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Your Morning Dump… Where Legler has no problem with Rondo’s hard foul on Wade

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Much of the talk about Tuesday night centered on Rajon Rondo’s flagrant foul on Dwyane Wade in the closing seconds of the game. Legler did not have an issue with the play.

Said Legler: “I look at it as a guy who’s competitive and feisty. … To me, I was just saying to myself, ‘Why [is it] with 18 seconds left in the game before somebody does that?’ Because I got sick personally — I’m not even a diehard Celtics fan — I’m getting sick watching the game, how many times are guys just going to turn the corner and get to the basket without any sort of resistance or contact?

“All of the talk about Kevin Garnett shrugging off Ray Allen before the game and all of those things, there’s an attitude there with Boston, but I didn’t see it manifest itself on the court. They didn’t play that game with the physical intensity of a playoff game. And that’s what you need to do. It didn’t really occur until 15, 20 seconds left in the game when somebody finally took a hard foul. So, I don’t have a big problem with it. I just wish, if I’m Doc Rivers, it happened sooner.”


I respect Tim Legler more than any other analyst on ESPN. He’s a solid X’s and O’s guy and… doesn’t get caught up in the shiny objects (the Knicks, Nets, LeBron’s jock and anything Kobe) like his colleagues.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’m routinely blasting WEEI for lack of Celtics talk. Well, yesterday morning, I got my fill and it was awful. Non-stop blabbering about Rajon Rondo being a petulant punk. At least Legs was there to make a logical point. We also did our share by pointing out that Dwyane Wade is the one with the cheap shot filled resume, not Rondo.

There was also plenty of criticism for Kevin Garnett and his snub of Ray Allen. Now that this picture is making the rounds, I’m confident every talking head will apologize to KG.

Love that the NBA is back. I just wish the people behind the microphones who only pay attention with one eye and half a brain cell would go away.

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  • A punk play was when Wade broke Rondo’s are in the 2011 playoffs, and not once did i hear Rondo utter a word about Wade

    • Brick James

      Precisely. There aren’t two more unlikable figures in the NBA than Wade and LeBron.

      • CoachAJ

        Let’s see……Wade’s play on Rondo DISLOCATED the man’s elbow in a PLAYOFF game. Rondo’s play on Wade was soft in comparison. I was always wondering when Rondo was going to get him back. Seems a small measure of revenge getting overblown. And KG simply does not like to talk/greet the other team. So why would Ray be any exception.

        • Drew

          Ray is an instigator. He knew damn well that the entire world would react if he went and dapped up an unenthusiastic Celtics bench. You know that thing kids do where a hot head gets really mad and tells the other kids, “nobody better touch me!” Then to be a punk, some kid runs up behind him and pokes him in the back, laughs and runs away. That’s basically what Ray did to KG. he played with the man for 5 years. The fans know that KG hates to be messed with when he’s in his zone on the bench, Ray more so. Why even go over there and say anything to anyone? To me, that was by far the biggest “punk move” of the game. And why did Rays face not connect with hardwood when the drove the lane those 2-3 times? I wanted to see us be a lot tougher. That was a big disappointment.

  • Nathan

    98.5 is worse although toucher and rich is usually good stuff for the most part listening to gresh, zo, or maz talk celtics sounds like when I try to do my homework without doing the required reading

  • paul

    I think Rondo was trying to send a message to his teammates more than to Wade.

  • Cam

    Legs was also talking about how Lebron has his own set of rules with the officials and couldn’t believe some of the touch fouls.

    Was saying he could see Celtics fans frustrations towards officials when they wont let such a talented, strong, athletic player even get breathed on without a call.

  • Mike E

    Most people didn’t have a problem with it exceptt for those sports writers that favor Wade or anything Miami Heat. I didn’t have a problem with what Rondo did, because he and Wade have history. People also need to understand that the Heat and Celtics truly dislike each other.

    Anyone that has a problem with what Rondo did needs a reality check, because Wade is notorious for dirty and cheap shots. I just think Rondo should of clotheslined Wade eariler in the game. I had a feeling that something was going to happening, but not so late in the game.

    As far as Ray Allen that was so textbook. Ray knew exactly what he was doing when he decided to go over to the C’s bench while the game was in progress. I thought it was a PR stunt on Ray’s end to put the C’s in a tough spot. I personally didn’t agree w/Ray’s act and believe it or not a lot of the former old-school NBA players and sports writers agreed w/KG.

    Ray could of greeted his former teammates before or after the game not during the game as he checked in. C’mon now!

  • Mike E

    As far as NBA talk related to ESPN I respect Tim Legler, Bruce Bowen, Jalen Rose and Flip Saunders. Everyone else on ESPN can keep walking…

    • Drew

      Did anyone else hear Bill Simmons basically say that he’s excited to see how many championships LeBron can win? I’m so over that guy. He’s supposed to be a Celtics die hard yet he says things like that? He went full on homer mode in the ECF last year. He went on crazy rants complaining about the calls the heat were getting in game 2. Took shots at LeBron and the Heat every chance he got. Now all of the sudden he’s on LeBrons jock more than anyone and is excited to see the guy have a Jordan like career. What a douche. I bet his dad is disappointed in him.

      • Mike E

        Always saw simmons as a fair-weather fan. He rode the bandwagon, because the C’s had an unexpected deep playoff run.

  • 413murph

    Legler really is the only tolerable analyst on ESPN.

  • Sheets

    If I was Doc which I’m not I’m just some stem from West Roxbury but if I was I would put Darko in the paint next time we play Miami and just have him murder Wade when he drives to the basket. I believe Darko already said he would kill someone if asked. I say, call him on it.

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  • charlie

    Didn’t someone on the Heat make the same manover on Rondo earlier in the game and it wasn’t called? Am I the only one who saw it?

  • Jamie Paul

    Well put on the espn analyst. They only care about casual fans.

  • eddysamson

    Not only was it on Rondo, but it was Wade himself who did it and WAS NOT CALLED. I just dont understand how there was only slight differences in the wrap arounds and yet one is not just a foul but a fucking flagrant and the other is NOT A DAMN THING.

    In this same game Wade also went low on a jumping Jeff Green and knocked his legs out from under him and sent him to the floor. FUCKING DIRTY!