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Video: Jeff Green’s preseason dunk fest

One of my favorite recurring things to tweet this season was “Jeff Green is dunking on everybody” (with the variation “dunking on errbody” in there… just for some flavor).

And since we’ve turned a bit into Green’s Army (he’s earned it, right now), we’re going to keep the flow going with a MrTrpleDouble compilation of every one of Jeff’s preseason dunks.

Enjoy it… especially those of you from competing sites who will steal it and turn it into your own mix tape.

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  • Getting Jeff Green back healthy might be more important that all the trades and free agent signings this offseason. Going to be a fun year.


    last year before they found out the problem with his heart i was saying he was going to have a break out year, i believe his time is NOW!!

  • DJisintheHall

    Green for Perk might end up being a steal.

    If Green follows this foreshadowed path.

    how wild would that be?