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Your Morning Dump… Where Jeff Green is aware he sucked last night

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“I don’t know that I played at all,” he said. “It starts on the defensive end, and I wasn’t as aggressive defensively as I should be, but that will change. The first couple of minutes, adrenaline kicked in and I tired quickly, but that’s not an excuse. I have to do a way better job.” . . .

Boston Herald

There’s no other way to say it…

Yes, Jeff Green sucked last night.  He looked lost and tentative.  He looked like the shell-shocked guy who walked into a devastated post-Perk trade locker room.

And suddenly, a lot of people have questions.

I’m not going to go into the horrible overreactions in comments of last night’s recap.  But questions are legitimate.  After a very encouraging preseason, we all had some pretty high expectations.  We forget that the Miami Heat are a tiny bit better than Fenerbahce or Armani Milan.  We forget that a duel with Chris Copeland is a bit different from challenging Chris Bosh at the rim or facing off against LeBron James.

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but the speed of last night’s game was a lot different from what you saw in the preseason.  Everything was so much faster.  The actual NBA season is a lot different from the preseason.  Green, and all the new guys, still have to make adjustments.  Green’s adjustment is just a lot bigger than most people’s.

The good thing is Green understands it.  He saw the same thing you did.  He understands that he was a no-show.  It was frustrating to watch, but it was probably frustrating for him too.

What we can hope for with Green is that he continues his road back with a steady improvement.  Next up is a home game against the Milwaukee Bucks.  That’s a little better match-up for Green.  He has a chance to come out and play well, or at least better.  Then we can all move on and understand that this is still part of the process for Green, and that many of us, myself included, expected too much, too soon, out of him.

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  • Rain

    Still love you, Green.

    Go Celtics!

    • Larry Legend

      This guy scares me. The more he struggles the more the contract gets talked about…he doesn’t strike me as the mentally toughest individual. Really rooting for him but I have my doubts. Not just based on last night either. Guy had serious tools, but his facial expressions tell me a lot. He looks worried. Not confident. Hope it changes soon

      • LAF

        at least he doesn’t chew his nails like LBJ

        • Larry Legend

          Listen LBJ can chew his own face as long as he gives 30 and 12 every night. He’s best player on the planet. Jeff Green has a lot to prove. But it’s

  • noche

    Let’s see how Uncle Jeff does against the Bucks on Friday and then the Wiz twice; or better yet, let’s at least give him until there’s snow on the ground to pass judgement.

  • JR99

    Look, every player is entitled to some bad games, especially when they haven’t played for real in over a year. No question about that.

    And yes, it’s heartening to read that Green is aware of how badly he played. If he were not, we would be having a whole different conversation (like ‘is he sane?’).

    But JG didn’t just suck. He was effectively not there at all. And it wasn’t the physical part that was the problem. It was 100% mental. You could see it in his body language, in the way he moved, in the blank look on his face and the zero impact he had on the game.The blown layups… the errant defense…. the inability to hold on to the ball.

    And that’s just hard for me to understand. What’s the problem here? It’s a game. A pretty simple game at that. You know what to do. JUST DO IT. Smh. We are, I trust, paying you enough…. right?

  • RedsLoveChild

    The season is only one game old…and the fans are already questioning the bizarre logic behind Danny Ainge`s legendary “Jeff Green Man-Crush”!

  • eddysamson

    I expect Green to kill it in the games against the lesser teams…lets be real that was the damn heat, it wasnt that surprising to me.

    After a full season of play, I bet he’ll look different against the heat in the post season.

  • Kricky

    Watched the game at The Fours(thanks for the tip guys). Got warned by the salty bartender for using too many F-bombs. It was that kind of night.

    We still have a lot of catching up to do. It will take a bit of time to get all our pieces to gel. At least we made a game of it at the end. And Barbosa look damned good.

    Only thing that really scares me is that Wade looked amazing. Like he shed 20 lbs and has his quickness back.

    • KY Celts fan

      it’s the new haircut. makes Wade more aerodynamic. it’s science.

    • Mike

      really? I thought wade looked average. lee really shut him down to start the game and forced him into bad shots and sloppy to’s. couple cheap fouls let wade get to the line, but otherwise i was impressed with Lees d on wade.

      • kricky

        Maybe I had too much wisky….

  • JBcelticsFan

    I’m not too worried. Yes the Celtics played poor defense but, at the same time look at all the new pieces. Its gonna take a couple months for them to REALLY figure it out. Even during the pre-season you could tell they needed a lot of work. The fact that they scored 107 points and played as poorly as they did on offense gives me hope. Its gonna be a LONG season but a championship at the end would make it all worth it.

  • classless

    I won’t overreact but i will say this: Green has to be better. When Miami goes small, Green is the counter the Celtics didn’t have last year. It took Bass off the court and he was hot.

  • Drew

    Sorry to stray off topic, but Ray Allen had me livid last night. I mean, between him running to the bench and dapping an unenthused Celtics coaching staff, the awful crowd giving him more love than my stomach could handle, and his smug comments about how we are his friends and how much he loves us, my hate for this guy just sly rocketed. He ABSOLUTELY makes me sick.

    The worst part about Ray Allen last night, he had a great game, was arguably the deciding factor in a Miami win. He walked away from this game with 0 regret what he did to us and his confidence is now through the roof. He obviously has the mind set now of “haha, screw my old team mates. I’m obviously on a better team and these fans love me. I’m better off.” As a Celtics fan, this PIIIISSSSEEEEESS me off….

    I’ll take it a step further and say that this loss will be looping in the Celtics head and eating away at them for way too long, we’d love to get revenge in a couple of weeks. We don’t play them again until January. With all the hype, with all the anticipation, with all smack we’ve been talking about laying a beat down on opening night, it didn’t happen and we got smacked around. We will be licking our wounds for a month or so trying to make this team work. Miami will go on a tear and sit a top the standings for months until we can gel and find ourselves.

    • eddysamson

      Yeah he pissed me off too. He looked completely different than the post season. Makes me think he played like shit on purpose knowing he was going to leave.

  • zippittyay

    At least the Lakers are going nowhere this season. Losing at home to a short handed Maverick team? Steve Nash torched all night by Collison while racking up a grand total of 4 assists? Howard missing 11 free throws and a minus 13 for the night? Whirled Peas goes 1-8 and gets humiliated by Marion who is older than he is? Kobe did well for playing injured but looked nothing like the Kobe of old, just old.

    • Drew

      Stop it. This year we have to focus on Miami losing, not LA. Just stop it. Juuuussssstt stop it. The Lakers rivalry is in absolute hindsight until we meet again in The Finals. That might not happen again for another 20 years, haha. One thing I do know, as long as Boston and Miami are relevant in this league we will be battling in the play offs for years to come. If LeBron gets 4-6 more rings, a lot of those will come by way of knocking us out of the play offs. If that doesn’t make you hate The Heat more than The Lakers, I don’t know what will. Get your priorities straight people. The Heat are the enemy right now, not The Lakers.

      • I bleed green in L.A.

        The Lakers are ALWAYS the number one enemy.

        • Drew

          Says the guy that lives in LA. No bias there, huh?

        • RedsLoveChild

          Celtics—-17 Titles
          Lakers—-16 Titles
          Heat———2 Titles

          Jerry Buss does NOT hide the fact that he is obsessed with the goal of seeing LA surpass Boston.

          Buss is 78 years old!

          • Drew

            I guess it comes down to this for me, Kobe has 5 rings already. 1 MVP award, 2 finals MVPs. Can’t even hold a torch to Jordans legacy(6 rings, 5 MVPs(should have been 7 but the league was sick of handing him those trophies), 6 finals MVPs). LeBron is on his 3rd MVP, probably going to be 4 this year. He has a finals MVP trophy, and a ring. It’s looking like no one can stop him. He’s 28 years old and in the next 8 years, another 4-5 rings doesn’t sound ridiculous. That being said, LeBron is by far my most hated athlete of all time. If The Celtics can put a significant dent in LeBrons legacy, I would be much happier with that than anything else. That’s just how I feel. Sorry????

          • RedsLoveChild

            In his prime, Kobe had nights where he could be a reasonable facsimile of MJ. Overall, MJ was vastly superior to Kobe.

            Kobe is #1 on my all-time hate list. Nobody is even close to him. He`s the ultimate phony.

            Never fully understood the LeBron hatred…except for those living in Cleveland.

          • Drew

            Well, I guess if you hate Kobe you could root for LeBron to make his career look pathetic. But a lot of that success would come at the hands of making the Celtics look pathetic. And there’s something about LeBron potentially becoming the greatest of all time while burning through Celtics that doesn’t sit well with me. Are you okay with that? That could potentially make our team of recent look pretty bad.

          • RedsLoveChild

            My #1 concern is LA catching Boston in titles…Celtics must always remain #1 in titles…nothing else matters!

            Kobe…LeBron…MJ…who gives a crap?

          • Drew

            Me, I give a crap. For the most part, Kobe and Jordan didn’t make careers of crapping all over The Celtics. Guess what, it seems like LeBron could possibly do that. Crap all over The Celtics en route to several titles. His entire resume could be filled with ways of making the celtics look bad. That bothers me.

          • eddysamson

            I wonder how much crapping LeBron would be doing if he got called on fouls, travels, and carries like the rest of the league.

          • RedsLoveChild

            How many titles do you really see LBJ winning? 10? 15?

            Get serious…NBA fortunes turn on a dime. No team was worse than Boston in June, 2007…yet, they win a title in June, 2008!!!

            Meanwhile, the Lakers trail Boston by just one thin banner…Buss will spend billions if needed to surpass the Celtics…and LA is the place where every superstar dreams of playing!

          • zippittyay

            Right now, I definitely hate the Heat more than the Lakers. I just wanted to point out what I see as a huge disconnect between what a lot of people think of how good the lakers are and what I personally think of how good they are. I don’t see the Lakers as higher than a 5th seed at best in the west and probably out in the first round of the playoffs.
            As a Celtics fan, I derive much more pleasure from beating the Heat and all their players I supremely detest.

          • Drew

            What’s up REDSLOVE? Everything running strong in your Laker over hype world? Point guard down, point guard doooowwwn. You better start jumping on this “F LeBron, F The Heat” hype soon here buddy because the big bad scary Laker bandwagon is about to be so empty, you aren’t even going to want to ride. Learn who your new enemy is. Btw, I am fully aware that the lakers are capable of getting their act together and making a great run, but they aren’t the best team in the west. The Heat are by far the best team on the planet. Rays nagging feet don’t seem like they will be a problem at ALL with him not having to run off screens all day and just camping out on the corners. F the heat>f the lakers

          • RedsLoveChild

            Until the Lakers are mathematically eliminated….ALL of my hate goes to them!

  • Chris h

    Not worried in the least. That was the Heat’s best shot and we didn’t look that bad for a team with so many new parts and two guys who may have left the PLANET last year if they didn’t go what they did. Look, everyone wants to serve them their ass and we will eventually.

    That was the Heat’s at their best. They run like crazy, all out every night. A mix of Cramps (LBJ), Back (Bosh), Ankles (Ray Ray) and Knees (Wade) are going to get worn out if they go all out every night. Unfortunately, the team was build on that paradigm. Seeing cracks in Lebron’s armor, it took all he had to beat us, even though the score doesn’t say it. He goes out, we erase a huge lead up to the last minute.

    Some tightening up on our side and some natural attrition on their side will flip this thing over sooner than later.

    • eddysamson

      My thoughts exactly. Unless Ray was faking his poor play this last post season he is going to disappear in the playoffs for the Heat. Wade wont be the same fresh player he was last night. LBJ and Bosh will probably be okay, but what the hell is with LBJ and his cramps?

      • Chris H

        Wades knee and Ray’s ankles are both surgically repaired and will wear out quickly, that’s just a fact. Bosh will have his back problems the more he gets banged on by the bigs of the league. Wouldn’t have hurt to use Darko on him if just for that reason alone. LBJ’s cramps are just a natural effect of being in your late 20’s and your body starting to change. You can’t be superman at that size forever, takes too much Oxygen and water. The lactic acid buildup alone must be unreal. These are natural facts. The way the team was constructed style wise and the players they are becoming are at a crossroads.

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  • pushback

    For all that $$$ i could score better than him. 3pts. 0 rebs. 0 assist. I would rather have josh smith even if he doesnt score bec. He’s a monster blocker and plays solid D.

  • JG

    Wouldn’t it be better to look at what the Celtics need to improve on, rather than hating on the Heat? They flat out outplayed the celtics last night, and right now they are better. I don’t want to rely on lebron James, wade, Allen, or bosh getting hurt (which you’re somehow predicting while the celtics magically stay perfectly healthy).

    Unfortunately, Jeff Green still looks shell shocked. His lack of a mid range pull up REALLY hurts him. He tries to take it to the rim out of control and good defensive teams know that about him. He doesn’t use up-fakes either. Pure natural ability while not particularly polished. Notice when he was dominating in the preseason he was driving to his right every time and putting up tough running layups off the glass that were falling. You can’t just do that against good defensive teams. You’ve gotta develop other ways to score, which I’m not convinced he has still.

    Terry will be better. Lee looks great. Rondo immature. One of the only people thought had a really good point above was someone who pointed out that it’s interesting how the celtics seem to be better on one on one defense but are struggling with rotations. I hope that’s because they are still new and not that they are still missing another interior presence along side KG.

  • Jim

    All those high hopes ,”I just can’t wait for the season to start” are looking a little bedraggled. Last night was a big reality check,I said earlier I expected the Celtics would start slow and grow as the season wears on and I still expect that.This is basically a new team and it showed. I am worried about Jeff Green,this should be a new lease of life for him,instead the occasion seemed to by pass him,he doesn’t seem to cope well under pressure ,lets hope he can relax and express himself. I’ll judge this team after a full season. So relax everybody the best is yet to come.

  • nhcelts

    There was one positive from last night at least. Pierce looked great. Wish he would sit down with Green for a month and teach him a mid range scoring game.

  • oldcoach

    Heat were very hot and Boston is loaded but it was not their night. Green and Sullinger looked lost. Barbosa is a very good player. The Jet did not take off. All will come togethter in a few games.

  • Mitch

    Jeff Green was so bad last night I feel like DA may have screwed up worse by throwing away that money on Green then when he traded away Perk and the 2011 Title. We need to look into trading Jeff Green for Josh Smith immediately!

  • jrleftfoot

    Terry didn`t play well either.BFD.

    • Mitch

      DA should amnesty Jason Terry. He can’t play defense and all he does is hang out on the corner. If we would have paid Ray allen we could have had a better shooter in the corner. Time to survey the landscape and brainstorm trade ideas. Josh Smith in Atlanta sounds like he would fit great with Rondo becaus ethey played in high school.

  • Jim

    One big problem, who would trade for Jeff after that performance ?