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Doc can’t escape the Ray talk, but handles it beautifully

Doc was on Felger and Mazz… and he spent a good portion of it answering Ray questions.  You can listen to the whole interview above, but here are a couple of money quotes.

“He made a choice… do I think it was the wrong choice? I absolutely do.  I think he at times probably feels that way himself.”

“Ray wanted the ball more and things like that… it’s like I tell the guys this every year… if you’re here for me to run stuff for to make you look good, you’re in the wrong place.  If you’re here for me to run stuff to make the team look good, then you’re in the right place.”

“When free agency started, Ray didn’t return Danny’s calls, he didn’t return my calls, so I stopped trying.  Listen, if you’ve been with me and our time for 5 years of 4 years and I’ve got to call you every 10 seconds in free agency, then you probably don’t want to be here.”

Doc answers every question very eloquently, but every answer has a dagger attached.  Doc says he is flat out disappointed, and it shows.

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  • zippittyay

    is it Tuesday yet??

  • Really sick of hearing about #20…..(cue about 50 comments)

  • joseph

    Ray Allen was great for our team. He was instrumental in helping us to win in 2008. That being said, for a man who has been praised so highly for his professionalism, he is acting childish. I’m glad that the Celtics and Doc Rivers are acting so clearly on the right side of history, so we have to more reason to call the Heat prima donna fuckers.

  • adam

    guess who’s ankle i still sore.? 😀

  • Celtic Pride in Oz

    Best way to finalize the Ray “situation” is for us to bury the Heat on opening night! It will prove a point to him, the league and anyone else who still feels that our Celtics are definitely a playoff berth, but still shy of being championship quality. Just put the game on the table, Doc and let the guys sort it out. We’ll all see what we need to see. Let’s go, Tuesday!!! Can’t wait! 🙂