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Happy Birthday Dave Cowens

Today is NBA Hall of Famer and Boston Celtics legend Dave Cowens‘ 64th birthday. Cowens was brought in by Red Auerbach in 1970 to try and fill the enormous void left when Bill Russell retired. Well, Cowens was definitely successful in helping the C’s remain a dominant force in the NBA. He earned co-rookie of the year honors in his first season and helped lead the Celtics to titles in 1974 & 1976.

Votes from his fellow NBA players made Cowens the league’s Most Valuable Player in 1973,  and he was selected to the all-star team 7 times over his career. 10 of Dave’s 11 seasons were spent in Boston and he retired for good in 1983 after playing one season in Milwaukee. So Dave, from all of us here at Red’s Army, Happy Birthday!


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  • I think of Dave everytime I climb into a Boston taxi-cab.

    Has there ever been a better 6’7″ center in the NBA? (Wes Unseld was really about 6’5″)

  • paul

    Wow. Someone remembered that the Dave Cowens existed and was a great player. He was the heart and soul of a team that wasn’t just “relevant”. though. They were perhaps the best team of the decade, and it just so happens that they won more titles than the Big Three Celtics did.

    Cowens should be third on any list of the all time great Celtics, right behind Russell and Bird. Yes, Havlicek had the glory statistics, but Dave Cowens was by far the best player on the seventies Celtics, the key to every aspect of their game.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Cowens is by far the most under-appreciated Celtic legend of all-time. There are no words to describe what he meant to the Celts in the 1970`s.

    Must take exception to the phrase that Cowens helped the Celtics “remain a relevant team.”

    When he arrived in 1970, the Celtics were NOT relevant! They were coming off a dismal 34-48 season. Cowens immediately “restored” their relevancy.


    You’re both absolutely right on the “relevant” phrase and I updated my post-thank you.

  • RedsLoveChild

    The arrival of Cowens was the very first “hopeful ray of sunshine” after Russell`s unexpected retirement, and he more than delivered.

    1973 was a Big Year for Big Reds–Cowens wins All Star Game MVP, league MVP, and Secretariat wins Triple Crown.

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  • Bill French

    Dave Cowens is probably my all time favorite Celtic. I was in 8th grade when he came into the league and I did a special English paper on his career to that point, complete with photos I clipped from the newspaper. Later, I got to interview him after a game in Atlanta for a student newspaper. He dug through a cooler full of sodas to find a beer at the bottom. I asked him if he was having fun. “Define fun,” he said. That was an amazing day for me.