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The Heat don’t know what to do with Ray Allen yet

For those of you wondering how life is treating Ray Allen down in sunny Miami, here’s last night’s game recap from the Miami Herald:

WORST OF LAST NIGHT: Ray Allen off his game

Allen went 3 of 11 from the field and 1 of 5 from three-point range. He had seven points in 22 minutes. Maybe it was just an off night; maybe Allen is still adjusting to coming off the bench. Allen was first player off the bench and was paired with two other guards on the court, Wade and Norris Cole. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra went with the same rotation pattern in the third quarter. It’s clear the Heat is still getting used to having Allen on the team. They don’t exactly seem to know what to do with him yet. The signature single- and double-screens Boston ran for Allen haven’t been completely integrated yet by the Heat.

I’m not harping on Ray’s poor shooting, because off-nights happen, especially in the preseason. I am slightly confused with the integration, because I thought that was going to be seamless. Ray Allen would stand on the perimeter and waits for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to drive, collapse the defense and kick the ball out to him for an open trey. An 8th grade intramurals coach could design such plays. What’s the problem? [insert snickering laughter]

While we’re on the subject of Ra Allen, it seems that he’s revising history a bit, especially the part about Boston’s contract offer.

From a recent radio interview:

When this contract situation came down, everybody in my circle — mom, family, brother, sister, friends from college, people who watched me since I was in high school and since I was in college — nobody wanted me to resign in that situation because they thought, ‘There [is] so much left in you and this team isn’t taking care of you or treating you right.’ That’s the way I felt and it was like, if you are going to come and not put out a good contract on the table then, hey, we gotta think about going somewhere else.”

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Ray signed in Miami for 3 years, $9.5 million. The Celtics offered 2 years, $12 million. Ray would have been a bench player on both teams.

Stop with the bad contract talk, Ray. Your departure was about ego.

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  • cwin

    Good riddance, new squad so much more fun to watch

  • Escobar

    ‘But, Ray hit the highest shooting % of his career last season…he’s still elite.” – Miami fans everywhere.

    Good riddance. Loved seeing JET going 5/5 from beyond the arc last night and courtney lee having a team high in pts. Yeaaa baby!

    • Danno

      He’s the A-Rod ob the NBA. Mr. December. He’s routinely terrible in the postseason.

    • And Pierce going 6/8 from 3 and Lee hitting some 3’s too

  • DJisintheHall

    Ray leaving is the best thing that could have happened to the C’s. the only one happier than me watching them push the ball AFTER made baskets is Tommy.
    I love it- Tommy has been screaming it for years. Push the ball beat the defense for easy shots. Its a simple game!

    RONDO was built for that style.

    • Chulinho

      Lol. CSNNE is going to have to contain Tommy this season. He might be more excited about the C’s faster pace than anyone else. Like you pointed out, he’s been advocating it for a while.

  • Danno

    I seriously cannot wait to loudly boo this asshole at the Garden, unfortunately, that won’t happen until March.

    • Wished i lived closer…i would join ya and the other fans in booing him, wish he was a starter tho. But they could still do the thing that they did to Humphries and LeBron – boo em everytime they touched the ball. I just dont see Ray getting the ball as much without Rondo on his team and with LeBron and Wade on the team.

  • Will Wright

    Im glad he’s gone. He was becoming more inconsistent & a liability on D. All he could do is shoot spot up jumpers. Now we have guys that can shoot just as well, create thier own shot, dribble, & play defense. I like our chances better without the traitor.

  • RedsLoveChild

    You wanted him, you got him…Miami!

    Now, just sit back and wait for Ray`s nagging injuries to arrive.

    One more thing, Ray will “disappear & disappoint” when you need him the most…as in Game 7 vs. LA in 2010.

    • Danno

      also as in Games 1-5 in the 2008 LA Finals series.

      • MJ

        Not sticking up for the man or anything but Ray was arguably our most consistent player in the 2008 finals.

        • Manny

          Pierce was way more consistent

          • MJ

            No he wasn’t. He was 2-14 for six points in game three. Ray never had a statline like that in the finals that year.

            You’re confusing consistency with value. Pierce was the MVP, but Ray gave us good statlines every game.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Even in Game 6 of 2008….the last 6 of Ray`s 7 three-pointers came with Boston up by 30+ points.

        The pressure was off when he nailed those!

      • Frank A

        Your kidding me? I’m glad Ray is gone, we’ve upgraded at the 2 spot but Ray was huge in the 08 finals…. He sucked until mid way through the Detroit series but from then on he was so good. Go watch the game 5 come back in LA when Ray cleared everyone away and drove to the hoop for the biggest basket of the night. Let’s not change history here.

  • Josh

    Said it before, I’ll say it many times again. F*ck Ray Allen. this team is gonna dominate without him. Cant wait to see his face next year while he watches our ring Ceremony. The once Champion, Now CHUMP Ray Allen

  • Cam

    Loved Ray when he was here. He did rub me the wrong way a lot of times when hearing some of his quotes but I ignored it cause he was on the C’s.

    He would respond to stuff pretty eloquently which I think made people believe hr was such a team and pro player. For example when he kind of said he didn’t mind coming off the bench. He never really said it or followed it up with “I’ve been a starter all my life and I don’t know if its best for the team, im not sure if it will be a good fit but whatever doc wants ill do”

    Never understood how people would praise him after quotes like that.

  • Stephanie

    I read the whole radio interview and this excerpt I found quite interesting:

    I think everyone is glad that you are on the Heat now so we don’t see you with the Celtics anymore, right?

    “That’s a sentiment that was shared quite a bit as I spent the last two months here in Miami. Everybody was like, ‘I could not stand you. I rooted against you so much.’ People like me. One guy told me and said ‘I couldn’t cheer for anybody on your team. I cheer for you because I appreciate who you were as a player, but I can’t stand anyone else. I’m glad you are on the team now, so I can really truly root for you.’ That’s been a sentiment I’ve gotten all summer, so I appreciate that as well.”

    The part I found interesting is when he states “People like me”…hmm

    • ThevilleintheA

      I’ve heard fans of the game say they liked Ray Allen but hated Pierce, Garrett & Rondo.

      • stephanie

        Me too, but who actually states it? It’s one thing to know that your public persona is liked, but it’s another thing to say it and basically say yeah everyone hated my team mates.

  • adam

    I appreciate Ray and everything he did over the… 5 (has it been 4 or 5) years he was a Celtic, but good riddance. Signing the Jet and Lee were easily an upgrade over Ray at this stage of the game.

  • Stu

    By Ray! I think it was wise for both parties to go their sperate ways. The Celtics have re-tooled nicely after Allen’s departure. Sooner or Later Allen was gonna be traded or leave. Maybe Ray’s departure was a blessing.

    At this stage in Ray’s career he’s only a shooter. Not to knock him, but he can longer defend, jump or stay with opponents. He’s Miami’s problem. Interested to see what teams hang his jersey, because it ain’t gonna be BOS.

  • thebantam

    I see this less about Ray leaving Boston, (c’mon guys, lets move on from that shall we?) and more about the Heat having perpetual struggles putting guys around their mega stars.

    Your point about just hang around the arc for a shot is spot on. How hard can that be for him? Their offense will be a pick and roll with LBJ driving, and that’s all it needs to be. They don’t need double screens to set up folks… just collapse the D and kick out. How hard is that Spo, even in pre-season?

  • OlSkool

    I stopped missing Ray as soon as I saw Lee actually be able to defend, get out in transition and finish at the rim without getting rejected. Then I missed him even less when I saw Terry actually create his own shots without needing 10 screens to get open. Stupid Heat wasted their mid level just to hurt the Celtics who are better off anyway.

    • sev

      it is funny how at 6 ft 2, jason terry seems to have no problem just pulling up for 3 with someone in his face, but yet Ray who is taller, and has one of the quickest releases in the game, never seemed to do that. I’m sure Doc gave him the green light, but maybe he wasn’t quite able to do that(pull up for 3 with someone in his grill) because he could no longer jump as high and his ball handling skills aren’t at the same level as Jet. Obviously he still did make quite a few shots with someone guarding him tightly, but that was usually a catch and shoot scenario. If Ray thought he could bring more to the table offensively, I doubt Doc would stop him….instead it seemed like Ray struggled to get his shot off and would end up dribbling around, eventually causing a turnover. On previous teams Ray dribbled the ball much more(not to say his handle was any better back then), but he would often just pull up from anywhere, which leads me to believe he got away with much more when he was more athletic. Someone like Paul Pierce(who’s still athletic) has more skill which allows him to produce despite father time. Jet just does a simple but effective cross over into a jumper or drive to the basket for a floater, but with either scenario, Jet is under much more control and plays at a nice pace, and he just confidently reacts to what the defense gives him. No true back up pg, but Jet and Leandro can at least handle the ball, as well as Lee and Bradley to a lesser extent. While not everybody will get the min they want and prob deserve, our depth will help us overcome injuries and allow us to be overly cautious with players dealing with nagging injuries. I honestly think we have enough fire power at every position where we could lose one of the big 3 for a period of time and still be a dominate team. Rondo would be the one guy that we wouldn’t want injured for too long, as he runs the show and will help get the most out of our players(Wilcox, Green, Bass), as well as cover up any chemistry issues until everybody really does feel comfortable with one another. Pierce can facilitate too if need be. I’m surprised more people(outside of NE) aren’t talking about how ridiculously deep we are while having an all star core. I think that is the biggest difference, as the super teams seem to only have a great starting five, whereas other teams have great depth as well, but their all stars aren’t as good. I was just looking at how deep the Nets are after the other night, but aside from Williams, Lopez and JJ don’t compare to Pierce and KG. Our team was like 7 deep last year and that’s being nice, so prey for no season ending injuries because this team is finals bound. Our 3rd string looks like the typical 2nd unit for most teams and I follow the nba enough to say that without looking through my green glasses.

  • Drew

    Ill be the first to rub it in Rays face if he ends up having a career low year. I’d love NOTHING more than for that to happen. Can’t even imagine how much fresher our big men will be after not having to set ten thousand double screens a season for Ray.

  • JR99

    If Ray is coming off the bench, is he even playing with Wade and James? ?Or is he running with the 2nd team?

    Ray left Boston because his fragile ego was offended by the Cs’ trade talks…. something to which every team has a PERFECT RIGHT, btw. So what did he do instead? He took half as much money (the min) to go work for Miami — which will treat him MUCH WORSE. He wanted respect? We’ll see how much respect he gets sitting on the end of the bench when his ankle starts bothering him again…. or when he just starts missing shots.

    Personally, I was happy to see him go after his ABYSMAL ECF performance. Injury excuses mean nothing.

    And yeah, Ray Allen has richly earned our boos… hope they rain down on him when he comes here. Maybe then this nutjob will finally get it in his head that NO ONE in Boston “likes” him anymore. After he left, he was quoted saying that he “still loves Boston,” that he’d always consider it his “home.” I can’t even imagine how crazy he has to be to say something that stupid, after what he did.

  • gaia

    it will fun to see ray allen sit on the bench when C’s beat the heat. ;D

  • Michael

    Maybe Ray ends up finishing his career with OKC after Harden leaves town. Then he becomes first OKC jersey retired, even though it should be a SEA jersey.. Publicity for them and face saving for Ray.

    I will always have respect for Ray’s game and accomplishments, not to mention all he’s gone through with baby Walker. I can only trust he is the family man he professes to be. It’s understandable his family would have an inflated estimate of what Ray is worth to a basketball team at this juncture.

    Basketball-wise, we’re WAY better off with Lee and Terry. Lee’s 3-ball probably needs to stay in his corner pocket, but his drive to hoop, pull up j, and fast breaking are all HUGE assets. Terry has already proved his worth frim the arc. I do hope he passes more off the drive, as he appears to have rejection issues around the rim.

  • Gary

    If Ray doesnt have love for boston and his teammates y should we? Forget Ray, the only thing that sux about the whole thing is he signed with the heat. .
    He must really appreciate how the heat treated him , ez for the heat to kiss his butt when all they can offer is the mini mid level. Ray officially is now the rare hall of fame player with no team affiliation.
    This will make beating the heat that much sweeter.

    • Shareef1987

      So I have a question for the Boston fans. If the Ray Allen trade to Memphis goes down, are the Celtics traitors?

      Ray obviously felt unappreciated by the franchise and felt it was time to move on. With him being at the end of his career he obviously wanted to go to a team that can contend for a ring and what better place to go than the best team in the league, the Heat.

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  • stephanie

    In another interview he did, he talked about how he wanted to post up more with Boston and how he begged Doc to let him do it, but Doc wouldn’t. He feels he’s getting that chance in Miami to show he’s not just a 3 point shooter.,0,4763197.story

    • Drew

      what a bitch……, just wow.

      • stephanie

        The more he talks, the more I’m just completely turned off. Doc had his reason for not wanting to post him and he’ll see in the regular season.

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  • eddysamson

    LOL lost all respect for Ray Ray after his decision to bail for our modern day biggest rivals.

    Seeing this and those stat lines is JUST GREAT!!!!!!!