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Your Morning Dump… Where I’m downright giddy now about Jeff Green

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

GREEN DOING IT ALL: Taking advantage of Paul Pierce‘s night off, Green started at the small forward spot and came through with another strong outing, putting in a preseason-high 25 points. Green brought forth a very balanced offensive game, as he mixed in sleek and strong drives to the rim with a flurry of jumpers from the perimeter. He connected on three of his five 3-point attempts, and 10 of his 16 field goal attempts overall. He also added six rebounds — an area he said before the preseason that he wanted to see improvement in. Add in a steady defensive showing, including the aforementioned block on Thompson, along with a fourth-quarter assist to Courtney Lee that helped Boston run away with this thing, and it was a very respectable all-around performance for Green.

ESPN Boston

Due to parental obligations (we watched this), I was unable to join last night’s Celtics game until the start of the 4th quarter. When I asked for an update via Twitter, I was greeted with exuberance about Jeff Green and his monster block.

Green logged a hefty 38 minutes and, just as Greg Payne describes above, he did everything. He’s playing with such a calm confidence this entire preseason. There are no flashes of great play. Just great play.

Even the Celtics most irrational fan is getting excited:

Spare me the “it’s only preseason” talk. If Green delivers half of what he’s doing now against the NBA’s best, then this Celtics team will be far superior to last year’s team.

I haven’t been Green’s biggest supporter. But I’m ready to eat a big steaming pile of crow.

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    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      Nothing original on this site except for the:

      Taking Stock
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      Pretty pathetic…

    • JR99

      New flashes…
      – There is quite a bit of original commentary there, and that’s the best part
      – All blogs do this. It’s not just normal, it’s expected.
      – If you don’t like it, publish your own blog.
      (- I have zero affiliation with redsarmy. Just a reader.)

    • eddysamson

      It literally says it compiles the best links for us…what did you expect?

    • MC

      Ive been reading this site since it started and been a religious reader daily, never commented before but i felt the need to call this dude out. Reds Army is great and been giving me up to date celts news since the beginning. I even won celts tickets thru this site once. Keep up the good work dudes great stuff

  • Trevor

    Hey DarkoDude, I’m guessing that your need for ignorance over smarts caused you to miss the main reason for these articles, it’s called Morning Dump, a list of links to stories about the Celtics, Redsarmy doesn’t claim these stories as their own, they simply put all articles in one read for real Celts FANS, maybe you should follow the age old adage, if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your f%*king mouth shut, er something like that.

    • GeeZeeCeltics

      BOOM, roasted.

      Seriously though, bloggers are different from reporters because they (at least usually) can’t get their hands on original info from the players and stuff like that. Obviously they’ll take what other people put out and give their own opinion on it. As it happens, the people that contribute to RedsArmy have very interesting and thoughtful ideas and opinions. That’s why we read it every day. I don’t think anyone would want to read dry, impersonal stuff.

      You also have to take in account that none of these guys have RedsArmy as their primary money making platform. All of the contributors are regular people like you and me. One should rather appreciate their effort to put in time for us, not trash talk,

      • DatDudeDarko

        Haha you fool.

        • Chuck – Red’s Army

          I’d like to thank Trevor and GeeZee for their responses. Well said.

        • Celticsfanatic

          As long as we’re acting like second graders, I know you are but what are we?

  • Matt W

    Green looked like a totally different guy last night. He’s been pretty impressive throughout pre-season, but he looked like an all-star last night.

  • DatDudeDarko

    Sure thing Trevvy boy or should I say “mod”. I am a true celtics fan but Ill call a spade a spade and if you’re a “true” celtics fan Im sure you read espn boston, csnne, twitter and other celtics news outlets daily like the rest of us so theres no need for them to copy and paste the content (borderline infringement) that us “true” celtics fan have already seen and read. Someone wrote these qouted articles, how come noone ever qoutes Redsarmy? If you had any sense this is just axn oldschool blogger move for page views and ad revenue. Wheres the original content on RA…oh wait there isnt ever, and when someone calls them out on it one of there 5 fans comes to save the day. Get real your not fooling anyone with a brain with bogus copy and paste filler posts daily.

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  • coachaj

    well I am a big Green fan and was waiting for this Green to show up. Its a hard thing knowing when to get yours when surrounded by hof talent. Glad he is showing all that he can do. Just makes incredibly deep. Go Green, pun intended. Banner 18!!!!!!!!

  • DatDudeDarko

    Oh this sites not about clicks and ad revenue…funny that theres 10 ADVERTISEMENTS ON THIS ONE PAGE ALONE. WHAT BASKETBALL BLOG HAS 10 ADS ON ONE POST PAGE. Keep putting money in these clowns pockets and buying the “we do this for you guys!” b/s. Truth hurts, this blog is fraud. Celtics fans checkout all far superior and original content. These are the blogs these guys at RA read for all there info and qoute for “the morning dump” LOL

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      If you haven’t noticed, all blogs have advertisements on them, including CelticsLife, CelticsBlog and CelticsTown. I can’t quite understand how you can just single out RedsArmy like that. CB and CT both use the quote-and-opinion format. What’s so bad about it?

      The fact is that you have some sort of irrational anger towards RA. It is skewing your perspective of reality.

      Now, it would be intelligent to stop this and return to basketball discussion.

      • DatDudeDarko

        Nothing irrational about it just calling them out for cashing in on slight minded fans stuck with binders on? Why quote something us “true” fans have already seen. Advertisements? Sure no prob gotta pay for hosting…10 ON ONE PAGE? YEAH THAT SCREAMS DESPERATION SORRY. And the whole we do this for you! Lol come on now…this is nothing more than a copy paste filler post every day if you dont see that well lord help you.

        • GeeZeeCeltics


          Clearly people wouldn’t read this if it were just a filler article. It has 16 comments as of now.

          Whatever the reason is for your hate of this awesome site, you are clearly delusional. With this, I refuse to argue with you any longer. Reply if you like. I won’t.

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          I’m rushing out and renting a Zip Car, ordering a new Dell computer from and will be reviewing my auto insurance policy while on my cruise I got discount tickets for by clicking on the ad at REDSARMY.COM.


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        It’s more than likely that same joker from a few months ago under a different name. Dummy who doesn’t understand what a blog is. I trust John and Chuck will ban his ass soon enough.

        • Chuck – Red’s Army

          You would be correct. Someone out in Western Mass with too much time on their hands.

        • Larry Legend

          Ban him for what? Guy just giving an opinion. I read this blog cuz I love the Celts, but celticslife, celticsblog are superior sites…regardless I still read this blog in case they have something original/different (doesn’t happen often)…I guess just appreciate the content anyway for no other reason than it’s about the greatest franchise in sports. Go Celts!!

          • KY Celts fan

            Because trolls cannot be tolerated.

    • Matt W

      What’s funny is that every time you show up here and troll, RA makes money. Well done, dopey.

  • stephanie

    Well unsurprisingly Hollinger is the BIGGEST hater of Green. Last night , after the game, he made a point of giving Jeff a “reality check” on Twitter. I don’t understand his obsession with Green.

    • Brian

      Hollinger knows Green is starting to make him look stupid so his only option is to try to blow off Green’s performances as a fluke.

      • stephanie

        And the only thing he really brings up is his contract…Like their aren’t other players in the NBA with worst contract amounts. But you’re right Jeff is starting to proved him wrong and other nay sayers.

        • Larry Legend

          Steph great point! Hollinger an ass… Guy just loves trying to discredit Celtics. He’s a punk.

  • MC

    DarkoDude, u mad bro?

    Any ways, Green looks great. This team is better than 08. Losing ray was a blessing. We were able to resign green, who is better than ray, and sign Terry and Lee who already look better. Lose 1 guy sign three better. I like it.

  • DatDudeDarkó

    I’m sorry everyone. I have daddy issues that I struggle to express, and sometimes I lash out at others when I’m feeling lost in life. When I was a young boy I was abused, but when I grew up and realized what had happened to me, my father had already passed away and I couldn’t confront him. So I lash out, and often irrationally. I try to tear down what others built because I lack the confidence to build something myself. Instead I spend hours trolling sites. This is actually a good site, and I just wish I had the courage and mental capacity to come up with an idea like this to express myself.

  • greentexas

    Thank you RA for your hard work. I read every post. I appreciate that when i wake up your site is the first one to have and article posted about 7:00am texas time. My favorites are the competitive games of the best plays and the best kicks. No other site does that shit! I also appreciate that when other sites kind of took a break for the summer you guys dug deep for anything celtics 3 times a day. So i want to thank each writer for their hard work. Go Celtics.

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    i miss the Android phone app.

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    Careful people, that shit will kill you.