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Post-game “why we looked so awesome” quote-off: KG vs. Rondo

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) October 19, 2012 Celtics News 7 Comments

A couple of quotes after last night’s game have slipped under the radar.  Both are awesome explanations about why the Celtics looked so good against Brooklyn last night… and both are so perfectly indicative of the person who uttered them.  I could not tell you who said them, and there’s no doubt in my mind you could figure out who they came from.

But I’ll tell you anyway.  First up, Kevin Garnett.

“Philly, that was embarrassing. We don’t play basketball like that. That was embarrassing to us. We have a culture in here that we adopt. When you put this jersey on, it comes with responsibilities, whether it’s preseason or (expletive) around, chillin’, one-on-one, 21, whatever it is. It comes with responsibility. We don’t take that lightly around here. We felt like in Philly we took a step back. We feel like we got back on that horse and got better.”

Typical KG.  Intense… vulgar… proud… inspirational.  Makes you want to put a uniform on yourself and go bark at some tiny European point guard.

Next up, Rajon Rondo, talking about the Barclays Center:

“It’s got low-lighting like a theater or opera, so we’ve got to put on a show every time.”

So purely Rondo.  Cocky… you’re not sure if he’s screwing with you because part of you thinks that might actually be part of his motivation.

There you go.  Two quotes, great in their own way.  I can’t pick out which one is better… but I don’t really care.

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  • Chris

    The expletive was a good indication of who said what. Gotta love KG.

  • o2

    Makes you want to put a uniform on yourself and go bark at some tiny European point guard. Ugh – No disrespect but this has become more of a trend of comments than based in reality. Yes he has done it, but he has done it to plenty of other players of all shapes and sizes and color. Paint your Face Clown!

    • kg215

      +1. He has gotten into it with Duncan, Howard, Stoudamire, and of course even crappier big men like Blatche. Definitely overblown that he only goes after small guys or europeans.

    • http://redsarmy.com John

      It’s just a joke playing off the stereotype.

      • o2

        Nice. Good Job. Love the site. Dont paint my face please.

  • Drew

    Suprise surprise, Rondo one of the first athletes in sports to take a shot at the rust hut. LOVE IT.

  • kay

    I think what Rondo said is kind of creatively funny! KG is always KG. yea.. Everyone should have attitude like him in life when we put our uniform on. Go green!!