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How delusional is Ray Allen? He thinks he can play in the post

Ray Allen wants the world to know he’s more than a three-point shooter. He can put the ball on the floor, go to the hole, make the pass and… [wait for it] work in the post. From the Sun Sentinel:

One of the areas the Heat could possibly use Allen is in the post. It was a big part of his game during the early portion of his career before he became identified mostly as a jump-shooter. Allen said he often pleaded with Celtics coach Doc Rivers to play more in the post, but it was not part of the plans.

“In practice, I always posted up,” Allen said. “I just could never convince my coach to allow me go down in the post. He was always telling me he wanted different matchups. I’ve had so many matchups in the post throughout the years. It gives me a different scoring angle. It takes pressure off having always to shoot 3s.”

Playing in the post would force teams to rethink their strategies of defending Allen. Opponents generally place a smaller defender on Allen because his tendency to run off screens and tire bigger players. The presence of a post game all but eliminates the possibility.

“What teams try to do is when they want a guy to chase me they bring a small guy that’s quick,” Allen said. “So you roll to your next stunt and you post them and get them out of the game. The way we play here just creates so many different opportunities. You put the other team in so many complicated situations that it forces their defenses to play more uncomfortable.”

I was tempted to file this post under our humor category because it’s laughable. If Ray Allen truly had effective post moves in his arsenal, I’m fairly confident we would have seen at least one during his five years in Boston.

Every now and then, Ray would surprise us with his athleticism on a drive to the hole or on the fast break. But for the most part, he’s horrible off the dribble. I can’t fathom him routinely backing down a defender in the post. Does anyone think Doc Rivers would ignore a potential offensive threat?

And for someone looking forward to the future in Miami, Ray sure enjoys talking about Boston.

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  • Josh

    what an absolute joke. I couldnt be happier that he is the F outta here. spoke like a true Heat fairy bitch. Good luck posting up Paul Pierce or Jeff Green this year clown

  • Spol isnt a real coach, lebron and wade probably tell him how to coach so of course ray will do what he wants, spol doesnt want anyone to hate him so he lets them do what they want.

  • Nick

    As a Boston and ray fan, I’m sick of all of the ignorance many Boston fans are showing. Ray was a STUD in Milwaukee and Seattle who was very good off the dribble, but because that’s not who he was in Boston, Celtic fans call it a ‘joke.’ You people are embarrassing. The man is a 10 time all star and clearly spent most of his career doing more than just shooting 3s. Take some time to understand a bit about a player’s entire career, not just his time in Boston.

    • JR99

      When someone says that Ray is no longer what he once was, that is not the same as denying what he once was. He used to be a more complete player. He used to be younger. He is no longer those things. Now when he attempts to dribble, he is too often a turnover machine.

      I’ll tell you one other thing Ray Allen once was and is no longer. Sane.

    • Danno

      The rest of his career is irrelevant now. Boston fans shouldn’t have to make excuses for his half-assed play while he was here, or his egotistical attitude because he was the best player on terrible shit teams 12 years ago. While he was a Celtic, he was a no-show 90% on the time when it mattered. And now he’s talking shit about his former team, shooting his way out the door.

      Fuck Ray Allen.

      • Errick

        Ill agree hes delusional with post playing at this stage of his career, he also he was a great facilitator and when he was given the shot he made too many turnovers. Ray is a great player and regardless of the media stunt going om right now, he showed night in night out for the C’s . he won many game with his incredible clutch shooting, and sometimes like against the bulls and lakers hed shoot the lights ouy at insane accuracy. Ray should be respected for his game and what he did here. People need to move on, and wish nothing but best to the guys he woj many ganes for us got us kg and was key in winning banner 17. so shut up you ignorant people who say ray didnt show up 90% of the time.

  • Richard

    Play in the post? he can’t play facing the basket. I hope this JUDAS has a lousy year !!! We all remember game 7 in the 2010 finals against the FAKERS don’t we, IT WAS BRICK CITY. this year i hope it’s every game !!!!!!!!!!

    • Caterpillar from Italy

      Slow down, my friend: it was brick city after he set a record in the previous game for made three’s in the Finals..

  • ThevilleintheA

    I’ll take a wait & see ticket on Allen being a post player. Maybe we let a good post player go, maybe we didn’t. We will see…

    You never know…

  • Josh

    Noone said Ray was a bad player. Guys a hall of famer. But lets not act like because he was good in Seattle and Milwaukee (going on a decade ago mind you)…that hes suddenly Michael Jordan late in his career posting up the league and burying fade aways. You want to know a “bit about his career”…his team made 4 playoff appearances in his entire career before coming to Boston..some STUD huh

    • LA Flake

      This irrational hatred toward ray is really out of hand! What the hell? Ray’s got a decent post game. Don’t you remember? He has more post moves than Brandon Bass, let’s just put it that way. I bet you Ray can hit at least 70% of his turnaround J in the post over the likes of Terry and Rondo and even Avery. Ray is deadly in the post when he has a smaller guy on him. The long-distance king of the world shooting a short J over Terry or Rondo? I don’t want any of that. Do you?.

      And come on, y’all. P2 and KG hadn’t done much in the playoffs either prior to joining forces. It’s not like Ray was the only one and then suddenly got to ride the coattails of KG and P2 to a championship. Remember Ray in the Finals in ’08? He was arguably the MVP of that series. While Paul had 4 monster games (1, 2, 4, 5) in that series, Ray was consistently excellent in all 6 games.

      I agree with a poster who said that this is getting embarrassing. Let it go, guys. Let it go.

  • Nick Sannicandro

    for all the good karma ray allen built up over his time in Boston, he was portrayed as the silent leader, the good guy, blah blah blah but now his true colors are showing up, anything that Lebron James touches turns to shit, as is the case w/ Ray Allens attitude since joining Miami, sorry but I have zero respect for this punk and I hope to God the Celtics never retire his number

    • Curt

      I’m not a Lebron fan, but that makes you sound ignorant.

      Turns to shit? You mean the way he took Cleveland deep into the playoffs? Or the way Miami won a championship while LBJ won the MVP? You can hate, but don’t make us Celtic fans sound ignorant.

  • One-Way Ray

    Somewhere maybe Ray has tapes of himself posting up his brother in 7th grade

  • Mannie

    He is not on our team anymore. Why care about what he thinks anymore….?

  • Ray

    Let me find out Nick is gay and he’s a closet Miami fan u scrub

  • jim

    ray can play on this dick

  • Tyler

    Ray needs to put down the Bath Salts and stop talking about Boston this and Boston that. Maybe he should worry about practicing with Miami instead of ranting like a kid who can’t get over a girl that dumped him.

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  • Ray can still post up….

    For those of you who think Ray can’t play in the post, check out this video. Heat vs. Hawks, in the video below he is posting up another player. It’s the last play. Ray still has game at 37 years old.

    • Curt

      I waited all season the last two years for Ray to start playing in the paint again. It killed me everytime he was forced to play outside. It will be nice to see him shine. I hope he scores 30 points a game, but that the Heat lose 82 games this season.

  • OlSkool

    Can we move on Please? Ray did! Why do we keep seeing posts about him in Miami. I’m good with Lee, Jet, and AB. He made his move because his feelings were hurt plus he wanted to chase some young booty down in Miami so just let him be.

  • Tyler

    He didn’t move on because all he talks about when a camera is in his face is how much the Cetlics did not aqueous to his game by setting 4-5 picks a play. Ray needs to put down the crack pipe & bath salts and get back to reality. I hope Allen enjoys watching the Bucks or Thunder(Sonics) raise his number in the rafters cause it sure as hell won’t happen in Boston.

  • Mike

    All the Ray Allen fans here should just go root for the Miami Heat to win not five, not six, not seven…

  • Brenda

    Ray just stop just say “NO COMMENT” if asked about the Celtics. We move on you move on that’s how it works buddy.