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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc isn’t going to use a bullet just yet

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“We just kind of showed up,” coach Doc Rivers said after watching his club commit 14 of its 20 turnovers in the first half and shoot 38 percent overall. “I thought we had poor intensity throughout, and that’s obviously unacceptable.

“I get upset, but listen, I’m not going to use any bullets or whatever you want to call it now. You kind of wait. But I think it’s a good lesson for us. Some of our guys got frustrated early because other guys forgot plays or didn’t know things. I think that’s a lesson, too. You have to be able to grind a game.

“We’re going to play 82 regular-season games, and I guarantee you we’re not going to be great in all of them. But you can still win the game if you have mental toughness. But today things went wrong, and we kind of caved in quick — and I told them that’s not a good sign.”

Boston Herald

The Celtics remain plagued by turnovers and horrible execution on defense.

Anyone concerned yet? As long as Doc Rivers is playing mix-and-match with the rotations, I would ease back on your throttle of frustration.

Last night’s debacle was more about effort, or lack of effort. And that’s something a lot of teams deal with every preseason.

One other note, the strained ligaments in Darko’s right wrist are a problem:

The pain is so severe now that he’s contemplating having a cortisone shot to help alleviate the pain.

“I’m thinking about it,” Milicic told “It (the pain) went away and I forgot about it. And I landed on it, and I got hit on it, and got hit on it and some other stupid (bleep) … the pain keeps coming back.”

Darko’s fighting for a job, so I understand why he wants to play through the pain. But if rest is the only cure, then it makes sense to sit now. I think he’s shown enough to secure a spot in the rotation. [Did I really type that?]

Chris Wilcox is still out and there’s no timetable for his return.

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  • Chris

    The main rotation guys dont surprise me. They’re meant to stroll casually through pre season. Christmas surprises me. It’s like he thinks his summer league performance was enough. Also Lee has been very disappointing. He needs to develop some chemistry with this team. Green and Sully have been impressive and reasonably consistent.

  • john rotolo

    Lee just hasn`t been hitting his shot.I like his defensive intensity.Green has a tendency to get lost on defense and Sullinger needs to quit forcing things against taller opponents and pass the ball out when contested.Darko looks like he can contributeCollins and Melo not so much.

  • eddysamson

    I am really happy with how Darko is looking…especially that slam of a dunk he threw down right after he came back after hurting his hand.

    Its funny other than Green’s game against the Knicks I’ve been most impressed with Darko. Lee, Terry, and Sully havn’t looked nearly as good as I expected them to look. I am a huge JET fan and his play has been different…maybe they are forcing him into Ray’s role in plays that he maybe hasnt learned yet.

    Sully looked bad against the 76ers. He duffed most of his shots, fumbled passes, looked lost, wasnt ready for passes, etc.

    • Larry Legend

      I dont want to overeact to a preseason result but that was really disturbing to me last night. That team should never lose by 32. No excuse for that. Name me another good NBA team that does that? Maybe it’s cuz I love the C’s so much, but I’m not ok with what happened last night. The “cool” Boston Celtics… Enough.

      • eddysamson

        They had a lot going against them and the 76ers are a young, fast, and efficient. The Cs will be fine for the second half of the season but the start of this season is going to be rough. Doc has too many options that hes not sure on yet.

        • Larry Legend

          What the F— did they have going against them?!! That’s BS excuses. Be professional. Fine if ya lose in preseason. But don’t get embarrassed. Gimme a break. They’ve got as much time as everyone else to get ready. Look I get it’s a preseason game, but handle it professionally.

  • Bass played no def

    Trade bass this dude played horrible yesterday

    • Curt

      That’s ridiculous. Trade him because of one game? A game in which he actually was the best player off of the bench? Great logic.