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Jeff Green will hear none of your James Worthy talk

“Put this Tweet out to James Worthy — he has Twitter,” said Green. “I’m not doing it. Who runs the Boston Celtics’ Twitter? … I cannot be called the great James Worthy without his permission. I’m dead serious. I want you to put that Tweet out. I do not want to be called James Worthy. Get video, I don’t care.”

Informed the Worthy comparisons were launched by former Celtic Brian Scalabrine doing analysis for Comcast SportsNet on Boston’s overseas games, Green reaffirmed his need for permission.

“I’ve got a message for Scal: You have to ask the great James Worthy if I’m able to have that nickname of James Worthy, because that’s a top 50 [player], one of the greatest players to ever play this game, and for me to be called that, it’s an honor, but you have to ask his permission,” said Green. “So Tweet it, c all him, email, whatever you need to do, because I don’t want to be called that without his permission.”

ESPN Boston

I dunno… throw some goggles on Jeff Green and I can start to see it.

This is a very admirable, very nice reaction from Green to the comparisons to Worthy.  But I don’t think anyone is saying he’s going to be as good as Worthy was just yet.  That’s a Hall of Famer, and Green is going to have to improve quite a lot to get to that level.

But what guys like Scal and even Mike Gorman are saying is his STYLE of play is reminiscent of Worthy.  They have a similar style of game.

Of course, the second you mention two players in the same breath or sentence, everyone wants to pretend you’re comparing the two and expect one to become the other.  No one has said he’d be the next Worthy.  It’s just the way they play.  And Gorman should know.

I have the utmost respect for James Worthy.  I hated those Lakers teams, but man, Worthy was bad ass and one of the opponents I respected the most.  I can appreciate Green’s humility and reverence and respect for the greats of the game.

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  • I like the Worthy comparison, especially if Green can be talked into wearing the goggles. If Darko can be talked into wearing Rambis/Hanson Bros heavy-framed glasses, I think we may be onto something. Something freaky … and awesome.

  • RedsLoveChild

    I would give Green a “slight edge” over Worthy….but, only because Worthy is now 51 years old!

    As horrible as Scalabrine was as a player….he might be even worse as a color man!

    • 17rings

      Scal > Donny Marshal

      • Larry Legend

        Scal is atrocious as color analyst. I mean god awful. I hate Scal. Player and analyst. Go away dude. You suck.

        • Jesse


  • Scal’s “reaching” on that one.

  • Danno

    OH SNAP! We just signed Barbosa!

    • MJ

      Beat me to it! DAMN IT DANNO!

  • Dustin Chapman

    I hate the media.

  • Paul

    i think this is less of a reach than tommy’s stiemsma=russell comparison

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