plenty of Celtic Pride,but there’s also alot of Celtic Embarrassment going on and by that I mean by how some of these fans are acting.

      • Nora

        Well said Stephanie. It is not all right when other teams fans overreact 2 games in and it is not right for Celtics fans either. It makes fans look bad. Nothing more can be said. 2 games in and acting like some of you have is embarrassing

  • Tyler

    Lot of pink hats in the crowd!

  • Micky

    Lot of fans around that don’t demand accountability from the management of the Boston Celtics. They better grow up. Celtics 4 Life!

    • Nora

      Anyone who complainds and whines the way some of you have after 2 games needs to chill out! Way too early for panic mode. Good grief get a grip on yourselves!

      • Nora

        It is people like you who have alot of growing up to do. Not all season start out perfect. Example? Celtics, Last year for starters

  • Joseph

    Something better be done about:

    Putting Wilcox in the game

    The scoring will come.

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