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Guess whose ankle is still sore?

Via the Heat Index:

With a week left before facing his former team in the Miami Heat‘s season opener, guard Ray Allen said his surgically repaired ankle isn’t completely healed and could require treatment well into the season.

“I still deal with soreness in my ankle that I work through every day,” Allen said after the Heat’s practice Monday at AmericanAirlines Arena.

Allen, 37, revealed after Monday’s practice that he has been working through some discomfort in the ankle throughout the preseason, which continues with Tuesday’s game against the Charlotte Bobcats.

“I would like to be in better shape, better condition,” Allen said. “So, you know, I still have to make sure I don’t do too much pounding, because I’m a runner. On off days, I like to run. Right now, I’ve switched to the bicycle to stay off the pounding as much.”

No big deal, it’s only been four months since the surgery. That’s about 16 weeks recovery time. I think the Ravens’ Terrell Suggs healed faster from a torn Achilles.

Ray Allen’s signing in Miami is going to be an epic failure.

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  • Zeozaas

    Before his recent comments I still supported him. But after what he said recently (look it up) all I gotta say is…

    Good. F**k him.

    • Larry Legend

      Thank God thd Celts got the “ray Allen tumor” removed. That guy is bad news. Selfish, woe is me attitude gone. I, for one, am happy as hell he’s gone. Yes he hit some big shots for us, but he also killed this team at times. 2010 Finals he s*** down his leg. Cost us a title. You’re not missed here ray. Not even a little. But keep on slinging the mud…classy my ass

  • Mileke

    I don’t wish any bad on noone, but this case is different… The way Ray has thrashed this franchise that did nothing but love him in the last month is very disheartening… Of course I wish Ray a speedy recovery, but it sure does make Danny Ainge look a whole lot smarter!!!! Terry>Ray thus far anyway! Bring on Tuesday already!!!

  • RedsLoveChild

    All this “Ray-Hating” is getting out-of-hand.

    Fact is, Allen did the Celtics an enormous favor by signing with Miami!

    If you`re gonna be pissed at anyone, blame Ainge for offering that “prehistoric fossil” an insane $12M contract.

    • kg215

      It was pretty ridiculous, but since Ray won’t let it go, there is no reason for us to hold back. 6 million a year for 2 years wouldn’t have been bad for Ray, other teams would have offered that. I completely agree he did us a favor though by not signing.

    • Caterpillar from Italy

      you guys should really stop banging on this Ray Allen thing. It’s getting annoying. Ray is gone, nobody gives a shit anymore about his ankle or whatever, so there’s no reason to post something about him avery day.
      Plus, you really look like a betrayed woman after her man left for another one: jealous, angry and fussy.
      Who gives a damn about Ray anymore, a new season is about to begin and I can’t wait to jump on the sofa for the first JET three.

      • Art

        The problem is that Ray keeps saying things that get quoted by the press. How about if someone complains to Ray to avoid the words “Boston” and “Celtics” in all future communications. Shut the f–k up Ray!!

      • Drew

        I get more annoyed with the people that defend him personally. I love hearing the community bash him.

  • JG

    It’s one thing to say that the celtics got better, another thing to say that the heat signing Ray Allen will be a “failure” after he has player what, 4 preseason games and has some soreness in his ankle? He was pretty product

    • JG

      Sorry. He was pretty productive on bad ankles for the past couple of years with the celtics, who were asking a lot more of him. I still disrespect him for the decision he made (I wouldn’t even join a team I lost to in a PICK UP game. However, you have to hate on him sensibly or else it just makes us celtics fans look bad.

      • LA Flake

        I think we passed “bad” a long time ago.

      • Eddy Allen Powe

        Totally agree. How can a true competitor, a baller in the trenches of war team up with the enemy?Ray Allen should be bitter with defeat and hate Wade as a rival. When you battle along side the competitive nature of Garnett, you hate the enemy with intensity and you dont keep their number in your phonebook.

      • john rotolo

        He was so productive in the playoffs last year that he couldn`t make free throws. Stick a fork in him.

  • cam

    Pretty funny call on Suggs

  • Tyler

    Ray Allen needs to ease the pain by hitting that crack pipe and bath salts. Then he can keep running to the press so he can talk about it was not his fault he took less money to leave Boston. This guy is a Fugazi!

    • LA Flake

      I’d like to see how loyal you’d be if your boss tried to fire you every year.

      • Rain

        So what. Rondo was in the trade rumors plenty of times too.

      • Alex

        There is a huge difference between being fired and getting traded… especially in a work environment and the NBA business environment. Both Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce were in trade rumors and you don’t see them bitching about it. They understand it’s a business, apparently Ray Allen’s ego doesn’t.

  • Eddy Allen Powe

    What if he was loyal and resigned with us? Hollinger would say:

    “The Celtics are still the oldest team in the league. Their 37 yr old shooting guard is still hampered by age and injury. Wade and LeBron are still chasing him down the fast break and blocking him below the rim. Meanwhile, Barbosa and C. Lee sign elsewhere and we still cant afford M.Pietrus as a backup until A. Bradley gets healthy”

    It’s funny how it turned out. The Heat don’t get any flack for signing a 37 yr old shooter, but if he was our interim starter, we would be the laughing stock of the NBA.

    • OlSkool

      Hollinger would also add some snide remark about Jeff Green because he’s obsessed with his contract for some reason.

  • Drew

    Haven’t ever been this excited for a season to start.

  • Celtic Pride in Oz

    Thought Ray was a class guy when he played for us and was upset when he left for Miami. But I thought, well, he did get shopped around and probably felt dissed by the club so just wish him well. But I agree with a lot of other Celtics fans that he’s shown his true colors, continuing to harp on what happened to him and feeling he has to justify what he did – just shut up, Ray, and get on with what’s left of your career. The Celts have done so, and so should you… I really hope they bury the Heat on opening night… for more than one reason… let’s do it, Celts! Number 18!!!! Well wishes from Australia! (transplanted Bostonian)

    • Alex

      I truly believe Ray Allen is trying to justify his decision of ditching the Boston Celtics because he’s starting to regret it. After all, he basically fucked up his Celtic legacy by making an emotional decision to ditch us for the rival team. Oh well, I’m actually glad he’s gone now. We got Courtney Lee, Jason Terry, and Barbosa. I believe THAT on its own is totally worth it.

      • marrymeKG


  • When you bite the Boston hand that fed you, that Boston hand will bite back. Hard.

  • felix

    this ray allen dissing is ridiculous. Just half a year ago, everyone was praising him for being the ultimate professional for coming off the bench and now it’s a 180 degrees in the opposite direction. childish. Wait not write anything for the next 6 days, enjoy the first game and then write something it with substance?

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      We praised him because – publicly – he claimed to support Doc’s decision. We had no idea that he was bitching behind the scenes. Phony…

    • eddysamson

      Dude thats what happens when you leave your team of 5 seasons to join your new modern day hated rivals as we were still licking our wounds in defeat RIGHT AFTER THEY WIN!

    • mrchumpy

      No, I’m with Felix here. It’s fine to be bitter over comments and perceived betrayals, and I’ll boo him just as hard as the next guy because of those when he shows his face in the Garden.

      But if this blog is going to constantly monitor Ray’s health problems and react with glee every time he has a setback, I call bullshit. There’s never a good time to wish physical injury on another player…doing so just makes us look like bloodthirsty assholes, and I want no part of it.

    • Tyler

      If you want to go root for Ray Allen go buy his Miami Heat Jersey and root for the Heat to win!

  • Chuck – Red’s Army

    I hear all your complaints… but I make no guarantees. Ray Allen stung me pretty hard.. I will do my best to curb the Ray stories.


    So the dirty little mark in Celtic history has raised its ugly head once again. So very very sad. Why, Heat No 34, why? When Jesus went to the Heat and became Judas, the whole thing reminded me of a bad dream. One day, I’ll wake up and see Jesus back in Celtic green. No more, not now, not ever. Reality sucks. You destroyed your legacy Heat no 34. Once loved by fans of the original dynasty, now a sworn enemy. All this damn hate, now ask yourself, was it worth it?

  • Lakerhater

    Rya Allen? I thought he retired.

  • KJ to Hondo

    I had April in the annual “Ray Allen lingering ankle injury” pool. Guess I lose.

  • Brenda

    Ray’s departure stung pretty hard because of all his “do what’s best for the team” stuff last year. If anyone should be bitter its Rondo but he channels that into better play not more bitching. Ray let your play on the court do the talking for you – less “comments” please

  • WinstonSalems

    Mike Miller killed us in the playoffs last year, with a back that my 83 year old grandfather wouldn’t envy. Ray will be fine. It’s not like he has to create his own shot or run around screens. Guys were playing 5 feet off Rondo, which meant Ray needed to run around the court all game to get open. C’s never commanding a double team. Between LeBron and D Wade driving to the hoop, Ray could sit at the 3 point line, picking his nose and scratching his ass and still be wide open.

  • Quest

    Can’t wait for the opening game with the Heat. Seeing Ray come off the Bench and play minimum minutes as a role player will be worth the price of admission…. sore ankles hmmm pre- game excuse for mediocre play?

  • Kris

    I dont believe Ray, he’s playing the art of war right now. If he’s lying, I hope his lies will become true…LOL

  • Adam

    This is all a setup. Ray Allen still loves the Celtics. And what better way to help them then by screwing the Miami Heat. Yes he signed with the Heat, and yes he is saying a bunch of junk. Ray has to make it look real right? He will shoot brick after brick for the Heat and Spoelstra will keep him in because he is Ray “king of 3’s” Allen. This is the ultimate sacrifice for Ray to see his Celtics win another title.

    /conspiracy theory.