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My Barclays Instagram gallery, and how I got such great seats

I was lucky enough to witness the Celtics best preseason performance in person last night from some amazing seats in the Barclays Center.  I was a bit of a shutterbug, so I’m sharing all the Instagram photos I took from my seat just 8 rows up in the corner by the Celtics bench.  Feel free to browse through our gallery below.

And what did I pay for tickets in row 8?


And that’s because I used our own ticketing service, the Red’s Army Ticket’s widget powered by TiqIQ.  You can find it on the right hand side of our page, and you can use it for home AND road games.  Just click “see all tickets”… and when you’re there, click on “other Celtics events” for a full schedule of home and road games to choose from.

What it does is aggregate most secondary market tickets in one place.  From there, you can customize the results by section, or how much you want to spend.

Does that mean you’ll get $60 seats near the floor every time?  No.  But if they exist, you’ll find them.  And if you’re skeptical about using a product, at least with this you know that the person selling it to you is someone who uses it and has used it successfully.

I had an awesome time in Brooklyn.  It was a lot of fun to check these guys out and be so close.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

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  • Good marketing spiel, and awesome view man.

  • Sheets

    How long have you been working for TiqIQ?