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Celtics drop scrub-fest to New York Knicks

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) October 13, 2012 Gametime, Recaps 17 Comments on Celtics drop scrub-fest to New York Knicks

Doc Rivers let the a bunch of guys who’ll probably never make the team finish the game against the Knicks, and they ended up dropping this one in OT, 98-95.  Chris Copeland

….. I’ll wait for you to Google him…..

…. dropped 21 second half points for the Knicks in the win.  The Celtics were led by 14 points out of Jared Sullinger, who was among the “close out” group that played down the stretch in the 4th and in OT.  In reality, if the Celtics were actually in a ridiculous situation where this group was out there trying to close a game out, Sullinger would have gotten the ball every time down.  But guys like Dionte Christmas, Jamar Smith, and Micah Downs are trying to make either this team, or another NBA team, so they all tried to take over at various points.

As for the real basketball…

  • Rajon Rondo is still perfect in the preseason from the line… going 3-3 tonight.  His stoke is a little different… smoother… and it’s paying off.  He also drilled a few long jumpers and was tied for the team rebounding lead with Jared Sullinger (7).
  • Jeff Green had 12 points and 4 rebounds in 29 very productive minutes.  He’s continuing to give us confidence that he’ll be a major part of this team’s success this season.  And that dunk was kind of sick.
  • Paul Pierce shot 3-11.  It’s no big deal.  I think at this point, he’s going to turn it on later in the year.
  • KG only played 17 minutes.  He had 4 points and 5 rebounds.  Someone’s going to make a big deal of his single-digit preseason stats at some point.  It’ll be stupid.  There’s no reason for him to play much.  I think we know what he can do.
  • I’m going to enjoy Courtney Lee this season.  11 points in 21 minutes…. nice.
  • The Celtics finished up 12-2 in fast break points and 56-46 in bench points.   At one point, when guys who mattered were playing, it was a 24-10 advantage.
  • Darko Milicic only played about 7 and a half minutes.  I don’t think we should read into anything at this point, but he didn’t play in the second half.
  • I want to see the C’s run some more preseason stuff for Bass.  I think it’d be nice to get him the ball a little more.
  • For some stupid reason, Jason Kidd played 34 minutes and was part of the scrub-fest late in the game and overtime.  Someone please explain to me why he played so much in a preseason game.  That was just dumb.

In the end, Doc let the end-of-the-bench guys try to finish it off and they largely didn’t do a bad job.  But I’ll tell you one thing about this team… they won’t feel like the same team we’ve known over the past few years.  Green, Terry, Lee, and Sullinger will make this team feel very, very different.  The Celtics are obviously still working on a lot…. but this won’t be the same team we’ve known.

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  • Rondoing

    Micah Downs is a keeper!!
    I would take him ahead of Kris Joseph!!

    • evets

      I agree — he was the one scrub who looked like a ballplayer. Quick to the ball and under control.

  • frickenWaaaltaaah

    The Knicks had Novak on the floor a lot at the end too. Kidd was getting ‘veteran respect’ from the refs and I thought he looked like he really needed it.

    C’s had Sulinger out there at the end and they could have gone to him more, but he’s in no danger of not making the roster so I guess it’s not too surprising that they didn’t lean on him.

    This is the first preseason game I have watched any of, and it’s great to see Paul playing with two good wheels again!

  • joseph

    Courtney Lee is funny. He seemed unproductive, kind of out of it, then he has eleven points. He’s a secret weapon. I don’t know how I feel about him though, seems a little tired of being in Boston.

    • screaming jay

      with all due respect….What, Are You NUTS?! He’s been in green for 3 preseason games.

      You must be kidding, right?

    • vivek NJ

      I don’t see any of it. He gave up money to come to boston. He says there is championship vibe in boston that he hasn’t seen in other teams. He quietly makes his scoring. He is not your typical player who shows everything on their face. he is calm and aggressive on court.

  • @Bostonsportz

    they forced the ball to bass plenty in the 3rd!

    • LA Flake

      yeah maybe bass should look for other ways to contribute, like boxing out and rebounding?

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  • James

    Some Celtics and Knicks beat writers were confused as to why the Knicks had Kidd, Novak, Prigioni on the floor where as the Celtics had their third string players on the floor. I thought it was funny and sad on the Knicks end, because I saw it as the Knicks inferior complex.

    Instead of Mike Woodson giving his rookies and third string players run during the third and fourth, he chose to keep his rotation players Kidd, Novak and Priginoi just to pad stats. Never saw that before.

    If u go over to ESPN Knicks Blog they’re fans are acting as if the team(Knicks) made big strides. It shows how bad and irreleant the Knicks have been and still are. The bar is set so low for the Knicks. lol

    Good game though especially in the 4th quarter.

    • vivek NJ

      Knicks have certainly improved their roster, but their average age is history baby. oldest ever. Woodson is not doc.

      • Ray Rice

        @vivek NJ They improved, but added much older veterans such as Kidd, Thomas, Camby, and Wallace. I don’t get it, because now they have a 1 or 2yr window? The Knicks still look the same up and down team to me with or without A’mare on the floor. They have no true scorers expect for Melo and Stat.

        The Knicks got off to a good start, but the Celtics, as usual turned on the switch and out played NY in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters, but can some explain to me why Woodson let Jason Kidd, Novak, Prigioni play so many minutes and was part of the scrub-fest late in the game and overtime. That was just dumb, desperate and pathetic on the Knicks end.

        Was that meaningless win some sort of bragging rights? If so that shows how sad the Knicks are.

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  • Chulinho

    So…we’re just going to pretend that the C’s weren’t getting torched by pick-and-rolls again, right?

    • Mike T

      No they got beat by the pick-n-roll, that and Mike Woodson padding stats by keeping some of his second unit players (Kidd, Novack, Prigioni) against the Celtics third string players. Unless u were watching a completely different game? lol

      • Chulinho

        I was being sarcastic. Lol. But, seriously, even the first unit was getting burned by it. Tyson Chandler alone finished a handful of wide open alley oops.