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Enemy Chatter: The Celtics mess with your mind a little bit

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics.  Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from Miami.

“I expected that, when I heard [that the Heat are the Celtics’ target] from Doc, I know Doc very well, as well it should be; our focus is on Boston,” Wade said. “But we do look at other teams. We’re not going to say we’re just looking at Boston. We understand this league is good. When you talk about focusing on the Eastern Conference, you focus on the champs in the Eastern Conference and that’s the Miami Heat. So that’s their message right there more so than them saying I’m not worried about no other team because you can’t beat us four times and lose to everybody else. You won’t make the playoffs.

“I understand what he was saying at that standpoint and we look forward to the challenge every year. Boston is always the team that’s going to make us point fingers [at each other] in the game sometimes. They mess with your mind a little bit. It’s a great challenge for us and by the time you get to the playoffs, we look forward to it. You have to be aware and focused on everything that they’re doing because they can beat you any given night.”

Globe – Heat look forward to rivarly

That’s what great defenses do, they frustrate the hell out of teams.

With all due respect to the Celtics,  it doesn’t take much to make the Heat point fingers at one another.

Remember Wade’s confrontation with Erik Spoelstra during the Pacers series? And LeBron and Wade are constantly chewing out Mario Chalmers.

I can’t wait to see the Celtics get in Ray Allen’s face. Can’t. Wait.

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  • Chulinho

    KG’s comments to the media this morning were great too. Especially when they asked him about “that guy” and the Heat getting their rings.

  • Wade is just happy he doesn’t have to face Avery Bradley and be made to eat another basketball….(I’m guessing he still has nightmares about that one)

  • Faye

    You can’t wait till the Celtics get in Rays face?? You’re pathetic.
    Ray had every right to leave. That’s what happens when you dangle around a hall of famer as trade bait for three straight years. They leave.
    I hate the heat but I still love Ray! All you bitter psychos need to have a seat.

    • JR99

      Sorry “Faye”… but the only post here that sounds like it MIGHT be written by a “psycho” is yours. We’re having fun here, and yeah, its sometimes at Ray’s expense. This will continue… forever. I suggest you get used to it, lest you lose your mind altogether.

    • wil333

      lol just think about how many players have gone through that, that was no disrespect to ray. its just business. I dont think thats a single thing that pushed ray to leave. multiple factors, he was unhappy and thats what un happy people do.

      Ray deserves a lil hate, he did afterall left for the heat. It mightve been okay if he went to the lakers or any other team.

      But to the team that eliminated your team twice in a row in the playoffs.

      Ray had all rights to leave, but expect no love from most of the celtics fans for that matter.

      • Curt

        No, he would deserve to be trashed talked more if he went to the Lakers.

  • john rotolo

    I`m starting a new group; bitter psychos who can`t stand Ray (diarhea mouth ) Allen.Who`s with me?