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Your Morning Dump… Where the starters are pretty much done for the preseason

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“This was the hardest game that [the veterans will] play, I can tell you that,” Rivers said after Thursday’s game. “Maybe the last game [against Philadelphia on Sunday] they may play one good half. The New York game, I would be surprised — we’ve got to play somebody. But a lot of them are not playing. They already know that. They knew that before this game. And then we get seven days [of practice] to work and prepare for the start of the season [after Sunday’s game].”

ESPN Boston

The Celtics are playing back-to-back games tomorrow and Sunday night and their preseason schedule is done.   After Pierce and Bass got banged up last night (Pierce turned his ankle, Bass bruised his knee), they’ll either see limited, or no action tomorrow night.

The Celtics still have plenty to work on… but they always do.  But I think last night was at least some indication that when they really want to put a solid game together, they’re capable of it.  Basically, last night is the reason why none of anything else in the preseason concerned me at all.  These are all really good players who have been in the league a pretty long time.

The only thing that really needs to be worked out offensively are a few chemistry issues like where guys should be at certain times.  Defensively, there are still rotations to be picked up and some pick-and-roll issues… but that will come along as well.

So don’t expect a ton out of the starters until the Miami Heat game.  And while the result of that game will ultimately be almost meaningless, these guys will be ready to unleash more than a week’s worth of pent-up energy on Miami.  Should be fun.

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  • Lunar

    Think it’s pretty much wise at this point to shut down the starters. Though the last night’s BOS/BK national televisied game was a preseason match up, clear showed why the Celtics are an elite team, because they know when to turn it on.

    Last night was also an indication that players can get hurt in meaningless preseason games. So to be cautious I think Rivers should shut down the starters, but Rivers being a complicated man, he’ll probably not.

  • Double P

    Last night, Courtney Lee really impressed me. His ability to defend Joe Johnson was fantastic. Going forward, a defensive tandem of Bradley and Lee has so much potential. Just matching up with Dwyane Wade, the ability to put both Bradley and Lee on him is great. Also, Pierce, Lee, and Green all have the ability to guard Lebron as well I believe. Joe johnson is similiar in size at 6’8″ and Lee was not overmatched.

    Also, having sullinger or Green in the lineup allows the Celtics to exploit the Heat if they opt to put Shane Battier in the lineup. Each should be able to take him in the post if giving 1on1 coverage. I really like how our team matches up with the competition.

    • Chulinho

      If the C’s get out of Courtney what they got out him last night for at least 55-70 games this season, I’m sure they’ll be pleased. I know I will be.

    • labrite34

      I agree with the tandem of Bradley/Lee on DWade giving us a new defensive scheme opportunity, but I can’t see Courtney Lee being able to defend Lebron at all below the elbow. Jeff Green and Pierce? Yes.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Time to unleash Fab Melo!

    Let`s see what we have in him…start him in the remaining preseason games…give him lots of minutes…let this potential “beast” patrol the paint without shackles/restrictions!

    • JG

      I think it is likely we will see a goaltend out of him 99.99% of the time haha. I do not understand how he still doesn’t know when he’s allowed to attempt a block. 1 or 2 times is okay, but he has literally been called for a goal-tend on all but 1 of his blocks and they clearly were!

      • RedsLoveChild

        That`s ok…this is the time to make mistakes and learn from them.

        He can be taught the fundamemtals. I`d be more concerned if he lacked aggressiveness.

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