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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc wants to play 8 games in a row

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After spending a week in Europe, the Celtics caught a few days of practice last week but will now plow through their remaining preseason slate. And that’s just fine by coach Doc Rivers.

“I love it. Listen, get them all out of the way, then you have practice time,” Rivers said before Saturday’s game. “I think we have [eight practice] days before the first game [in Miami on Oct. 30], and I like that better than having that last preseason game and having four or five days before your first game. I like the way we’re doing it. I think we should play eight in a row.”

ESPN Boston:  Celtics plow through exhibitions

For a team like the Celtics, the preseason is a bit of a chore.  Actually, for a team like the Celtics, almost every game before March seems like a chore.  The game results are largely meaningless, but a lot of us treat them like it’s an April fight to the death… and I’m sure having to answer questions about lineups every day gets old for Doc.  I mean, people are asking him about Micah Downs… a guy who has no chance of having any impact on this team… because, well, someone’s gotta ask about something.

The lineup shuffling is interesting in that we get to see Doc play with a different set of toys.  I still say we see a more stable rotation when all is said and done with some wrinkles thrown in there.  The Celtics will have a more steady attack throughout games now than they have over the past few years.  But the way to get a lot of that ironed out is to go through practices and teach a bunch of these new guys how certain things are done… especially when you’re obviously going to be relying on a rookie like Jared Sullinger for so much.

I’m not quite as dismissive as doc is about the preseason games.  I’d like to see them be more spaced out just so you could get your practices in and then see how it looks against your competition.  But it’s pretty obvious the Heat game is an important one.  It’s not like it’s Game 8 of the ECF or anything, but it’s the Celtics first chance to make a statement that they’re in the same class.  Getting the preseason games out of the way so you can focus on that isn’t the worst thing in the world.

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  • gRNtEAM

    Maybe this is just my personal opinion, but whether Miami or Boston win or lose on opening is not a measuring stick for class. It’s about how a team starts and finishes the reg season. Boston plays Miami 4x during the season.

    It’s possible Boston loses the season opener, but win the next 15 out of 20 games. We’ve seen teams like the Celtics, Heat or Lakers slack off at times during the season, but make deep postseason runs.

    • PakkAttackk

      When have the Celtics ever taken a Heat game lightly since LeBron joined them? They do think it’s Game 8 of the ECF because that’s what Doc has been saying all preseason long & in practices & in interviews. It’s not a measuring stick but I guarantee you beating Miami on the night they raise their banner & seeing Ray on the losing end is what the Celtics are aiming to do.

      • Curt

        and if that isn’t on their minds, then you might as well kiss the rest of the season goodbye. You KNOW KG is looking for blood in game one.

  • RedsLoveChild

    The results of opening night will be forgotten within hours.

    All that matters is that the Celtics are healthy, focused, and peaking in May/June.