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Rondo takes a shot at Wade’s “dirty” past

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 1, 2012 Videos 10 Comments on Rondo takes a shot at Wade’s “dirty” past

We’ve gone back and forth a bit about Rajon Rondo’s supposedly dirty play on Dwyane Wade… and whether Wade is one to talk.  Well… Rajon Rondo weighed in in pure Rondo fashion… noting

“I didn’t have any dirty plays like he’s had in the past.”

Here’s the video, courtesy of Chris Forsberg:

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  • ABSOLUTELY, Wade almost broke Rondo’s arm while doing some type of WWF move on him in the 2011 playoffs, and Rondo never said a word

  • LA

    This is very true. Wade always one to dish stuff out and act like he didnt do anything- but the minute someone does something to him he acts like a bitch.

  • Nick

    How about the b.s. no-call foul in OT in ECF GM 2? Fuck Dwayne wade. He deserves those chipmunk cheeks.

  • cass

    When I was watching the game, I said to my husband instead of worrying about flopping, they should fine players for constantly whining to the refs and being WRONG every time. No one cries about fouls more than D Wade. Did you see him complain after he was called for blocking Rondo’s shot by blatantly swiping at his hands? According to him he’s never committed a foul in his life.

  • paul

    Wade has possibly the worst case of superstar entitlement ever.

  • Kevin

    Did anyone see when Wade backed into Jeff Green as he was going up for a layup and basically hip checked him? Wade is one of the dirtiest players I’ve seen with breaking Kobe’s nose in the all star game too!

    • Bob S

      Can’t convince Heat fans, because the bathsalts are clouding their judgement.

  • K

    Rondo is right. Go on YouTube and you’ll find thumbnails of Wade’s dirty plays. Wade had a few dust up plays last season. The guy is the ultimate hypocrite wants to have his cake and eat it too.

    The world doesn’t work like that, Wade. The Heat might be respected by the likes of NBA officials, David Stern, ESPN, but they’re not respected around the league among players.

  • lolololol

    Lmao at you salty Failtics fans talking about how Wade “almost” broke that punk Rondo’s arm. During that play it was that scrub Rondo that pulled Wade down so he lost his balance. Once Wade started to go down he made sure to pull that scrub down with him. Thank god Rondo got hurt during that play, I seriously wish Rondo’s arm would have snapped in 2 so his sorry none jump shooting career would have ended that night. Oh well I’m sure UD will give him a nice hello next time they see each other. D Wade is one of the most stand up guys in the Nba and you sandy vag fans call him dirty? Wow… I can see why Ray Allen took the first ticket out of that town. When you count Rondo, Garnet and you salty fans, I can see why anyone with character would turn their back on Boston.

    P.S if you all really want to see dirty just put down the beer and watch Kevin Garnet play off the ball on any given night. Kevin Garnet is the definition of dirty. But hey, I can’t expect you bunch of salty homers to be objective…smh

    • JohnnyC’s

      Stand up guy?? Wasn’t standing too much when he was being taken off the court when his shoulder was injured.. have him talk to Avery Bradley on how to properly deal with shoulder pain.