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Garnett in the Anta “KG3”

Scott and I are back from today’s Celtics Open Practice, and I have to say I was impressed. First I need to give a huge shout to all the fans that came out. For a rainy Sunday morning, the place was packed. We arrived about 45 minutes before the Garden opened, and the building was mobbed. TD Garden security was forced to let folks upstairs early so they could clear out North Station for commuters. And the event itself was fantastic. The Celtics had a “housecleaning” of sorts, and offered tons of signed jerseys, shoes and more at very low prices. Now granted, most were from guys that no longer play on the team, but hell, $5 for an authentic NBA signed jersey? Yes please.

My favorite moment from today’s practice was Jeff Green’s ridiculous slam. Paul Pierce dished to a cutting Green in the lane, and he lept up, reaching over 2 teammates to throw-it down with authority. Fans and players alike got up off their seats for that one. If anyone happens to have video of it, please get at me on Twitter. The other thing that really stood out to me this morning was the extreme amount of communication out on the floor. The usual suspects were shouting out commands & tips, but even newcomers like Darko were talking it up on D. It’s quite obvious that these guys are on a mission this year, and Doc & vets like KG have made defense a top priority.

Enjoy some photos taken by Scott of some of the coolest kicks we saw out on the floor today. You can also check-out Chuck’s post for some video from today.



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  • Chris57

    Had a great time at the practice today. Green had a few nice slams. J Terry is smooth. He also was a character getting the two sides of the crowd to root hard for the 2 scrimmage teams.

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  • Mike

    Jason Terry is the man. Ran onto the court after it was over, saw him signing autographs for a couple kids and jumped in there.

    Anyways, wish I had been recording at the time of the Jeff Green dunk. Almost got me out of my seat. I recorded a bunch of other stuff that I’ll put on youtube tomorrow (granted the power doesnt go out of course). Feel free to use whatever from that.

    I did record about 3/4 of Jason Terry’s machine 3 pt shooting after the practice was over. I’d say he shot 3’s for about 5-10 minutes and probably missed no more than 10-13 of them. It was ridiculous.

  • Mike

    Oh yeah it might help if I gave you my youtube channel. It’s blacklabel67k.

    All the Celtics stuff up right now is from last year.

    • Sweet-thanks Mike. Glad you had a good time..

  • AussieCeltic

    $5 fir a signed jersey??!?!!?!?!?!?!?

    Once again I wish I lived in Boston, and the regular season hasn’t even started…

    Lucky bastards hehe