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Watch Jason Terry make 17 straight 3s at practice

Did I count right? 17 straight and 18 of 19.

Ray who?

Video courtesy WEEI’s Mike Petraglia

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  • Haha

    Cs baby all the way lets go

  • Marcos

    Dang! If he’s gonna be that accurate the rest of the league is in trouble.

  • Celtic Pride

    This looks impressive, but all these guys alcan do that. I saw Raef LaFrenz do the same thing pre-game the first game after the Antoine Walker trade. No big deal.

  • Nick

    Of course hes gunna be accurate . . . he is the fuckin JET!!!

  • The KG

    he’s going to be deadly from 3 if he has a clear shot. If he’s guarded, he’s probably going to miss. Since he’s the jet, he’s going to get a clear shot on many occasions.

    • eddysamson

      I disagree. I watched him miss more open 3s than contested 3s in the preseason

      • The KG

        Lets hope that gets carried into the regular and post season… 🙂

  • Chris

    He’s one of those guys that’s always been unstoppable when he gets started, but can also bury 3 straight when needed after a bad night and being something like 0-6 prior. Ecstatic to have him.

    I saw footage of Pietrus doing the same thing last year, but this is the Jet we’re talking about here.