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Brandon Bass is a total pro, practices with starters

Lost in all this Bass vs. Sullinger “who should the starter” be talk is the fact that Brandon Bass through this entire thing has been a total pro about everything.  How many established veterans would be cool with (or at least appear to be cool with) a rookie coming in and making a play for your starting spot?

But Bass is one of the select few who has barely said a peep about it.  Today after practice, he continued to do and say all the right things.

“I’m confident in my work ethic — that when my name is called, I’ll be ready,” said Bass. “You’ve got to take care of what you can take care of, and that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to continue to work hard and do what I do. That’s what got me here, and that’s how I’m going to continue to grow as a player.

It helps, of course, that he was practicing with the starters.  Regular readers know I’ve advocated for Bass as a starter.  I think he makes the starters a better defensive unit, and no offense to Sullinger, but I just don’t want a rookie out there on opening night against the Miami Heat.

I love Sullinger.  I’m very impressed by everything he’s been able to do.  And I think he’s actually a better fit on the second unit, facing back-up bigs, on the floor with Courtney Lee and/or Jason Terry spreading the floor.  But I also know he can work in a line up with Bass as well, and even with the starters for certain stretches.

But I’m a big fan of “setting the tone” at the start of games.  I know they’re 48 minutes long.  But there’s nothing like coming out big in the first few minutes and letting the other team know they’re in for a loooong game.  I think Bass starting gives them the best chance at that.

You know, there are a lot of reasons to love this team, but no one talks about Brandon Bass as one of them.  But he should be.  We’re all bemoaning the head-shaking ball of sensitivity that “number 20” has become… Bass seems to be the real deal.  You barely ever hear from him, and all he does is work his butt off.  What’s not to love about that?

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  • LA Flake

    Bass wasn’t even a rotation regular before he got here last year and suddenly he’s an “established veteran” now?

    • He’s been in the league 7 years, he was the starting 4 last season, and he just got a nice contract extension. I think that’s established

      • LA Flake

        He was slated to be a backup but only got to start because of injuries. he looked good draining jumpers against the Hornets of the league in Febrary but he was absolutely atrocious in the playoffs.

        Let me ask you this: Who is our most expendable PF right now? Would you trade Green, Sullinger or Wilcox before Bass to free up minutes at the 4?

        • LAF

          oh yeah, by your definition, there are LOTS of “established” vets in the L. lets say we had mo williams on the team. should he start over avery bradley since he’s an “established” vet?

          • Celticsfanatic

            Jared Sullinger hasn’t played a game and you’re comparing him to AB? Cool it.

    • erwin

      He started for the Magic before he got to Boston, put up double digit numbrs in scoring there too so it wasn’t a fluke.

    • Larry Legend

      Bass for Baby. Complete theft. Nuff said.

      • Couldn’t agree more. I read today where Baby is gonna be a prime focus of the Magic offense and I laughed & cringed at the same time……better them than us.

  • MJ

    Unfortunately, the only time I hear Bass’ name these days is in delusional trade proposals for Josh Smith. The man deserves more than that. We should be more than happy he came back to us at a moderate contract. He won’t be counted on as much as he was last year (barring injuries), but if you ask me, Brandon Bass proved last season that he is someone you’d want as one of your role players if you were trying to win a championship.

    • Toilet

      When’s Danny gonna package Bass and others for Josh Smith?

      • MJ

        He’s not, but Celtics fans are putting him in trade scenarios for JSmoove, which isn’t going to happen.

  • Beantownfanatic2012

    Bass is money!! Kids got a pretty jump shot and I’m seeing him attack the rim a lot more. I think the way Jeff Greens been playing might be inspiring to some people on this team to play hard!! Bass is looking good. He’s starting!!

  • Cwin

    No more Josh Smith talk, we cant bring him without losing a player we have come to love!

    Bass is a noble guy, he should get the start.

    • Nothing against Bass, I’m very glad he’s a Celtic, but if Josh Smith ever gets to Boston, believe me, you’d LOVE him.

      • Larry Legend

        Absolutely agree Lee. Would love Josh Smith to be in receiving end of rondo alley oop passes! Could you imagine?!!

    • LAF

      so bass should start because he’s noble???
      established and noble. lets retire his number!

  • Mike

    not saying bass isn’t a “total pro” but we said the same about ray last year.

    • Gil305

      Exactly! I basically said this before, Bass made say all the right things but he could be affected by all this if he’s not starting the majority of the season

      • Gil305

        *may say*

  • Case
    • michael

      Bass has a Maserati! Love it

  • jrleftfoot

    Any time I see LA in a screen name, I figure a snarky mindless comment is comingThanks for sticking to the stereotype, Flake.

    • LA Flake

      celtics thru and thru you dumb shit.

  • Scotsman

    Anyone who wants Josh Smith to come to Boston doesn’t care about winning. He is AWFUL on offense and is such an overrated defender.

  • eddysamson

    Brandon Bass: Efficient scorer, high % free throw shooter, strong 1 on 1 defender, nice jump shot

    All those things hes really good at, hes also getting better at attacking the rim and throwing down dunks.

    Whats not to love about him? He was supposed to be a bench player and he stepped up and killed it in the post season.

    Did yall forget his 27 point game against the 76ers?

  • 17rings

    Bass doesn’t rebound well from the 4… And that’s the only reason Sully is even getting mentioned as a starter. Bass’ team defense is also terrible although he may be a decent one on one defender… But Sully has more shortcomings at this point.. So Bass should start. But as soon as Sully picks up the D, Bass will be moving to the bench

  • Tdean

    Bass is much better than Sully is and in pre-season he looked real aggressive and had some good hard drives to the cup. I think C’s fans are too high on Sully the kid has absolutely zero athletic ability which is a serious handicap in todays NBA. Bass for starter in my opinion and I actually think with a team like the Heat we can get away with starting Green at the four to improve our transition defense

  • g unit

    sully should start period

  • Cal

    Hawks aren’t giving us Smith- they’d trade him to Utah for one of their 5 big men if he forced a trade.