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Celtics open practice: One fabulous Rondo jacket and some offensive drills

Chuck - Red's Army October 28, 2012 Celtics News, Rajon Rondo 2 Comments

Thanks to Sportsgal1972, I had the pleasure of attending today’s open practice at the Garden.

Despite all the action, the highlight of the afternoon was this woman’s Rajon Rondo jacket. Straight money. I gotta get two of these for John and Jay.

The Celtics treated this as a real practice. Assistant coach Kevin Eastman explained each drill to the crowd. How seriously does Doc take practice? Eastman said Doc spends about 60-90 minutes preparing the itinerary for practice.

I’ve uploaded some practice videos to our YouTube channel. Nothing overly exciting, but worth your time if you want to examine X’s and O’s. The video below is about two minutes worth of screen-and-roll offense.

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