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The NBA addresses a problem no one cared about

That’s a fan’s video of Kevin Garnett’s pregame routine from a couple of years ago.  It has remained largely unchanged and, from beginning to end… that is to say, from the head-butting, shorts tying bit at the basket support to getting in position after pointing to all 3 refs… takes about two minutes.

Well, that’s just too much for the NBA.

Starting this season, teams will have 90 seconds after introductions to report for tip-off, or face a delay-of-game warning. Two delay-of-game infractions in a single game triggers a technical foul. So while the warning itself is not punitive, it should prompt teams to get ready in a timelier fashion.

The 90-second window is already in the rule book, but it is rarely enforced. The N.B.A. is making it a point of emphasis for its referees this season.

“Simply, to start our games on time,” the N.B.A. spokesman Tim Frank explained.

Congratulations, NBA, for addressing an issue no one cared about.  I haven’t heard a single peep from anyone about games not starting on time.  I haven’t heard a single fan say “I paid to see a game start at 7:30… NOT 7:31!!”

This rule doesn’t make a lick of sense, which means there has to be something behind it.  It’s like when  you suddenly see a sign at work that says “please don’t take lunches from the office fridge.”  That means someone’s been taking lunches from the office fridge.

Someone, somewhere, complained about this.  Perhaps a network executive somewhere.  Perhaps a sponsor.  Who knows?

But someone had to trigger this.  Crazy rules like this don’t just appear out of nowhere.  Now we’ll have to see if this changes KG’s routine up at all.  The C’s have already been hit with a delay of game warning for this.  It’s be really silly to see any team lose points in a game because of it.

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  • Missmd88

    They don’t cut commercials or all those tv timeouts especially the ones that happen the last 2-3 minutes of a game but they cut this. David Stern doesn’t like fun

  • dk

    Right, but what about during playoffs and nationally televised games that start 15 minutes after they are supposed to start due to “pregame statements, and extra commercials, etc.”

    THAT the league is ok with though right


    haha this is funny if you watch it like this, maybe KG suffers from OCD and we dont know lol….

  • Beamon

    Shook everyone’s hand but Noah’s lol

    • Curt

      I was wondering if anyone else noticed/appreciated that. 🙂

  • zippittyay

    I want to know how they squeeze two 30 second commercials into a 20 second time out?

    • Sheets

      Hear Hear

    • Drew

      Don’t you get a grace period before and after the time out? Like, 20 seconds to get in the huddle, and another 20 to take the court and get position again. That’s gotta be how it goes. Those “20 second time outs” are very long.

      Plus, when Doc calls a 20 second time out, he walks to mid court casually. Sometimes stops and thinks for about 5 seconds, then walks casually back to the huddle. That’s 20 seconds right there.

  • cgoldberg

    my vid of Garnett’s pre-game ritual:

  • B

    NBA is an absolute joke. Seriously.

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  • Jeremy Etom

    What’s next — Players will be charged with a tech for having a custom free throw routine?