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Hey look at who’s still Paul Pierce

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) October 17, 2012 Paul Pierce, Videos 5 Comments on Hey look at who’s still Paul Pierce

“It’s at the point right now, halfway through the preseason, two weeks left before the first game, I was just trying to establish a rhythm — how I’m going to play the rest of the year,” said Pierce. “No matter who they put out there tonight I was going to try to be aggressive and I think I was. I was really disappointed with the way I was playing the last couple games, so I really wanted to start picking it up.

Mission accomplished, Paul.

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  • Wels Catfish

    I loved that little jump stop, upfake, baby hook at 1:12. Putting the width of his shoulders into his defender to make room for his shot…I’d love if we saw more of Paul in the post this season. He has the physical attributes to really punish smaller players. He shouldn’t have to create so much in isolation situations over 16 feet from the basket.

    Paul is moving so much better than he was in the postseason. It warms my heart to see.

    • Drew

      That’d be nice. But his jumping ability is limited. It’s too late in his career to develop a strong post game.

      • Wels Catfish

        Well I wasn’t recommending that he try to post a big guy like L. James, but only when he has a size/strength advantage. And as for not having a strong post game, he may not have a wide variety of moves but he’s efficient and knows how to use his body, which is just as important as being able to jump high in post-play. On a couple of occasions in n the ECF, he was fed the ball when Wade was on him and just drop stepped behind the smaller player for a layup. I just think it would be nice for him to post up a couple more times per game.

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