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“Green Could Be a Problem This Season”

We’ve all marveled at Jeff Green’s performance thus far in preseason. There’s been the dunks, the blocks and the all-around explosiveness. Expectations among Celtics fans are very high going into the 2012-13 season. NBA.com’s Sekou Smith also believes that Green is on the cusp of what could be a very productive year:

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – Jeff Green never makes it into the frame for the photo-op with the Celtics’ revamped Big 3 of Kevin GarnettPaul Pierce and Rajon Rondo.

Spending a season in street clothes away from the court and the public consciousness has a way of forcing a player, even one as talented and accomplished as Green, into the background.

Green spent all of last season recovering from heart surgery, missing out on the Celtics’ run to the Eastern Conference finals and the Celtics’ missed out on all that the dynamic hybrid forward brings to the party.

He’s back now, in a major way. Anyone who has seen the Celtics during the preseason has seen it. He’s flying around on both ends of the floor and making plays at the rim (check out that block above) and in transition in ways that no other player on the Celtics’ current roster can.

A 6-foot-9, 235-pound forward with the length and athleticism to match up against power forwards and the range and ballhandling skills to work on the perimeter as well, Green brings another dose of firepower to the Celtics’ attack (along with newcomers Courtney Lee and Jason Terry) that was lacking last season.

Now Sekou didn’t go as far as saying that Green could propel the C’s into the NBA Finals, but we all know that with JG, a healthy Avery Bradley, Chris Wilcox and the other key pieces that Danny added this offseason, anything is certainly possible.

Smith goes on to say:

Green gives Rivers options he simply did not have last season, an X-factor, so to speak, that his coaching counterparts around the league would love to have. And in turn, Green gets to play the role he was destined for all along, before the heart surgery and before he faded from the minds of so many in Boston.

So how will this all play out? In about 7 days, we will start to find out. What do RedsArmy readers feel Green’s comeback will mean for the 2012-13 Boston Celtics? Are we getting our hopes up too high? Or will Jeff be the key piece that brings Boston the Larry O’Brien trophy for the 18th time….? You can read the rest of Sekou’s piece and see NBA.com’s Boston Celtics depth chart over at the Hangtime Blog.

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  • zippittyay

    Did JG get called for a foul on that play? I remember the ref under the basket signalling ball out of bounds but I also remember Mychal Jr. shooting 2 free throws…

    • labrite34

      no foul on the play, basically awarded Green the play. the contact probably should’ve been called a foul, but such an exceptional play (and weak finish) ended up holding up the refs whistle.

    • There’s a foul after the ball is in game again.

    • KWAPT

      Clean block-no foul.

      • frickenWaaaltaaah

        eh Jeff’s hand is all ball, but he seriously body slams that guy and you could really see it from the other angles.

        It’s not supposed to be legal, but the NBA refs will often let you do it because the NBA likes sensational plays.

        Though, the take home point remains that Jeff has looked freakin’ awesome so far.

  • labrite34

    I’ve been high on Jeff Green since he came outta Georgetown, he’s a certified stud. If Doc can properly incorporate him into the offense (which is largely a product of Rondo’s confidence in him), then we have a very dangerous element in our offense.

    • The main issue is not his offense but on-man defense & pick n roll defense

      • labrite34

        I’ll keep an eye out on it, never noticed.

      • ItCelticsFan

        absolutely. we are all very pleased seeing him being aggressive on the offensive end, but playing in the eastern conference means playing one-on-one defense against carmelo or lebron. i think that doc knows that and i hope that he will be able to find a plan for the season opener in order to have a productive jeff green but still with limited duties. if he passes the test, then it would be wise to increase his number of tasks.
        that said, yes, jeff green is our x-factor.

  • Chris

    If Jeff pulls off some more of those blocks and dunks in the reg season, he’ll be featuring heavily in Greenlight Madness come next offseason

  • Eric

    This is probably one of the deepest Celtics teams I’ve seen in a while. Rondo has matured a lot and you can see it when he plays. I can’t wait to see this team with everyone healthy. They’re sooooo underrated, which I love.

    Rondo, Barbosa, Terry
    Bradley, Lee
    Pierce, Green
    Bass, Sullinger, Wilcox
    Garnett, Collins, Milicic.

    Reminds me of the 08 squad, only difference is the Celtics and Lakers kinda set the tone for what the NBA has become and it’s gotten a lot stronger. Im gonna say they lock up the 2nd seed in the east. Other than Miami, I don’t see any threat in the east.

    You can say the bulls, Knicks, Indiana, Philly, w.e. team you want may pose a threat, but to be honest with you
    Chemistry & Depth > A few talented players.
    My opinion.

    and I don’t see Miami winning another title.
    1.) They’re not as hungry as they were before. #championship hangover.
    2.) I think the only reason why they won was because of a shortened season full of injuries to key players for teams.

  • I’m trying to contain my preseason-inspired enthusiasm, but is there a team that can run with us? It doesn’t seem like it, at least in the East? Maybe OKC in the West? As Tommy says, if we run like we have thus far, that will tire out the other team’s bigs and kill their morale. Never mind what a handful of dunks would do to the Garden crowd and the C’s morale. Seems to me it would also allow KG and PP to conserve their energy.

    Can we run like we ran in the preseason?

  • Jim

    Agree with everyone that on paper at least we seem stronger, time will tell if that is true. Staying injury free and integrating the new faces will be huge, only downside is Paul and Kevin are a year older, if their form slips I think we will be in trouble.

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    We all know what KG and Pierce can do. I’m just excited to see what Rondo can do with the new guys on the fastbreak (have the Celtics ever had a running team?). So I’m most looking forward to this lineup: Rondo, Bradley, Lee, Green and Sully/Bass