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Bigger punk: Rajon Rondo or Dwyane Wade?

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics.  Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from Miami.

“I got my kids watching so I stopped myself but it was a punk play by him,” said Wade, who had a team-best 29 points in the win. “He clotheslined me.”

Wade hinted he might have a response the next time the teams play on Jan. 27 in Boston.

“I’m here to play basketball, man,” Wade said. “If you want to do something else, then go do something else. Boxing, this is not it. I was glad I was able to stop myself in that very moment and move on from it. We’ll see next time we play.”

ESPN – Flagrant foul upsets Dwyane Wade

Surprising words from Dwyane Wade, a guy with a growing reputation for cheap shots.

What was a bigger punk play – Rondo’s foul or this?

or this:

or this:

and I’m sure this is Wade’s personal favorite:

I’d love to see Darko Milicic meet Dwyane Wade in the lane in the next game.

Props to Jay for gathering all the Wade clips

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  • Hell I didn’t realise he had such a splendid collection of flagrant fouls, less respect now. Noah should’ve clotheslined Wade in the first clip on that fast break.

    Looking forward to some just desserts being served to Wade next time.

  • Andrew B

    does absolutely no one remember his punkbitch move in ECF game 2 in OT? when he grabbed Rondo’s head and pulled on it as he drove to the rim?

    • Drew

      That will be replaying in my head for the rest of my life. The difference between Celtics taking that series in 5 and the heat taking it in 7.

    • CelticsKid34

      didnt lbj do that to rondo last night and it didnt get called?

      • Reggie35RIP

        Nah Wade hooked Rondo on a drive, no call.

  • terlo

    his kids know how to read? cause i got things to say for this punk

  • paul

    Dwayne Wade. What a freaking piece of work. When you look at those three guys — Le Ego, Le Thug, and Judas Shuttlesworth — well, it’s quite nauseating. They make Chris Bosh look like a real staunch guy.

  • kc

    Shame Rondo had to stoop down to Wade’s level. Wade is right it was a punk move, he of all people would know since he is the biggest punk in the league.

  • Joseph

    Would love to see Rondo drop thirty and fifteen on him next game. He’ll be a better player than Wade ever was.


    after watching these clips i wish rondo wouldve at least put wade to the floor…Dwade is definately the biggest punk in the NBA

  • Gil305

    LOL!!! @ terlo

    I had no problem with him going Raja Bell on DWade. The game was already won and in the final seconds so what was he driving for??? To show us up, plain and simple. Let the shot clock run out or shot from the outside, punk

  • brian

    You missed one where the punk shoved KG after he set a screen on Mike Miller. Can’t stand that asshole!

  • Lakerhater

    what a pussy. Foul yes. Hard? Give me a f*cking break.

  • G4L

    I used to like Wade.. But he has become a hot head. The dude really bitches about everything and takes it out on players.. to kinda show up the refs. Dude is a straight up Dick.

    • G4L

      And Rondo kinda gets a bad rep on just about all these scuffles. Is Rondo a hot head, yes. But most of the times he shoves players in defense of his players. On this last “punk move” Wade wanted to show up the C’s by driving down the lane with 30 seconds left in the game with the Heat up 9 or so. Most basketball savy ppl would agree, you never let the opposition show you up like that.

      & if it was anyone other than Rondo, Analyst would be praising the move as hard Basketball.

  • aaron

    dwayne wade is an always has been a punk…and, he has herpes.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Fact of life : The refs view Rondo as the far bigger punk.

    That`s why this year is starting right where last year`s ECF left off….Wade is free to abuse Rondo without hearing a whistle.

    • Drew

      You’re probably right. Rondo assaults refs. Wade assaults players.

  • Richard

    Wade is the one who is a PUNK, i just despise him and EVERY HEAT PLAYER !!!

  • Richard

    Wade is the PUNK !!!! wait until they come to Boston and the C’s kick their rear ends. i want to see rondo and the rest od the celtics ROUGH UP WADE AND ALLEN. What allen did with his PHONEY BALONEY HAND SHAKES was trying to rub it in i hate that bastard. I despise the MIAMI HEAT !!!! just beat’em Celtics !!!!!!

  • NP
  • GreenCro

    I have years in my legs. And has been a while since I had myself a nice 3-on-3 game in my hood. But back in the days when our crew used to meet guys such as this a$$-khmmm-hole there was always a simple recipe. If my teammate would have similar troubles, I would force-switch myself in the next defensive play and took over, scratch that, took care of that guy. Simple toreador move… Allow me him to show his fancy first step to the basket, and then do the Collison move up there. I was always first to grab his hand and help him get up with aaaaall the apologies of course. It was so interesting. All of a sudden we would have ourselves a nice, fair game back all over again. Sooo… Although I deeply hate violence, I do also believe in a discipline. Someone should enforce some discipline against the Cheat (or whomsoever deserves it), but never guys who are directly involved. Yes, why not Darko… 😉

  • GreenCro

    Oh, sorry, forgot the most important thing.
    Bravo RR!

  • Drew

    Wade is the kid in school that bullies kids on the low and never gets in trouble. He picks on kids in the hall ways and in the bathrooms. He’s a teachers favorite and his mom is the head of the PTA, funds the bake sales, etc. Rondo is the kid in school that gets bullied and has anger problems. He’d rather throw fits in front of the teachers and in the class rooms as a cry for help. Wade sometimes gets warned and written up, but Rondo is constantly getting thrown out of school and suspended.

    I think it’s painfully obvious who is winning this immaturity battle. Grow up Rondo.

    • Celtic Love

      U do realize that u just contradicted yourself, right?

  • Jesse

    They both get pretty annoying at times, but I’m surprised Rondo didn’t flip out earlier the way Wade gets foul calls. That no-call on the hook was absolutely insane.

  • MissMD88

    Wade loves playing the victim. When he’s guilty of it he says its a “basketball play.” When someone else does it to him its a “punk play.” Yes that was a flagrant foul on Rondo and I felt it was a build up of frustration from not getting any calls especially when Wade hooked him and he ended up with a technical. I hope that Rondo can OVERCOME THE ADVERSITY ON THE COURT (Refs) especially against Miami b/c its gonna happen often with these superstars. He should know. Has to keep his composure. This season is his getting into mvp talks season and the media will only focus on the negative. Wade is punk.

  • Garnett’s Grl

    D Wade is a Bitchhhhhhhhh, and that goes for the rest of the team also always bitching about something. The way Ray has been bitching latley he should fit right in

  • Serocco

    When Garnett assaults other players, you don’t see Celtic fans complaining. You see either applauding (especially if it’s Miami or Los Angeles), or comments like “Hey, that’s KG. It’s who he is. It’s what he does.”

    Was it a punk move? Sure. Is Wade dirty himself? Yeah. He’s from Chicago, as is Garnett.

    • eddysamson

      I disagree on KG. He doesn’t do obvious dirty stuff like pushing people over, hooking, causing injuries, etc (hey thats ALL Wade!)

      He just plays furiously so his body is flailing around, elbows are everywhere. With him its like trying to get near some dude who is thrash dancing (you know where those assholes swing fists and kick and shit to metal music).

      With Wade I dunno its hard to defend him when you go back and watch him knock Hamilton and Collison over or watch him wrap his arm around Rondo to bring him to the floor and injure his elbow (sure the injury wasnt intentional but shit happens when players hit the floor and he totally pulled him down!)

      Show me some footage of KG doing that and I’ll shut up. I havent seen any although I’ll admit I never saw much of KG until he was a Celtic.

    • Martinez Pizarro

      KG is from Mauldin SC dude. Was in Chi-town for one year so there’s NO correlation there. Try again.

  • Brick James

    Wade is a bitch.

  • Shawncvd

    I’d like to point out that the C’s and Heat legitimately hate each other. So through that prism every move is polarizing. FINALLY proper rivalries are returning to the NBA!

    Good for Rondo for showing he’s not going to tuck his tail between legs. Screw Wade for all that dangerous shit he’s pulled over the past 18 months. And shame on the refs for empowering Wade and Co.

    That’s okay though…The Celtics going all the way this year.

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  • i just cant believe Wade called Rondo a punk after he almost broke Rondo’s arm, and you can clearly see Wade stick his leg out and make Rondo fall, it was a WWF move, thats why they didnt get a ring that year, and i hope last season will be his last. And BTW im tired of all the pictures of lebron with his ring on his ashy a$$ hand, get some lotion why dont cha!


    SO TRUE. I just watched him BLATANTLY foul Miller, causing his nose to bleed-NO CALL though, then foul Iguodala, elbow to the eye-NO CALL though, then finished off his PUNK PLAYING moves on Lawson… You guessed it, again, NO CALL. This guy can no longer play ball (maybe a move resulting in a basket every now and then), but in my eyes, he’s a has been. Therefore, his only way for making up for his huff playing, is to play dirty. Thumbs down @ dwade,