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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc doesn’t think Ray’s got his facts straight

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Asked about the potential Phoenix deal, Rivers said on Wednesday, “I didn’t even know it, so I’m surprised right now. I never knew that. I don’t think that’s true.”

When asked for a rebuttal on Wednesday, Rondo, who has taken to not referring to Allen by name this offseason, followed Rivers’ cue.

“I don’t know what happened or hear anything,” Rondo said. “I just stay focused and hit the gym. I didn’t read any papers or see anything on the news about No. 20.”

ESPN Boston:  Rivers: “Let Ray keep talking”

The Celtics are just days away from opening up the season by watching the Miami Heat raise a championship banner… and the way Ray Allen has been running his mouth lately, it’s possible he’ll spend those days giving  more interviews blaming the Celtics organization for letting him walk away saying things like

“I was making a decision on the circumstances I was in, the circumstances the team was in at time,’’ Allen said. “It was a decision based on where the team was and kind of how they viewed me moving forward. You figure in five years, you do a certain amount for the team, and, if they’re going to move in your direction, then it’s easier to make that decision. But if not, you’ve got to make a decision for yourself.’’

And while we’re all sick of the Ray stuff, it’s dominating the headlines, partly because Ray just won’t shut up about it.  But other than the disavowing any knowledge of a potential Ray Allen/Rajon Rondo trade to Phoenix in 2009, Doc Rivers won’t get caught up in a war of words.

“We’re just going to let Ray keep talking, it’s easier.”

Lord knows what’s going to come out of that man’s mouth next.  At this point, the Celtics should just have a guy trailing him with a microphone and some speech recognition software that sends his comments to the C’s locker room bulletin board in real-time.  There’s been so much motivational material for the guys that it’s hard to keep up.

I don’t want to belabor the point with Ray Allen.  Everything that needed to be said about him has been said.  The point of all this is the Celtics hear the words too, and they’re choosing to do the right thing with them, even if Ray’s not.  The Celtics have had a singular focus all pre-season:  the Miami Heat.  Ray is one of them now.  If he wants to run his mouth, fine by Boston.  But you’ll have to excuse them if they don’t get caught up in this petty BS.  They have other things on their minds.

They have a King to dethrone.

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  • Eric

    What’s the thing about the Phoenix deal? It’s a little confusing to me. Are they saying Ray might be traded to Phoenix?

    • Ray is saying that back in 2009, Danny and Doc was not getting along with Rondo so they had decided to trade Ray and Rondo to Phoenix for Amare and Barbosa. Ray say he tried to warn Rondo and and Rondo turned on him and this is where he and Rondo started falling apart. I think that Ray was good when he was teaching Rondo and Rondo was listening to him and following in his footsteps but when Rondo developed his play and became an all star in his own right, Ray ego was hurt, and then when the rookie that i was teaching was given the keys to the team instead of me, thats really what hurt Rays ego, Ray need to just keep it moving and be proud of the rookie he helped to mold has become a heck of a player. We are just seeing the real Ray Allen, Ray thinks that he is entitled because he WAS at one point a very good player, its time for Ray to except that its somebody elses time to be in the spot light.

    • Craig

      Back in 2009 I believe there were rumors that because of Doc and Danny not getting along with Rondo, they were looking to deal him to Phoenix for Stat and Barbosa, with Allen getting caught in the middle of the trade.

  • Double P

    I think we should all just breathe a sigh of relief that that awful trade did not happen. Amare is the most overrated guy in the league

    • i agree, he’s good but he is also injury prone!

    • Gil305

      And I don’t see how him and KG would’ve been able to co-exist. Danny couldn’t have pursued this trade aggressively….if it was true

  • Eddy Allen Powe

    I heard a rumor that Ray and Rajon almost got traded in 2009 for Rodney Stuckey and Rip Hamilton

    Rumors still haven’t bother Rajon,except when they actually traded Perkins.

  • im just so glad that Rondo took those trade rumors and got angry, and thru his anger he took it to the court and he elevated his game in every area he could, he didnt pout like a baby and started blaming Ray or anybody else, he elevated his game. I remember when he played the chicago bulls before the all star break and he had a triple double that night, he played with the same anger that lebron played with when he had that monster game against Boston, and before i knew what was going on i remember watching him and saying “Rondo is mad about something”! then Perkins said a few days later that Rondo felt disrepected that he didnt make the all stars and he was upset by the rumors, Rondo hasn’t looked back since, “im so proud of number 9”!

    • Gil305

      Speaking of anger, GMs voted on the best PG in the league and Rondo only got 6%. Oct 30th can’t get here fast enough!

    • Toilet

      So rondo gets a triple double and you’re claiming you knew he was angry and something was up? Ok lol. The next time rondo gets a triple double please let us know what in the world is going on.

      • KY Celts fan

        It wasn’t assumed. Rondo admitted he played that hard because he didn’t make the All Star team.

        • no im not saying because of the triple double, i was referencing the triple double and the game with chicago, because that was the game he was so angry in, i know Rondo is a walking triple double machine, thats why i said that perkins also said he could tell by his demeanor in that game as well that he was playing with a chip on his shoulder, the POINT

          • the point i was making was how he used that to motivate him, he didnt play the blame game!

  • DJisintheHall

    I wish AB was playing, just stick him on ray and show him why he left Boston. Ray Allen complete fraud of epic proportions.

    true professional my ball sack. I would pick Jason Terry 10 out of 10 times over Ray.

  • OlSkool

    Watched Miami play the last couple nights against Charlotte and Washington. If Ray has to do anything other than shoot he’s in trouble. He turns the ball over dribbling and passing. Defensively he can’t even guard 2nd tier guys. Queen James and Wade will have to do a lot to help cover his flaws.

  • Kricky

    I can’t wait to watch AB and Lee shut his treacherous ass up with their D.

  • ItCelticsFan

    i’ve tried all summer long to respect ray’s decision and be happy with the fact that the jet has fully embraced his new role with the celtics, but whenever i stumble upon some ray comments or interviews there is one thing that just makes me sick: he keeps on including his family in his decision. bullcrap !!! ray, YOU wanted a bigger role, YOU turned down a better financial offer and it all comes down to your ego and your personality. so, stop talking about the celtics organization, the players, the heat flattery or anything: ray, YOU are the one who is responsible. ok?

  • Danno

    Can’t wait to boo his ass at the Garden.

  • 17rings

    I used to think Ray would get an ovation at the Garden before being booed vigorously for the rest of the game… but now I hope there’s only booing

    • Larry Legend

      I hope he gets no reaction. No applause, no boos. Just nothing. He’s not good enough to warrant a response.

      • RedsLoveChild

        The opposite of love is not hate…it is indifference. For those so inclined, the “silent treatment” would be the ultimate dagger.

        Personally, I couldn`t care less about him.

        I`m thrilled he`s gone…but only because he`s a washed-up, has-been. Those type of players do not help you win titles.

      • Chulinho

        I agree with both you and RedsLoveChild. But, I’m sure you both agree that Ray will most likely get booed whenever he’s within eyesight of the Garden crowd.

        • Larry Legend

          Oh he’ll elicit a reaction for sure, but like I said silence is what he’ll get from me. Could not possibly care less about Ray Allen. He hurt us more than he helped last year. Declining player in twilight of career. Can’t tell him that tho

  • GreenCro

    Two guys I have wanted to have on our team for years are – Dirk and Jet. So far 1 out of 2. Will keep dreaming. Although Blondy’s not getting any younger…
    (See how I managed to avoid the topic?! Sick and tired of #20)

  • Brenda

    It’s like Ray is a disgruntled ex – stop talking it only serves as motivation for Celtics. And BTW you weren’t good on the post or defensively;)

  • vivek NJ

    someone got yelled at when they accidentally stepped over Ray’s lawn in miami.

  • Celticai

    Do you know that syndrom, where a person is very influenced by the other half in his relationship?

    That’s what’s currently happening with Ray… I think the Miami environment is causing this. LeBron is probably yapping in his ear all day long about how he should stick it up to Rondo and co.

  • JG

    I think the point some people are missing here is that Ray isn’t like seeking out the media in order to say this stuff. They are asking him questions regarding why he left and he is just answering them. If he didn’t answer them he would be criticized too. Just let it go guys. We should just be happy with the team ainge put together and not what Allen does matter so much. Too much drama for me. Just worry about basketball and your own team. Talking about it just makes the media get him to talk about it even more.

    • Chulinho

      You’re right. But, the media also asked Doc and Rondo about Ray’s comments. Thankfully, they gave small responses and moved on.

      • Dutchgreen

        Exactly the point, Chulinho. Sure he was asked about it, but if he would really be this stand-up professional he’s supposed to be he wouldn’t come up with all these BS-stories on how the C’s treated him badly. To me, Doc and, yes, Rondo appear to be the real professionals here…

    • JR99

      “No comment” works pretty well. Or “I think you’ve heard it all by now.” Etc. No one is forcing him to say all these things, and no one would think any less of him if he changed the subject or just didn’t answer.